Let me start w/ the promo for next week, since it is leaving w/ one giant UGH taste in my mouth. *pukes* Everything from Dan's "She's over you" to Chuck's "Get the job done" shout CB non-feelingness & Chuck wanting an abortion?!? *cries/wails* *hyperventilates* I'm sure it relates to something else, but...*mutters* STILL. What I'm really confused about is if Dorota is pregnant TOO. It seems like a cover-up, but it could very well not be. I mean...there COULD be 2 babies? Maybe not. It better just be Blair. Don't steal her thunder, polish maid! Okay, *clears throat* let's go back to the beginning. I actually liked the BL sl in this episode. I mean, yes, I didn't like that it was BL instead of CB - which, btw, Chuck would have supported her in EVERYTHING, let her have ANYTHING she wanted, the FIRST time. I'm glad he stood up for her finally, but I seriously wanted to puke when DB's scene virtually had them on the edge of running away together, even if it was just as friends. *gags* Thankfully she's mad at him now. *beams* Fantabulous! =D And Chuck...oh goodness, his feel-good, always say "yes" state of mind may be all well & good, and kind of exciting to watch, but it's clear now that it can be shattered in an instant when he's brought back to the reality of REALLY losing Blair. I think he let himself forget about it all summer, but once he got that invite everything fell apart all over again. I mean, just check out how nasty that open wound is at the end!!! CHUUUCK!!! *cries* He's so not over her. All this matureness is a facade we never saw before & he knows it. No one can detect it b/c he's not drowning in scotch, but he's sticking to his promise and....oh goooodddd...UGH. But on to NS. lol. Diana(?)'s obvs got something up her sleeve. I hear Nate's gonna have a great SL this season, so I seriously hope I'm not disappointed by that. It would suck if he got another crummy guest star romance instead of something REAL going on in his life. And Serena! =D That guy she's working w/ is cute, but a total jerk. I get where he was coming from, but it still wasn't right. I'm glad she was able to get the job. =) Yaaay, happiness! *cheers* I also love that V & J were mentioned. After all, the actors may be gone but the characters can't just be ERASED. And ah, the moment comes where Dan realizes he may just want that story anonymously published - b/c hey! FREE MONEY! College tuition & free spending anyone? hehehe I think so! ;) I can't believe the WHOLE book is basically about Blair though. Daaaaang. More than pissed though that the rumored '3 words, 8 letters' referred to Dan being in love w/ Blair. Major UGH. I'm gonna need some serious CB fanfiction to get me through this one. *brings up Word document & begins to type*

Until Next Week! =D


09/27/2011 08:59

hey gurl im nyshorty21 from youtube jajaja i cannot agree more with you why do they recycle the most saint CB quote that we have to DAN of all people!!! jajaja cant wait for next episode since i know it has nothing to do with the baby jjaajaj but they making it seem like it is chuck and blair have not seen each other and knowing blair she would not tell him at all.

09/27/2011 11:40

Even when they said that it was Dorota who was pregnant, it didn't really make sense that she would have "What to expect when you're expecting" book because she already has a kid (where is she anyway?) So I knew instantly that it was a LIE!

And I wouldn't worry about the promo. In 4x21 I thought Chuck was going to get locked up in rehab but instead we got Jack/Chuck bonding!! Stupid misleading trailers!!

09/27/2011 19:48

omg i tought the same thing, i think the call is for the people who he wants to get beat up by... lol i saw the canadian promo is so much better i think Dan goes and tells blair what chuck is doing, and the limo scene in the preview everyone is asking why is blair kissing the priest ... thats easy because its her sister inlaw whos kissing the priest yup louis sister is a sinner lol


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