Oh god. I don't think I realized the possibility of how awful this ep could really be. There is honestly nothing redeemable in it at all. If I thought Blair had gone OOC on us before, that was nothing in comparison to how despicable she was during this episode. She couldn't conceive for ONE SECOND that maybe Chuck actually needed help, maybe he was struggling with finding his mother, maybe he paid her dowry just so she could be free to be with who she wanted or do what she wanted. And especially after the fact that she told him point blank in 5x14 that if he paid the dowry they couldn't be together because it would be like him buying her from Louis. Of all the--grrrr. I was irritated enough that Dan yet again blamed the whole thing on Chuck, but the fact that Blair - after fully seeing just how much Chuck has changed since 5x06 - assumed that he had only evil intentions. She just...grr. I hate her. I physically HATE Blair. The end scene she had with Dan wasn't a dreamscape after all. Penn totally lied to us, so what else is new? He plays Dan. The character must be rubbing off on him. Ugh. God. With everything Chuck is going through right now, even if it had been to get Blair back, she should have at least conceded to the point in order to get him through whatever he was dealing with. She suggested he go talk to someone else - thank god for Serena - but who better than her? She was there with him every step of the way. Just b/c they couldn't be friends before doesn't mean they can't be now. And how can she KNOW that just because there was a second agenda before, there would be one now? Does she even KNOW who he is? Who gave her the perfect prom? Who got her into Columbia? Who respected her wishes to be on her own for awhile until she could find out "who she is" & stand out as her own person? (which, btw, I have yet to see her do) Who let her go countless times because he thought he wasn't good enough for her? Who left her alone until he absolutely needed to see her, until she was the only option left? THAT WAS CHUCK. God, Blair is so full of herself. Dan is SO rubbing off on her - scratch that, he HAS rubbed off on her & it absolutely disgusts me. I don't respect her at all. I definitely don't like her. And as far as I'm concerned, at this point Dan & Blair deserve each other. They should just ship themselves off to some remote country, and let's have Blair live in low class conditions and have her superiors be the working class. I'd say poverty, but maybe that's too harsh. Ugh. But reallly. And then her lame text at the end - "thanks for setting me free." Oh god. Kill me now. Not only is that incredibly cheesy but it doesn't make up by any means how much hurt and all the accusations she threw at Chuck this episode. Honestly, Dan & Blair should have to still be in isolation, because no one wants that grotesque sight in their faces. *gag* At least people are crashing their party next episode and they weren't physically invited, because if I was invited, I wouldn't go. No one should go to that. It's not worthy to be even considered the title of 'party'. Ugh. Completely & totally nasty. On to other things though...*sigh* as if I could possibly get all that nastiness out of my head. Btw though, quick sidenote, so we've really decided Elizabeth isn't Chuck's mom? They didn't even test her blood again! They just assume because she was apparently in a monastery (btw, WOW) in Vienna for the last 6 months that she isn't his mother? This is ridic. Is Diana SERIOUSLY going to be confirmed as his mother by the end of the season? What a load of crap. At the very least she should be another family member and his mother should've actually died in childbirth. This is all so...ugh. Total crap. Oh, and another thing. Blair's going to spend her first "single" day with Dan? The fact that she can't even say his name in front of Serena & that Serena labels her single speaks volumes of how beneath the surface this is not going to fly in the longterm. Yuck. I mean, sure, B says she & Dan shouldn't stick around the penthouse b/c she didn't want to rub it in S's face that they were together. But even then it was just an excuse she used to not tell him about her still wanting to be a princess. Also, wth would not signing the divorce papers have to do w/ Chuck? Even if it was b/c he paid the dowry, staying married to Louis wouldn't allow her to be w/ Chuck? It's just so ridic! *breathes heavily & tries to calm down* I can't even imagine how much I'd be freaking if I'd watched this live. Ugh. Anyways...so the whole Lola/Nate/Serena/Diana/Aiden thing...Aiden's 16? Why is Lola hanging out w/ a 16 year old? XD I mean, sure they went to acting camp together, but...well, first of all, he definitely does not look like he's 16, but whatever. I don't care.  (And btw, his "sex scene" with Diana was SO awkward. That alone could probably justify that he may not only be 16, but also a virgin. XD) Also, I don't know why Serena was upset that Lola used the lingerie show to get back at Diana. I mean, she was there & she became the new It Girl, which apparently Serena now doesn't like that, so she's striving to be the It Girl again? Girl needs to make up her mind. After losing so much, even if GG was a burden to her, she shouldn't have relinquished her title, how admirable that attempt was. Lola's so innocent (in general). It's cool she got a modeling job or whatever & wants to be that "Every Day Girl" that everyone can relate to, which obvs ticked Serena off, since it suggests that people can't relate to her.  I do think Serena significantly improved with being Gossip Girl this ep, and it kinda makes me want her to stay GG. I'm slightly confused as to if she actually handed the password back over & how GG plans to "play dirty" if she doesn't have the site to make things miserable for S. Whatever. I guess there was one thing that I was actually pleased about & that was Rufus standing up for Ivy. He wasn't manipulative. He didn't cheat her. And since Ivy is essentially my #2 reason for watching GG right now, it was bad enough that she never showed up on screen. At least we FINALLY got someone defending her again - in a way. Lily has irritated me to no end when it comes to Ivy. She just can't consider for even one second that she's not a total terrorist. Though her line "we don't negotiate with terrorists, especially ones from Florida" did crack me up. lol. That was just great. As was Chuck's story about getting mixed up with a girl's softball team and ending up with a kangaroo tattoo that he didn't notice for a month. XD How Serena first became It-Girl was an interesting story too. They've been doing this more often lately and I have to say it really adds something to the show when they include these little stories in passing about stuff that's happened to them pre-series. heh. It may be the one good thing going for the show right now. But anyways, I'm very much supportive of S trying to get her spotlight back, that she was able to be there for Chuck (thank God SOMEONE was! Though I really wish she would've badgered B about being so insensitive to him) & that LILY seriously got what she was coming for w/ her ending the ep alone. I  mean, really. That was just out of line. Keeping secrets...of COURSE Rufus would be uncomfortable with it! Because it's NOT right! So she goes & does it anyways? I fully ship RL, just like I did in S1. They make it work & they have an epic story, but at times like these it mirror Dair & just how NOT RIGHT they are for each other. Ugh. Last week was laughable but this week was just disappointing. My heart broke for nearly every scene Chuck was in, and it made me hate Blair at the same time. (by the way, I totally wanted to puke at the beginning when Blair was gushing about being able to be with Dan in public now. Yuck. It was disgusting. *gags*) Ugh. Not looking forward to next week's ep...except of course if DB are totally & completely humiliated at their "coming out" party b/c of everyone crashing it. That's what I'd like. Nate needs to stop being helpful & Serena needs to stop being considerate. Dan & Blair bring out the worst in each other like Chuck & Blair never did. Ugh. Until next week...*sigh*
4/10/2012 09:40:44

let me get out the chair and salute u!!!!! all that you felt is what i felt and i saw it live!!!! i was like fuck off Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey. like the scene of he has never done anything selfless? really bitch really can we go all the way to first season please? was i the only one that saw her interaction with Serena awkward?

4/12/2012 08:08:26

I feel your pain, girl! Wonderful review and I totally agree about how amazing Chuck is and I too am heartbroken that he has virtually no one at the moment. While I don't hate Blair, I do think that being with Dan romantically isn't healthy for her. Instead of giving her a much needed reality check, he tends to feed her ego and thus, prevent positive growth. Something happened to Blair upon reading Inside and I think she mistook a lot of Dan's fiction for fact, namely Dan loving her for her and her general awesomeness. Don't get me wrong, Blair Waldorf WAS awesome - and she still can be. But I think “Inside” is just another chapter of her fairytale delusions. Blair is nothing if not a control freak and buying into Dan’s fantasies is a safe move for her. It’s sad to see her right now - no career, 20 year old divorcee, gallivanting around Brooklyn looking like Princess Peach. That being said, I have hope for Queen B. When you hit "rock bottom" - you have nowhere to go but up.


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