Oh. My. God. Okay, can I just say from the beginning that Chuck's performance killed me way more than Blair's in tonight's episode? I mean, the last 2 scenes with CB had my heart breaking for both of them (mostly equally), but it really seemed like Blair was just too quick to believe that it was only her "pact with God" that kept Chuck from dying and that him almost getting hit by a car in the episode meant that God was threatening her with killing Chuck again if she went back to him. *rolls eyes* She was SO cruel to him in their first scene together. It just KILLED me. I really, really just want her to tell Chuck what's up and have him make her give in. lol. How his face just lit up at the end & then he was totally let down & pushed away again?? *cries* The poor boy! Speaking of...(or not) the opening CL scene seemed very old-movie dream-like & since it actually wasn't, it was kind of...weird...somehow. It seemed almost corny, as did many of the flashbacks. I have to say, as a sidenote too, B's dress at the party was GORGEOUS. *giggle* I can't believe Gossip Girl is giving tips to Nate! I honestly didn't see that coming. I thought it was Ivy. heh. Speaking of, the real Charlie is gorgeous! I want more of this mystery to unfold. *nods excitedly* heheh. And I also want to know what the deal is between her and Charlie, like what heinous thing could've happened that Carol wouldn't want the rest of them to find out about? Hmm. Oh, and DS! *sigh* Serena so likes Dan again. And that kiss...which, of course, did not beat how Chuck & Blair looked at each other after BL kissed. That's the first time I felt sorry for Blair. *sigh* But UGH, the DB undertones in this episode made me feel SICK. *puke* I mean, I know it's all innocent right now, but the fact that Chuck went back to his scheming ways to find out what was up was very reminiscent of 4x18 & I HATE that. I mean, I'm obvs not against Chuck's scheming as long as it doesn't hurt Blair. I admit, I've kinda missed it. heh. And him teaming up with Louis to do so? Well, that's kind of awesome. lol. But it still foreshadows how Blair will inevitably choose Dan after the Louis issue goes down. I'm SO heartbroken for Chuck. *sigh* And for Blair too, obvs, but...yeah. *sigh* I do think the writers handled the miscarriage pretty well in this episode. I just hope it isn't forgotten immediately... Until next week! DS-CB ftw <3 (kinda missed Ivy too btw, heh)
1/17/2012 05:47:02 am

Great post! My heart broke for Chuck too. But, Chuck fighting for Blair is a good thing. It shows he still loves her and isn't giving up, which is all Blair has ever wanted. So, we're optimistic about CB's future.

As for DB, I can see there being misunderstandings in the future that may lead people to believe there is more going on than actually is. Especially with Dan's role as the priest in the EOTA parallel. I also think Dan will fall for Serena sooner than later, and Serena is obviously still in love with Dan-another reason why DB can't happen.

Meanwhile, it's kind of like Chuck and Blair have switched places from where they were at 4.22. Blair is now sacrificing her own happiness for Chuck's  well-being. Eventually these two will be on the same page!

1/17/2012 06:29:41 am

Yay for your response to my post! =D I feel like you are maybe a bit blind-sighted about DB not happening in the future though. Whether it is unrealistic or not, all spoilers, interviews, etc. point to it eventually happening, so I think eventually the "misconceptions" of DB actually being together or not will no longer be misconceptions...*sigh* But yes, I agree about B trading places with Chuck. I feel like the writers felt they needed to do that...had to have them both come full circle. *sigh* And yes, I obvs have NO PROBLEM whatsoever watching Chuck fight for B. hehe. I love those types of scenes. ;p

1/17/2012 09:28:54 am

I agree that it's possible that DB could develop into something more than friendship, I just think that, at this point, there is zero indication that Blair has feelings for Dan. Serena, however, has feelings for Dan. Blair is in love with Chuck, and Serena is her bestie, etc. It would be a downward spiral last resort relationship at best. I definitely don't see a full-blown relationship, and while Safran gives a different response every time he is asked about DB, he has also began to acknowledge his mistakes in the past couple seasons. One of those mistakes is effing with SB, another is effing with CB. So we'll see! But either way, I maintain it won't be a full-fledged romance. xoxo

1/18/2012 11:14:56 pm

I agree with you, watching Chuck was just heartbreaking. It was so sad.

I'm a little unsure about her pact with God, and yet at the same time it kind of fits. I mean Blair was in a very vulnerable place, she just lost the baby she loved and the possibility of losing Chuck, it was too much. I mean I think in that state of mind things can appear a certain way and make one more willing to look elsewhere you know? Perhaps when Blair is more on solid ground. I totally loved Serena when Blair told her "The nurse wasn't an angel."

Though I don't think Chuck is believing one word from Serena and Dan, so his persistance could be a good thing. I don't think it'll be bad. But from the preview I wonder if Blair is just agitated from seeing him because she knows she could break down and go back to him quite easily. And I agree with cosmiclovecb Chuck is fighting for them again and you can see it in him.

I was shocked that Gossip Girl was the one that told Nate about the car...well tipped, it was cool.

I couldn't believe Charlie was there...though it does make one wonder considering that she didn't recognize Lily. I know it's been years, but...really?

I agree about Serena, I felt so bad for her because she does like Dan. And yeah the Dan/Blair stuff...I don't mind their banter because I think it can be quite funny. But because I like it doesn't mean they belong together.

Although with what you said...perhaps the reason she'll 'pick' Dan is because she knows she doesn't really want to be with Louis, and she still feels like she can't be with Chuck, so she goes with Dan as a last resort...I hope that's not the case though.

ANyways, great episode response, totally loved it. Glad you're able to write them again.


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