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Worst episode ever. As in, I've never been so close to tears in the entire length of the show. I'll admit that thinking that CB could REALLY be officially over in 4x22 got me nearly crying, but that was when I analyzed it far too much beforehand - and afterwards, not from the episode itself. My word. I can't BELIEVE this. From Blair's heartfelt declaration to Dan about all he's done to her until the end of the episode, it became obvious that she likes Dan, but before that? NEVER. NOT IN THE WHOLE LENGTH OF THE SHOW. I know what Blair looks like when she's in denial, and I haven't seen it ONCE since DB decided to stop hating each other. I honestly didn't think this episode was gonna be so DB-centered. I mean, obviously it wasn't at first, but UGH. And poor Chuck. I HATE that he slept with Alessandra, but at the same time, he's obviously going to take Dan down for doing that. So much for whatever friendship they had. *spits* And what about Serena? Blair spends the whole episode trying to get DS back together and then she KISSES DAN BACK when he kisses her. Not only that, but after Serena declares their friendship over and Blair makes a pathetic attempt to get her back in the promo for next week, she's practically making out with Humphrey in secret! And of course there's no way Chuck can intervene, because he's a red flag as far as keeping Blair's marriage to Louis in tact. So, what now? Blair suddenly has feelings for Dan, so she's just gonna grab a hold of that opportunity in secret, betraying not only her marriage, but Serena and Chuck too? It makes no sense whatsoever. Blair's feelings came completely out of the blue, and I just don't GET IT. How does she go from being madly in love with Chuck one episode to just barely holding back her feelings for Dan the next episode? Ugh. It's cruel and extremely unusual punishment and I just can't stand for it. If I wasn't addicted to watching Gossip Girl every week, I'd for sure drop it after this. This is just ridiculous. Even Nair made more sense than this. Yuck. *pukes* *dramatic sigh* But I suppose I should address the other SLs in the episode...though, honestly, I could care less. That 'royal minder' is annoying, but I think it's promising in that she wants Louis all to herself. My only concern is that she'll use her feelings for Louis to destroy Blair somehow, and I really don't want her to be in that financial crisis-type situation again. *sigh* So...*takes deep breath* Charlie & Charlie finally meet! That was interesting, to be sure. I have a feeling Lola will be on to figuring out the mystery. Thing is, no one's really gonna buy it...as spoilers have said. *sigh* And Nate? It was nice to see him getting rejected so much, to be honest. He gets the girls way too easily, so though I felt a smidgen of sympathy for him, it wasn't much. He's got to fight for these girls once in awhile. Georgie was fantastic, as usual, but I really hate the fact that she's so sure of B being into Dan, though it's obviously true. Ugh. This is another stupid fact I'm gonna have to accept? Like I had to accept her loving Louis since he arrived on the scene late last season? I never saw the gradually-developed love there, but we all had to buy into it, because she was so sincere, even in her moth truthful moments. And this Dan thing now? EVERY DENIAL SHE'S HAD HAS BEEN LEGIT. All her "what? that's crazy!" announcements have not been denial in the least. I...she...*sigh* and how she tells Chuck she doesn't know if her feelings have changed on the phone in the promo?! If that seriously means that in some capacity she doesn't love Chuck anymore, because she's into Dan, I might just lose it. Because that's the worst writing ever. *spits* Ugh. It doesn't even matter that DB's kiss set pics is in a dream, as Penn confirmed. DB are obviously instantly together & it's stupid, unrealistic & HORRIBLY bad writing. I just...*at a loss for words*...I can't even.
Def not excited for next week. And still on the verge of tears.
2/13/2012 10:25:20 pm

I agree with you. It takes a lot to get me to cry. Movies that most people cry at I don't. So to say this episode made me start to cry is saying something. I can't believe they are doing something like this. Blair keeps going on and on about always loving Chuck, loving him more and more each day and then all of a sudden she doesn't? I felt so bad for Chuck and Serena. I mean this whole Dan/Blair storyline is destroying an awful lot of things. Chuck. Serena. Chuck/Blair. Blair and Serena's friendship. Though to be honest I couldn't take that kiss between Dan and Blair as romantic...it reminded me of the kiss in Friends between Phoebe and Chandler when Phoebe and Rachel are trying to get Chandler to say that he and Monica are sleeping together. That kiss there was unnatural and...wrong and to be that's what Dan and Blair's kiss looked like. I want to not watch next weeks but I know I will be. I just...it's hardly fair to Chuck who has done so many things and changed...I wish he hadn't done what he did at the end, but I don't fault him for that. Anyways.

Mizzie :)
2/15/2012 01:15:08 am

I agree with EVERY SINGLE word in this post. It's like you've read my mind when you wrote it down. Blair has been almost too annoying this season, and when people start acting about her and Dan having a thing from the beginning I think I want to cry. People wouldn't have said that if these stupid episodes didn't aired. This is definately the worst of them all. I can handle Dan liking Blair, and them having an accidental kiss, but Blair suddenly losing all love for Chuck (that has been built for about 90 episodes) that is too much! I wont buy it for 1 000 000 $!

2/16/2012 03:18:42 am

Loving every word of this post! I could not agree more that this episode made NO sense. If Blair had genuine feelings for Dan, why was she trying so hard to set up DS? I still can't get over him kissing her IN CHUCK'S BEDROOM. The promo does look awful, but I feel like DB aren't being set up in a good light at all. Blair still has yet to find out that he sent in the GG blast and her comment at the end of 5.15 about not being able to do that to Serena seemed honest. Even if DB do become a "thing," it will be over by the season finale. Blair has hit rock bottom and has nowhere to go but up.


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