took me a few days to actually sit down and watch this ep, because I knew it would be totally filler & after  making sure there was no CB heartbreak, and that DB have no chemistry - which they DON'T, I didn't feel inclined to watch it instantly. heh. Also, since I've discussed the whole ridiculousness of the DB situation/relationship w/ peeps for the last few days, I think I'm actually going to talk about the other SL in this ep, which is the Ivy Dickens dilemma. Okay, so I love Nate & Lola together, and I love Lola (who, OMG, should KNOW who her father is by now! Come on, William, get your act together), but she was the only person that Ivy really had as a friend and she totally traded her in at the end. I get Lola realizing she does want a family now, but I'm so Team Ivy, and there's no one there for her! *cries* I just HATE how they all turned on her & are convinced she's the evil con artist who was only after their money the whole time. GRR. The very fact that she keeps defending herself and saying that she wants to STILL be a part of the family, even after how much they've come to hate her, should tell them that she's not trying to avoid prison, she's trying to avoid being alone! Goodness knows Max would only throw her an 'I told you so' and spit in her face. ='( Ugh. I just...I love the VanderWoodsens and I feel bad that Rufus & Lily got kicked out and they were all deceived, but Ivy has the best intentions in the world. It was never about the money & I just...*huffs* I feel so bad for her! Sad Serena got fired, but she really let her boiling pissed-off nature towards Ivy get the best of her there. I think the real Gossip Girl is right. She doesn't have what it takes. GG is the real deal, because not only did she invent herself, but she's not personally attached to anyone, so although she pulls favors for the main characters she seems to blog about from time to time, she doesn't let her emotions rule out what she says and when she says it. *sighs testily & shakes head* I realize this also makes her look bitter & cruel to not really have a moral compass, but still. She runs it like a business almost, and I don't think Serena could do that, especially not with everything she's gone through this year....losing Dan & Blair & TWO jobs now. She needs someone to take care of her, not try to sort out how she can take care of others. And on to it just me or does anyone else have issues w/ Jack's hair? The combed back look almost reminds me of how god-awful Chuck's hair was in S2. It's not going to make me run off a cliff, but still. It irked me. Loved the whole involvement with him though. We all know Diana's the one that gave the blood. Ever since 5x11ish I think we've known it was her. It not being Jack just proves it. After refamiliarizing myself w/ the whole Chuck's mom SL in S3, I realized how much I want it to be Elizabeth. To have her come back and make things right with Chuck would just be amazing, since it really looks like all the Basses are turning things around for themselves and playing nice. (Btw, best Jack Bass quote? "Don't touch me" to the supposedly dying kid! lol And then the follow up: J-You tricked me with a fake kid? C-The kid's real. He's just not sick. XD lmao Love you, guys!) But obvs that's not the case. I am intrigued as to how Diana's connected, though I think it could be acceptable that she's Elizabeth's sister. Cause, as much as fans may want it, I think S3 went through a ton of trouble to prove Elizabeth is in fact Chuck's mother, so Diana can't be. And no matter how much of a better mom Diana would probably be for Chuck, not to mention she schemes & it would make semi-sense, I don't think I'd like it. 3x12-3x16 would feel like a total waste. I know this show glories in plot holes that they swear will be filled in sometime between now and the end of the world, but really? I'd like to think they didn't just pull Diana as Chuck's real mom out of a hat. That's just ridic. And to the final SL: Dan & Blair. Omg, there are...haha. There are just no words. Let's see if I can sum it up in a couple words...EPIC.FAIL. lol. Cause seriously! They have a million interruptions preventing them from sex. The universe is saying NO to DAIR! lmao Why can't they see that?! XD Also, when they finally DO have sex, not only is it horrible, but Dan immediately decides it's Blair's fault, even though he didn't get a solid reaction from Nate if Blair was bad when they had sex. Obvs she wasn't btw, since Nate was all over her in 1x12. Then, there was Louis who said after his first night with Blair, and I quote, "Last night was amazing." And let's not forget the King of sex/ultimate womanizer, Chuck Bass, who DEF wouldn't go back to any woman, much less if she was bad in the sack. Butterflies or not, S1 Chuck had his limits. lol. But no! He couldn't keep his hands off of her! So, either Dan is full of himself or Blair is having a similar problem like what Chuck did in 2x03. She's in denial that she's still in love with Chuck and so is epically failing in that sector of her relationship with Dan. In the elevator, she even has this "saddening" dawning revelation that - and I quote - "Is our chemistry just intellectual? Is it just all in our heads?" CONGRATULATIONS, BLAIR! I am PROUD of you for figuring it out all on your own. *hands over tiara that will be given to her in ridic dream most likely next episode* But no, STILL Blair refuses to believe that she and Dan aren't meant to be. (Before I continue, aren't these two supposed to be in love with each other? How come, after coming to this radically correct conclusion, is Dan fully prepared to break up with her? Lazy-assed sarcasm or not, that's just bad.) So, they have sex in the elevator! Completely drunk! And awkward! And nasty! I swear, I have never found shirtless Dan to be gross up until I saw him stripping in that elevator. It must be the hair. *sigh* It's completely ruined him. *shakes head* I felt like he looked like some chunky pale...something, lol. Even if he's totally not! I know Penn is a great looker, just like the other guys, but DAN somehow is totally not. At least not right now, not shirtless, not with Blair. Anyways, apparently this time it was great, despite how cringe-worthy it was to watch, even on Blair's end, but they now have to be drunk in order to enjoy sex with each other. So...they have to be in some sort of...out-of-reality dimension in order to enjoy each other sexually? Wow, Dair...just, WOW. Maybe to a degree this makes sense though, since B is so UNBELIEVABLY OOC that it fits for her sex life to be that way as well. XD Also, weren't they supposed to end up at Ivy's party? It looked like there was only one elevator to that penthouse. So...whatever. Plot hole. I shouldn't be surprised. XD One thing I will say that I actually liked about Dair this ep - yes, you heard me correctly - was the Cedric comment. Blair was SO cute when she gestured to that ridiculous Cabbage Patch Kid & said (just beforehand) - "Do you feel that? It's like somebody's watching us." XD lmao, Blair, that was adorable. Another diss at them though, just before I conclude. Dan offers to clean up breakfast to get the grown-ups out of the loft so they can go at it, and Blair - without thinking - instantly is against the matter, until he kicks her. Which, while reminiscent of how Blair always injured Chuck's legs and feet in S1, didn't change the fact that she will just...never fit in with Dan's way of living. *shakes head* (Lily being unable to start the stove at the Humphrey loft makes me think of that too, haha. She's just not Brooklyn material. XD) Spoilers...and...future episode synopses...just everything proves that so completely. DB will just never last. It's a joke to watch them together. Even if they last till the last 5 minutes of the season finale, it's not going to change my mind. These two are just not meant to be. The best thing about it is, next episode she's already lying to Dan about going to see Chuck, even though it's completely innocent. Though this applies to all the relationships she's had w/ guys, aside from Chuck obvs, it still applies here & Dan, if he's smart, which apparently he is otherwise they wouldn't have this "real connection", will realize it. Blair always does this. She doesn't tell whoever she's dating if she interacts with Chuck AT ALL b/c she doesn't think they'll trust her if they know, but why should they if she's keeping something completely innocent a secret? However, if she catches them taking extra precautions to keep an eye on her and AWAY from Chuck, she can blame THEM for being the one to push her back to Chuck, even though she did it all on her own, because let's face it, deep down she doesn't trust HERSELF not to fall back in love with Chuck. *sighs & shakes head* Girl just has to realize she's destined to be with him, no matter the complications and anxieties involved. She doesn't avoid him like the plague after she gets into a new relationship merely because she doesn't want to hurt him by reminding him she's with someone else when he sees her. It's because being around Chuck for too long makes her remember every single reason she fell in love with him to begin with and then wonder how the heck she could have forgetten those reasons long enough to get into a new relationship. *sighs contently* I rest my case. Bring on the next ep! I'm Team Ivy, Team Chuck, and Team GOD, PLEASE, GET RID OF DAIR. XD
4/5/2012 11:02:39 am

