Good lord, next week’s promo looks crazy…and disturbing. I wonder if the paternity (*cough* Chuck’s the father *cough*) test is gonna come out! I want to feel sorry for Dan from this episode, but most of me doesn’t. In fact, almost none of me does. I can’t believe how cynical he was about Serena. Yeah, all of that stuff happened, but he was IN LOVE with her. How can he expect to be seen as a person with any morals when he portrays her so awfully? Louis is an
idiot if he really thought DB slept together. I mean, seriously? That Chuck/Louis moment…*sigh* it wasn’t as amazing as I thought it’d be, but it still totally broke my heart. Chuck was so nonchalant during the whole episode and then he ended up all alone in the book & was totally crushed. Staff found him. =( He was nearly in tears when he told Lily he’d lost Blair, and that
was who he really thought could love him, if anyone could. *sigh* Poor Chuck. Interesting development with Ivy, but I was sad there was no mention at all of Max in the episode. *pout* Dan is in some serious trouble…*sigh* I hope this all works out. The worst here I feel for I think is Serena and Chuck. I wish Louis had told Blair that it was Chuck who made him change his mind. Good lord. This is just so…*sigh* I wish Blair would have told him she’d slept with Chuck too. He would’ve been fuming, but at least she’d be one less secret free. *sigh* Then, all she’d have is the paternity test…lol. I suppose him seeing the envelope alone would cause drama, but it’s the content that matters. ;) Btw, TOTALLY disappointed at CB’s scene. Major ugh. It looked so much more amazing and romantic in the set pics…*sigh* Also, why exactly was Nate pissed? Cause he didn’t have a bigger role? *hmms* LOVED that Blair went off at Dan too. I only hope she’ll keep the perspective that she and Dan will NEVER. HAPPEN. Besides, I don’t care about all the nonsense that CB bring out the worst in each other, cause honestly? Blair brings out the worst in Dan in regards to other people. I mean, going off at Serena? Judging Chuck a couple episodes back? Just…*shakes head* everything. He’s so focused on being in love with her and having her that he’s completely neglected his morals for everyone else. I don’t hate him but…

Until Next Week! lol
10/18/2011 03:53:12 am

I felt absolutely nothing for Dan when he was alone alone with his fame and money. I actually laughed and shouted "HA!" Then I thought about it and was like "Well damn I'm mean." Anywhoo, I love how you keep pointing at how Chuck's the dad because he totally is. Great review ;)


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