Okay, I was honestly terrified to watch this episode. I was debating more and more whether to just push off these Dair-based episodes until there was some sort of break-through of common sense on Blair's end, especially after I read TVfanatic's take on the episode. But, all in all, it wasn't bad. (Maybe it's because I didn't watch it live. XD) It's clear that Serena does want Blair to be happy, but the idea of her best friend with her ex-boyfriend (who she's now in love with again) being together still tears her apart. I'm glad B chose her bestie at the end, even if she informed Dan that they might have something in the future. Talk about a million obstacles to get through. I'm glad her talk with Chuck wasn't about her suddenly not wanting to be with him and wanting to be with Dan, but she was definitely wrong in one thing. It's Chuck who has been nothing but a friend to Dan, and Dan who is only being the "good guy" in regards to Blair. Her mentality with that is screwed up on so many levels because of how Dan's treated her in the last year. *shakes head* Also, when she was acting as "Claire" during the Inside play, I was kind of amused that she had this lightbulb moment of when she realized Dan loved her for her. How else was he supposed to love her? I mean, really. (Though, he really can't handle her when she's at her worst, just when she's heartbroken or in a positively good mood. See how he exploded at her in 5x14? Though with good reason, it just proves that he just isn't her equal and never will be capable of being so.) Because he wanted to drive the two best friends apart? Unlikely. Though, it's not like he seems to care at all what Serena thinks of the whole ordeal. He's treated her like crap the whole season. Even last episode, he went after Georgina, and left Blair to deal with how heartbroken Serena must be. I know, I know, it was for a good cause because Georgina would spread more damage, but seriously. Dan, it's ridic. *shakes head* On Chuck's end, loved his scheming! hehe It's clear he's gotten very testy in regards to DB's kiss from last week. All his persistence in seducing Alessandra was so over-the-top, anyone who knew him at all would know it wasn't genuine in the least. And honestly, I'm glad he's not into her. This isn't a Raina ordeal. It isn't just about Blair either. Alessandra's eyes are HUGE! lol I just don't find her very pretty. I like her business-friend relationship with Dan, and that's pretty much it. heh. She's so naive when it comes to all things Chuck Bass. XD Btw, I felt kinda blown away by Chuck's white coat. I'm so used to the tan one! haha Poor Chuck though. I feel so awful for him. :'( I know B said him hurting Dan would only push DB closer together, and while that might be true, she has to know what Dan did, and it's just not Chuck's style to kindly slip the e-mail under her door, no matter how reformed he is. Plus, even if he were to approach it in a calm fashion, Georgina's coming back with a bang! next episode and I doubt she'll make it look pretty in the least. *sigh* Poor Cece! She looked SO much like a ghost this episode. Like, really. It was kinda freaky. And was it just me, or did the family not really look that torn up about her death in the hospital room? I mean, yes, Lily had a choked sob immediately afterward, but Rufus didn't even hug her in support and the rest of them almost were just looking on half-awkwardly, not knowing what to feel. *shrug* Idk. It just felt kind of poorly played out. *shrug* I felt bad for Ivy! *tear* I mean, I get why they're all pissed, but I wish they'd understand how all she really wanted was family, not the money. *sigh* I love Lola though! And I like her relationship with Nate. I'm not in love with it, but it's promising, and she's just all around a cool character, so yay! hehe *claps* Love how Blair's all "the caterer is your cousin?" XD Apparently, she doesn't want the "working class" to be of familial relations. lol. Let's see...what else? I found Blair very humorous in the first half. It was entertaining to watch her be so forward in her unfortunate denial. *sigh* I was glad Dan wasn't super cocky to Chuck in their later scene, as I suspected he would be. I hope this doesn't ruin their "friendship" though. I really don't want Dan's head to get super big to the point that he doesn't even realize how much it would hurt Chuck and how much both Chuck and Blair love each other. The fact that Blair listed Chuck on their (DB's) list of obstacles to get through was a little unsettling, however true it might have been. I'm glad DB aren't going to try and run around with each other in secret like I also feared. So, see, all in all my mind blew up this episode to what it totally and completely wasn't, and I'm very happy about that. heh.

Until Next Week!
2/21/2012 11:00:59 am

I agree with you. Plus this episode actually made me laugh because of how ridiculous the Dan/Blair is regardless of what the writers will have them do. I mean there were a lot of plot holes...and I don't remember Dan going to support her when she had an essay...anyways...I agree with what you wrote.

2/23/2012 03:16:56 am

I loved Chuck scheming too! Best part of the episode! And I could not agree more that Blair's mentality is screwed up on so many levels. She was so OOC and while she may have asserted that Serena came first, again her actions didn't match her words. Watching her kiss Dan in front of a heartbroken Serena was painful, not even because DB was kissing, but because I couldn't even recognize Blair. She must be dealing with some PTSD from the accident, otherwise, her behavior is just plain crazy. I thought Dan's comment to Chuck about "winning" Blair was very smug and I don't think it bodes well for DB's future. Any time someone is completely assured of something on this show, it's bound to be taken away from them within the blink of an eye. Anyway, loved your review (as usual) and I'm #naterrified for next week's episode.


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