Most disappointing episode ever. The kiss wasn't even worth it. All we saw was what was in the Canadian promo. You could barely SEE that kiss. Not to mention Max is apparently very over Ivy & into SERENA?! Ugh. I don't even know if Chivy is into Nate. Personally, I don't care. I don't see any chemistry whatsoever between Nivy OR Niana. It's RIDICULOUS. A little bit of an OMG moment when we saw Diana on the phone w/ Grandfather Vanderbuilt, but it doesn't make up for anything. I really wanted B to find out that Chuck was just playing along so she'd be fine w/ Louis. I mean, I get that he's really trying to move on & let her be happy w/ Louis & that can't happen if she knows that who he's becoming is someone she'd want to be with, but...*sigh* it just doesn't seem fair to him. *pout* =( I have a feeling I'll be mourning over Chuck all season long. *sigh* And wth is w/ the promo? Dan's pulling a Chuck & crashing B's party drunk-style? *rolls eyes* Goodness. Def didn't mind not having him around Blair this episode. I'm sure not having Blair & not having any luck on the book is messing w/ him, but ugh. God, it's so stupid. I felt bad for Ivy at the end but her attempt to get Max away was so half-hearted. I wish she'd just gone back to him. And somehow I thought Serena knew about her at the end, about who she really was. Or...I wanted Ivy to TELL her. S is so protective of her, I somehow just figured she'd understand...*sighs & shakes head* It's always bad when I think I'm gonna be in love w/ an episode. *cries* This is very reminiscent of episode 8 last season. All this build-up for nothing. *spits* Oh well. Hopefully next episode will be great & won't be Dan pulling an almost 4x20-Chuck-style at B's shower.

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