Sorry for the long wait. Forgive me if this is less than enthusiastic/dramatic/windswept(?XD). I'm trying to recall my thoughts on this episode, and it was aways back. It is difficult even to remember every aspect of the episode. heh. But, going off of what I can remember...CD rocks my life. I can just see DBers squealing over the fact that Blair didn't answer Dan when he's all "tell me the real reason you didn't invite me..." (or something along those lines), but honestly? No. Loved Chuck coming to the rescues! And he gives him "The Matrix", scotch and whores to help him get through his miserable existence? I find that so laughable, but it's still awesome, because it's Chuck Bass. Just...wonderful. hehe. I just love this new Chuck! I mean, he's still the witty, dangerously cocky, amazing Chuck Bass he always was, but he's become selfless and helpful too in a way we never saw before. *lamentful sigh* It is beautiful. I'm ECSTATIC Blair finally realized that at the end and came to him, though talk about anti-climactic. I actually thought it was gonna be a legit scene. Naturally though, it is still awesome how they can just look at each other for two seconds and you feel like you've watched the most epic love story right then and there and are about to dissolve into tears. heh. Obvs didn't like the DB emphasis with Dan basically admitting he's in love with Blair, though I kind of felt like it was already obvious somehow, especially with GG's quotage of "3 words. 8 letters" in the premiere regarding them...*hmms* And I he had her as the star of his book...I mean...well, whatever. lol. The CD was AWESOME. Louis is just HORRIBLE though. I remember officially hating him this episode. I mean, yes, 5x06 was bad because he was actually IRRITATED by the fact that she was playing Queen Bee for a little while *scoffs*, but in this episode he manipulated the whole situation to make it look like everyone she knew was turning against her when they totally weren't! Even Serena. Omg. And the worst part is that it didn't even occur to B to consider that it was all a surprise party and she freaking BELIEVED Louis when he said all those nasty things about them. *shakes head & scoffs* SO glad he's gone, if only for a few episodes. *sigh* I wish Max & Ivy could be fixed...I mean, did he have to go all "blackmail" on her? Really? *sigh* There was so much potential for him & Ivy to work things out. I thought he might even understand why she's so intent on being part of this family. It really would've been better if he'd stayed in LA, I guess, because she never did mean to hurt him and the only reason she's dismissing their relationship is because in her mind that part of her life is over, even if she does still love him. It absolutely KILLED me when he professed his love to her and all that, and then it just got ruined. Ugh. *sigh* Oh well. I think that's that though...I remember something happening with Nate & The Spectator...maybe Diana left in this episode? I can't recall. As always, Nate is irrelevent to me, even if he is kinda taking on more of a role than just screwing cougars and swapping shirts with Dan. Problem is, he's been so irrelevent & bothersome & just a...kind of there character that unless his SL is directly related to one of the other SLs, I just can't...*shakes head* recall anything at all. lol. Maybe the stuff with Tripp started here? Or maybe that was 5x09. haha. I really don't know! XD Ecstatic again that B finally realized Chuck was being good all along. 5x07 freaking pissed me off because of how immature she was being and how she just didn't know at the end. *sigh* But all is well, on that matter at least (considering just this episode XD Gah! So much has happened!)
Larissa (JuseaPeterson)
1/18/2012 10:54:45 pm

I'm so glad that you got them up again! Thanks, I enjoy hearing your thoughts on the episodes.

I do love the Chuck/Dan's so interesting and funny.

I loved the scene at the end when Blair walks in and sees him taking care of Dan. She knows now and I just love both of their looks. I think you described that perfectly, how even with just a look so much is told between Chuck and Blair.

I think the whole thing that Blair is the star of Dan's book is completely ridiculous. I mean I try to just let things flow and let it out as the writers seem justified, but his complete dismisal of Serena especially when he was in love with her for how long? I just thought that was completely pathetic.

And Blair needed to ask permission for playing Queen Bee? That was ridiculous. Louis is really getting on my nerves.


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