OMG!!! Katherine got eaten!! As if that's the most shocking event in this episode...*rolls eyes & scoffs* Just one of many. *sighs* So, Mason comes back! Damon! *runs & hides him* I feel so bad for Elena. I mean, my DE heart is beating faster by the day, but they're portraying SE as this amazing epic couple & I can really believe it. I just want them to be able to hug or something. When she fell off the bleachers and he caught her, I actually thought his humanity was peaking a bit. I didn't know how it would be possible, but somehow it seemed believable at the time. Of course when he called her determination to save him pathetic later on, I realized it'd just been in my imagination. But I LOVED her comeback. "No, it makes me strong." - Gorgeous, Elena. Just gorgeous. Vicki...oh, Vicki. I loved that she was able to have some sweetness with Matt & I can accept that she's really gone. I just really hate that she had to be using evil to get through to contact people again. Ugh. I LOVED Vicki, especially when she was with Jeremy & I just hate how that was all tossed to the wind. *mutters* It's clear from the promo that JA are going to sort of get back together again? Bonnie won't put up with that for a second, but I hope that's not just a cause & effect for Matt & Bonnie hooking up. Not that I'm on a super big J/B high right now, but it just seems awfully convenient. Though from the spoiler of Matt needing to get laid...I suppose she's the only option. lol Speaking of getting laid... TC!! Good lord. I love Rebecca, but that was not nice. *frown* =( I was willing to throw TC to the wind from that scene on the field. Tyler was being such a jackass. I love how Caroline called him out on it at the end. He had totally recovered by then & it was beautiful. I honestly didn't think he was going to b/c of his being "sired" or what not. I mean, Klaus's blood was still in his system, was it not? *shrug* Whatever. Him fighting for Caroline at the very end was beautiful. *sighs contently* =) Btw, Elena totally WAS jealous. I thought she was faking it for Stefan's sake, so he'd buy Damon seducing Rebecca, but she really WAS jealous! I love how they confirmed each other's fears unnecessary at the end though! *giggly* One late note on Katherine: I KNEW she shouldn't have been there alone! *sighs & shakes head testily* I know it's ridiculous to even think it, but she better not be dead. I will be seriously pissed if she is. Promo reaction (Canadian one, I mean)? Lexi! *squeals* Idk how she's back or how it'd be even possible to override Stefan's turning off of emotion, but I hope she can! As always, fantabulous episode!

Until Thursday!


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