A day late, and all because now I apparently have a night class Monday nights. Ugh. How awful is that? And especially next week too with all that impending angst... =( Well, anyways, here is my response! =D Before I dive into the mess that is Blair and all her counterparts, let us discuss Serena. I can't believe the whole Nate/Serena/Tripp thing was all a set-up. I was PISSED at Nate for betraying her for like forever, and then he fired her? And she even took Tripp's side? Wow. I guess I should've seen it coming though. She was rather willing to take Tripp's side. *sigh* Ah well. And oh man, she was SO CLOSE to telling Dan she had feelings for him again! (btw, totally started laughing when Rufus laughed forever about her blog, lol. Who knew Rufus could find her so funny? XD) Not that it would have really mattered, since he's all about Blair now, but I did find it curious that he was so eager to find out what she wasn't telling him. It's like the first time I've really seen him honestly even really being a friend to her without the greater part of his attention on something Blair-related or self-involved. *shakes head* So...that was kind of random and out of place, I felt. I really do feel bad for her though, because they ARE "Dan and Serena" and they should be together, despite the current magnetism Blair has for all men in her life right now apparently. Except for Nate - thank GOD for that. *shakes head* (Btw, I totally don't remember the real Charlie being in the prior episodes at all. Were we not supposed to notice her? I may have to go back & look. Surely the name "Charlie Rhodes" not attached to Ivy should've gotten his attention. *shakes head* - oh, this is coming from the 5x13 sneak peek I just watched btw. Haha. Clearly I just got them confused since I watched it right after the 5x12 episode XD) The priest and Beatrice are def sneaky but I like that Beatrice has finally come around to lovin on Blair & for that relationship alone, I almost want BL to work. Of course SB is the ultimate when it comes to girly-bffs, but I really liked what developed in 5x12 between Blair & Beatrice. They are kind of in the same boat with how they grew up & it's sad that she can't even attend the wedding. =( Blair's reaction to the vows is totally going to kick DB into high-gear post-wedding. *rolls eyes* But you know what? Chuck came up with his epic somewhat subtly B-driven 1x18 wedding speech - geared towards his FATHER'S marriage - out of thin air, "inspired in the moment" I believe he said. Can you imagine what he'd do if it was his own marriage to Blair? I mean, seriously. PLUS, Dan's a writer. Aside from being in love with Blair, that def gets him some points. But moving on, only one CB scene (and it was even interrupted!), which makes me sad, but I def don't mind his scheming. He wasn't the one to sabotage her bachelorette party anyway (I don't even know if it was Beatrice! It probably is and I just can't 100% tell, heh). I don't like him deciding to play the villain at the end, but I think he'll reconsider right before he does something stupid next week, because he'll take her happiness into consideration, her wishes, even if he doesn't believe it's what she really wants and needs. Because he doesn't want to hurt her & she's "made her choice", sadly. *sigh* Btw, Dan accusing Chuck of setting the whole thing up? Uh, seriously? I mean, with their newfound friendship and all, I would hope he still wouldn't pin things on Chuck - esp w/ how much he's grown! - just b/c he happened to be at the scene of the crime. I mean, really? *shakes head* Whatever. Glad Chuck's not giving up. His last line to Serena was great and clearly made her make the decision to lie to Dan at the end. lol. How honest of you, S. I think your stepbrother's past activities are wearing off on you a bit. ;) (Oh, quick sidenote! I LOVED B's blue dress she wore in the first half of the episode! I thought the fuzzy matching sweater was a little...much, but I def enjoyed the dress. The nearly backless back made it even more stunning on her. =)) Tripp is crap. haha. But at least now we know the full story. Glad Max didn't actually do it. When we saw the pic of him, I thought for sure he might be coming back in - which prob wouldn't make sense since Ivy isn't even back. (Where is she?!) *lightbulb goes on* Speaking of the real Charlie though, maybe what Carol supposedly did to her had to do with her losing all her money - which makes sense, trust fund stealaging and all *smacks self* - since in the sneak peek for next week she doesn't think Nate would really ever notice her. LOVE that they're obvs getting together though. It's kinda funny that he wanted/wants both the real and the fake Charlie. haha. XD Oh goodness. Let's see...what else? Priest is sneaky. LOVED when he told Beatrice that Blair is still in love with Chuck, and confessed it herself. *sigh* I just love when other characters say things about CB's love. It's fantastic. =) Lily wasn't in this episode, was she? Perhaps still searching for Ivy? Or maybe she went to visit Eric at school. XD They didn't even say why she wasn't there, did they? Haha. Usually they do. They even mentioned Jenny & Eric's doings last week. *shakes head* Well, anyways, good episode. There were some high moments & low moments, but nothing spectacular. lol. I think the best thing I got out of this was now lovin on the Beatrice/Blair relationship. Too bad it had to end right when it was getting good. =( *is reminded of Graham/Emma from Once Upon a Time* Until Next Week! We all know B's for sure marrying Louis, but it'll be an interesting journey getting there & the after effects that follow...*takes deep breath & prepares for the worst* CB ftw! lol

I'm really sorry about your late night class. That would be really awful. That would explain why you weren't able to post yesterday, I am glad you were able to.

I loved reading your thoughts on this episode. I agree it was nice seeing Blair and Beatrice, I do like their relationship.

The only thing I can think of for the Dan/Blair thing is to show that she would choose Chuck in the end regardless. I mean the first half of the season, if I remember from what Josh said was a Chuck/Blair/Louis triangle and then the second half is Chuck/Blair/Dan. I'm thinking Chuck and Louis are both rich, they have their own kingdoms and Louis has that fairy tale thing going for him. However she choose Chuck, even with her going through the marriage it's still more about Chuck. For Dan, now that he apparently knows her, it gives two guys who are/were friends and they both know her and then she'll choose Chuck in the long run. *shrugs* Just a thought. But Dan is a writer and as all writers go they have to understand people and such. Anyways, sorry that was a bit long.

I didn't think about Chuck's improptu wedding speech to Blair in 1x18, but you're right, that makes it all a little better.

Dan is really getting on my nerves. I hate that he seems to think he knows what is best for Blair. And blaming Chuck was just wrong.

I love how Chuck is not giving up on Blair, not like he would have before, and now Serena is going to do the same with Dan, quite happy about that. I agree about when other people say stuff about Chuck and Blair's love, it really is fantastic.


Sorry about the Monday night class; that would be the worst!

I totally agree with your point about Beatrice. I found myself really liking her this episode and actually, I've always thought she beat out Louis by about a hundred times for likeability.

I still don't think DB is goingt to happen the way people are thinking. It would just be terrible writing and so random. I feel like they would have at least alluded to Blair having feelings for him by this point. So far, she is still so hung up on Chuck, she's marrying a guy she tolerates to keep him alive. Plus, Serena's feelings for Dan become more and more evident each episode and I can't see Blair ever choosing Dan over Serena.

Dan was a complete douche throughout this entire episode. I try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he has become intolerable. He's such a whiner. He has "problems" that the rest of us would actually LIKE to have. Hot girl wanting to fake-date him, published author at 20, loving family, etc. Cry me a river! And what a shitty friend to Chuck, Serena and even Blair, Seriously.

Words cannot express the sorrow I feel for Chuck right now. That guy cannot get a break.

And I am intrigued by what's to come with the Lola/Ivy storyline. It seems that Ivy should disappear once the real Charlie appears, right? Yet she's a regular cast member. Should be interesting.

Love your recap! xoxo


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