lmao ohhhhhh how i love ur comments cuz they are true!!!! seriously their is this saying the says" who does not owe, does not fear" basically if you are not done nothing wrong dont fear it or hide it cuz it looks bad hahaahah. I totally agree with you on the qoutes from the Bass men they had me laughing soo much. i Love elizabeth as chucks mom, and i think Diane might be his half sister because in order for her to donate as a family and have the same type of blood that would have to be the case. this can only happen if chuck has the same type of blood that Bart had. i am also team Ivy, Team chuck and team Serena and the last team also jajaajaja

4/6/2012 12:13:52 pm

Loved your review! So hilarious and so true! I so hope that Elizabeth is in fact Chuck's mom, because retconning that entire lengthy storyline (that resulted in CB's breakup) would be disappointing and annoying! Also, Diana's general lack of interest in Chuck earlier this season makes me think she can't be his mom -- she doesn't even look at him!

Totally agree about DB! No chemistry, Cecily said it herself on Twitter! It was sex for the sake of sex without any raw emotion. Nothing like CB sex. I also really love your interpretation of Blair not trusting herself not to fall back in love with Chuck. I think you're onto something!

4/6/2012 12:49:38 pm

lol. Glad you found it amusing. XD

And yes, well, talking over and over how ridic DB were in this ep the last few days, I had some brilliant insights. lol.


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