OH. MY. GOD. I’m all choked up. B totally didn’t open it though! She just wanted her happily ever after! I bet it totally IS Chuck’s!!! Omgomgomg. And him CRYING at the end!!! He feels again! *wails* WOW. Next week’s promo looks intriguing, but…wow. *shakes head* This is CRAZINESS. I feel so bad for Chuck! And I can’t believe B would do that! It’s everything she
wants, but…omg…*shakes head* Okay, I’ll try to take some deep breaths & write about the rest of the episode. Ivy. I think it’s good that she wants to try to live the NYC life as Charlie Rhodes, but I still really love the story with her bf. I hope he comes around sometime later in the show. I like the sweet relationship they have. Nate is…well, my goodness, I liked his description of GG. I can see Diana is obvs trying to take over that & he’s clearly taking that naughty chance by flipping through Ivy’s phone & no doubt trying to blackmail her…*sighs & shakes head* My goodness. Chuck’s initial reaction to the dog was PRICELESS. Hahaha. I knew he couldn’t possibly love it at first! That’s just not Chuck! And Dan…he is great. Lol. Again, next episode looks interesting w/ him. I loved how he was pushing B around all episode. That was funny. Lol. Sometimes I wish she weren’t always living in her denial…*sigh* We finally got a CB interaction! I honestly didn’t think it was going to be at the end of this episode! But…*sigh* oh wow. I really believe it’s his. This is SO heartbreaking. (Sidenote though: RL were super cute! Just as we were told they would be. Aww. ;))

Until Next Week!


That last scene with Chuck and the dog; AWWWWW. If he hadn't been so depressed it would have made me so happy. Plus with the envelope, my guess is that she opened it, saw that it was Chuck's, lied to Chuck and is now trying to hide it. When she stuffed that envelope into a drawer I shouted "OH YES IT'S DEFINITELY CHUCK'S!!!!!" I overreact some times...


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