Oh, crap. My internet killed itself & I had written up SO much. *dramatic sigh* Well, in a nutshell...lol, I sympathized the most w/ Ivy. She had to give up EVERYTHING just to keep the secret that she was Charlie. I really hope she can come full circle with her boyfriend eventually. They seemed so sweet together. Naturally, she has to date Nate first. XD Maybe she's going to try & get on people's bad side so she can come back. *sigh* I just really want that to work out. *pout* Moving on...DBC. Okay, Blair plain just cracked me up this episode. I know she was dealing w/ alot, but it was just hysterical trying to keep everything going smoothly whilst throwing up every 2 seconds. XD Beatrice is a little devil, but I think I'm going to enjoy this scheming. heheh. I feel for her in that she wants the title & she's not getting it. In all truth, we could just send B off w/ Chuck & have Louis live normally in a way that abandons his title. heh. Cause let's face it, no matter how B supposedly "loves" Louis, the stakes would be considerably lower if he wasn't a prince. Just sayin. *shrug* And so we come to DB. I really really want to appreciate their moments, but despite the writers saying it's not a romantic situation between them right now, that could easily change. They love to toy w/ our emotions & a DB romance has been rumored since they became friends last season. It just leaves me on edge, b/c I really want to enjoy their friendship, cause it's great. That last scene was so sweet & I really wanted to love it,b ut the parallel to when they fell asleep on the couch together & him being there for her even if everything else goes wrong? *sighs testily* It just kind of makes me nauseous. *pukes* Plus, Dan is SO incredibly judgmental of Chuck, even at the end when he says Chuck is in this state of not being able to feel b/c Blair left him for Louis when that's not the case at all! Blair was eager to be with Chuck! It was CHUCK who refused to go back to her b/c her happily ever after "wouldn't be with him". *rolls eyes* *mutters* I really hope he GETS just how deep Chuck's love for Blair runs, despite the things he's done that have hurt her - which he never intentionally sought out to do! *sigh* I am glad that he helped Chuck several times though. *nods* And omg, best line of the night? "I could tickle you"!!! lmao, yes! I wanna see it. haha good lord, that would look weird though. *shakes head* lololol *clears throat* At least in the final DB scene, Blair's basically first thing she says is "How's Chuck?" - oh, right after she confirms that she still detests Brooklyn. lol. I kinda hate that Dan was the first person (aside from Dorota) she told about her being pregnant, but given the circumstances, it was pretty much the only thing she COULD say. It is interesting they bring up the bullimia again in this way though...it does seem to be that things are coming around full circle from season 1. Very interesting... I like that DS talked on the phone!!! That made me happy. lol. As bad as I feel for Ivy, I did think at one point that she should give up trying. Try as you might, Serena is relentless w/ her happiness & giving joy, especially if she likes you tons. lol. Her offers are usually pretty impossible to turn down. ;) Oh, and Nate...the once again pointless SL. *sigh* Why is it only HIM we get hot scenes w/? I mean, really? Though, I don't want a hot BL scene, and that's really the only other couple on the scene, so...that works. lol. Oh, that & Chuck w/ girls, but I DEF don't want that. I feel bad for the poor baby being unable to feel. *sigh* The 5x04 episode stills made me squeal today & it's clear that he DOES get some help & by the time he finally meets up w/ Blair again, he's far gone in love - and in pain, I imagine. *sigh* Next week's promo is craziness though! I didn't think we'd know the father this soon! And I'm sure we won't...which, if it's Chuck's (which it HAS to be, for drama's sake if nothing else) I wouldn't want him to find out. His unfeelingness towards ANYTHING would not be a good response to B's "You're the father!" lol. So, no, as much as I hate to push it off...it must be done. She can tell us, and then we can be in torment b/c Chuck doesn't know, no one does. haha. XD Back to Nate for a brief second. He's SO out of his league w/ this woman. And not on a physical level, on an INTELLECTUAL level. He doesn't even know what he's in for. This is no Catheryne, or any other girl you screwed, mind you. But I do love how he really took on the big-brother role when he heard about Chuck's injuries. At the beginning of the episode was Chuck was only being ruffed up a little, I was like 'seriously? that's all we get?' lol. It's horrible, but I wanted more. For vidding purposes naturally. ;) Anyways, I'm glad he's stopped beating himself up & that Blair obviously cares tons still. *sigh* For what it's worth, I really want to appreciate the DBCness in its current state. I'm just afraid to love it, b/c I know it's bound to turn on me any second & merge DB into a couple. *sigh* Chuck being a do-gooder and helping Dan out was slightly weird, but given that he just gave him a diagnosis & is unfeeling in the most literal sense of the word, I accept it. Great episode. Want CB to meet already though!

Until next week!

OMG jaajajaj i tought the same thing it was soo funny.... and i think it would be weird blair been pregos with chuck and datind dan , i dont think chuck would want that jajajaja tell me how louis sister is such a siner jajaja lol well here is for hoping that we the audience know whose the daddy but not him im mad that blair riped the test results jaajaj and its way to fast to have a DNA test but oh well its TV.


I agree with the best line of the show. Watching it with my friend, I laughed so much she probably thought I was crazy. Both of us also liked Ivy's boyfriend.

I love the CD friendship but I know it won't last :/ + I have the same issue with DB, I like them AS FRIENDS!!! It's not necessary for everyone to sleep with everyone. GAWD.

Great review/response as always :)


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