I was back and forth from amused to the point of laughter to nearly in tears from the OOC heartbreak. I think I found a happy medium though when I actually sat down and watched the episode. I thought B's "goodbye" to C was actually a really good one. She was sincere. She wasn't dismissing him or leaving him because he'd done something wrong. She just clearly feels she's in love w/ both him AND Dan. Since her "love" for Dan is so new, it just seems more overwhelming & so she wants to indulge in it more heavily. You know how those new crushes are. ;) Also, I think she's not being w/ Chuck b/c she DOES love him so much and doesn't want him to have to share her love with anyone else. I admire her for that, even if her feelings for Dan literally came out of nowhere. My heartbreak moment in this episode was Chuck's confessions of woe to Lily later on. I don't like how he talked about how Blair is changing, or it feels that way to him, because that gives more credit to a longer-lasting DB relationship. After 4.5 years of Chair it seems ridiculous that Blair could change so much as to not be with him because she's not love with him, so...it broke my heart when Chuck told Lily those things...*sniffles* Of course, the upside is that Blair said "at least not right now" when she told Chuck she wasn't in love with him, which - and I'm going out on a limb here - suggests that they're not over, and never will be. For all the crap Safran has pulled, he did say "Chuck and Blair are never over" and that makes me feel better. heh. How the annulment came about was interesting but almost anti-climactic at the end. Estee had a plan that was apparently fabricated all by Georgina & then Georgina has a plan that's not even spoken of at the end. Cyrus's deal was the one most detailed and then that just blew up in thin air. I just...*shakes head* I feel like these great SLs are built up & then they're just tossed away w/ little or no explanation because they become inconvenient to whatever the next storyline is. *shakes head & rolls eyes* I'm pretty much in love with Nate & Lola as a couple now though. Omg, they're so cute! hehe And I like that she sympathizes with Ivy. Amazing how all the Van der Woodsens can just turn on Ivy in a second, without even considering the fact that it wasn't about the money. Now that I think about it, they almost got what they deserved here by having all Cece's money ripped away from them and what not. Btw, I totally saw that coming. When we heard there was going to be several big bomb dropped (before the episode aired), Ivy getting everything in Cece's will was literally the only thing I could come up with. XD Also, when did she decide to dye her hair? And why did no one COMMENT on it?!? hahaha I love her in both red and blonde, but she does look sassy with this hint of auburn. hehe I sense Jack's coming back soon! Yaaay!!  =D The blood transfusion thing didn't surprise me either though, b/c t here was some mention of him needing a familial blood transfusion in the 5x11 flashbacks. If I hadn't read recaps or anything beforehand (on accident I swear!) I wouldn't have seen Lola as being William's daughter too! Omg! I hope this means that William stays on awhile longer. He has such a sweet relationship with Serena and I think that could bring the three of them together. NS's convo at the beginning reminded me of how sweet their friends are. I like that that's reinforced every now and again. heh. Btw, Georgina makes my life. All her talk in the beginning about feeling like a stay-at-home mom just cracked me up. I love her quirky relationship with Phillip too. lmao And it's so great that she's not like w/ any other guys or anything. She's devoted, even if she kind of only sees him as unskilled accomplice, but whatever. There's some love goin' on there, just not the real deep kind like Chuck and Blair - or any other couple for that matter - can pull off. It makes me wonder what Georgina would actually look like if she was deeply in love. Maybe her character's just not that well rounded. ;)
And finally, I thought it was totally ridic how that last DB scene - omg, nauseating & causing me to roll my eyes. A hard feat I must say, basically redid the end CB scene in 2x25 with replacing the ILYs w/ Blair murmuring Dan's name. Oh god. *rolls eyes* And the spinning around like the pulling away....*sighs testily & shakes head* It's so ridic. BLAIR is so ridic. And how she was fuming at the wake with him when she found out about the video he sent in but then forgave him like 2 seconds later? haha Reality check, Blair! WHO ARE YOU?! So yeah, that was lame that they basically rewrote CB right there, but whatever. I still have hope. heh. It makes me very happy that Dan apparently fails epically in bed (in the promo). That's just awesome. If there's one thing he can never do, he can't one-up Chuck in that department. ;)
So, I survived! And it wasn't too painful. Yay me! lol
2/28/2012 03:50:37 am

I agree with you. The ridiculousness that is Blair, Dan/Blair is laughable. And actually so far I've seen more than just Chuck/Blair's relationship that they're copying for Dan/Blair. It actually makes Dan/Blair's relationship more pathetic because they are copying other stuff to make it 'epic'. If they are indeed such an amazing couple then they would have their own things. I was very upset initially but thinking about it it's because of how this whole thing is being treated.

And I agree that her good bye to Chuck did not seem finale.

To be honest I didn't blame Ivy for doing that to them, I felt bad for her and I'm glad that Lola felt the same way.

I agree about Georgina, though I do wonder what she's going to do to fix Blair and...what else she has planned.

Thank you for putting this up. Reading this also helped sort out some of my thoughts. :)

3/8/2012 02:50:27 am

Excellent points! I love your interpretation of the CB scene and how Blair feels that Chuck deserves her whole heart, rather than having to share it with Dan. I've also been trying to figure out for awhile what the motivation could be for the writers blatantly ripping off every CB moment in their recent DB scenes. It's either an intentional "eff you" to CB fans, lack of originality, or maybe they're trying to show that DB aren't sustainable on their own and need to mimic the CB relationship? Either way, as nauseating as the episode was, I think it definitely solidified the downfall of DB and Blair's eventual epiphany regarding her love for Chuck. I bet by the end of the season, she will be in love with him "right now" and "in the way [he] needs [her] to be."


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