Promo reaction: Omg. It's Blair that instigates the kiss. It's BLAIR. // Moving *conspicuous wink* That last scene w/ He apologized for SO.MUCH. God, no wonder B needs to kiss him. She thinks he'll never change, but he's changing already. It just breaks my heart that he gave the ring back though. I'd like to say - or rather, I feel like I should be saying it feel so final between them, but it just doesn't. Not like in the season finale. Just like Gossip Girl said, it looks like the end but it feels like the beginning all over again. God, I just want them together now. Chuck really is letting go & it makes me so sad. It's probably what B wants, or wanted, or thought she wanted, but it really. *shakes head* She seems so uncertain now. I'm more convinced than ever though that the baby is Louis'. I mean, they'd really have to go out of their way to prove that it's Chuck's now. Glad the therapist only accepted Louis' "request" momentarily. She's good. I knew she wouldn't be able to keep from helping Chuck. *sigh* I still was hoping he wouldn't give the ring back at the end though. =( He even told Blair she could stop helping him or caring or whatever if she felt she needed to. *sigh* All this just makes me want to cry, but the promo makes me feel somewhat better. heh. I just hope B's not testing him to prove to him he hasn't changed or something? Or maybe to prove to herself that she's not making a mistake by marrying Louis. *hmms* I had no idea he was going to apologize about so many things, but I'm SO glad he did. Ohmygoodness, this is's crazy! More DS! That was great. I really like the scenes that are going on with them now. Nate & Charlie & Diana *shrug* Obviously something is gonna happen between Nate & Charlie, and Diana will be pissed & thus bring out the big guns - MAX. Duhduhduh. *overjoyed* lol. No CD action! Sad. Where is Lily? lol. Louis is just...ugh. I hate how Blair said he was turning into Chuck like it was a bad thing. *spits* I mean, I know she was referring to the ability Chuck had to hurt her, but the last time they were together she was going to make a life-changing decision to be with him. Chuck is so redeemed in my eyes. Just by really letting her go & apologizing for so much, even though I'm really devastated that he gave back the ring. That was like the for sure sign they weren't over. That and the possibility of them having a baby. I just...*sigh* I'm surprised Louis wasn't more pissed that Blair cheated on him, even if it was just once. Cause, seriously, going off the timeline, it wasn't when they were on a break. Though, I suppose they semi were that night b/c he was waiting on her decision to open up to him or not, which obviously she still hasn't done. And OMG! He's SO holding her back! Her bitchy/Queen Bee side is part of who she is! And he's acting like it's this awful quality. Ugh. Chuck LOVED that about her. I mean, granted he has a similar aspect to him that he's now trying to rid himself of, but...*sigh* I was just mad about that. She's marrying the wrong guy. (As if that wasn't already obvious) Oh, bring our CB back. PLEASE.

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