Another episode I have to squint to recall stuff to...heh. But this one's closer, so it's more clear. *nods* =) Okay, so this one, without a doubt, I'm a 100% sure I got really choked up over. The CB scenes were HEARTBREAKING. When Chuck told Blair he'd "moved on" by returning the engagement ring, I just about DIED. I know he wasn't trying to be cruel, but the look on her face just about killed me. In that moment, she was TERRIFIED of him getting over her. *shudders* I'm so proud of him btw for not getting snarky when he went over to confront her. Honestly couldn't believe it was the THERAPIST that had to tell him she was upset over the ring. *rolls eyes* Honestly. That should have been common sense. It was to all of us! *shakes head at him* That scene When she was breaking down and practically whispered her "I'm sorry", and then him about to cry, I--gaah. EPIC vidding potential. lol. Not that it's really considered an angst scene because they're not beating up on each other or breaking up, but it was still glorious and just beautiful to watch. I've watched it several times, despite its painfulness. *nods* And then WHY DID HE HAVE TO LEAVE?!?! Stupid cake lady. *huffs* I mean, his "I'm not the groom..." gaaaaaah. I SO wanted them to get back together in this episode. It could have easily been slipped in at the end post-"You still love her, huh? - I can't imagine the day I won't." *sigh* I even wrote an o/s over that exact situation. But I digress. On one last CB moment. I just about died laughing when B came in to see him doing yoga or something of that nature. It just seems so...not Chuck. lmao. I was hysterical. Though, I was proud of him all the same. heh. I mean, being celibate? Hanging out with an ancient Japanese dude to work out his energy? *claps* I applaud you, Chuck Bass. I applaud you. But...on to the other irrelevent (compared to!) SLs in this episode. Okay, I'm pretty sure THIS was the episode Tripp came into the equation, and honestly it didn't affect me too much, until the next episode (5x10) obvs. I really forget what else Nate was up to...Dan too. lmao. I know there was a lot of tension between Ivy, Serena & Max. I give credit to Ivy for being able to come up with things that sound pretty legit suddenly without warning. I honestly thought she'd get caught, and I was kinda hoping for it too. I just really wanted her to fight for Max & for them to work things out. *sigh* His angry rant at the end? Just shows how much he really loved her, even after everything. *tear* The fact is that he DIDN'T waste the last 2 years of his life. I mean, it was only in the last few months that she was even INVOLVED in the UES. Plus, she did actually love him, and I believe she still does. It's just on the backburner.  What he doesn't get is that the only thing she's ever lied about is THIS. Info she told him that was a lie was only for the benefit of keeping her place in the family secure. I just...*sigh* When Serena got so angry over IM being a couple before, I really thought she was gonna toss her to the wind when the truth came out! But conniving (not really) Carol saved the day with sneaking away that brochure! Hehe. And Ivy was so cocky at the end, but I believe when this episode was over I was pretty convinced she was going to be safe and not in trouble anymore. *sigh* I should've known... oh! Was this the episode Dan was trying to track down his twitter "hater" & then found out it'd be good for him/his popularity or something? lmao He should just hook up w/ her. haha Sadly, I do not see the writers going in that type of direction, and I even see NI potential (sadly), so...*sigh* that is tragic. lol. All in all, pretty great episode! =D Definitely killed me with CB, and inspired me for the first time in MONTHS to write period. =)

I agree with ring, it was obvious that it upset Blair. And Chuck going and talking to her and then explaining about why he had done things.

I totally loved that opening scene with Chuck doing yoga, that was completely awesome.


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