Okay, so that last line was such a jawdropper for me. Total OMFG! moment. heh. And it really doesn't make that much sense since it's a speculation that's probably been going around since S2. lol. Maybe S3. S2's prob too generous. XD And it makes sense too, since OBVS Bart would not show much affection for the kid his brother had with his wife! I mean, granted Elizabeth could've never been married to Bart, but I doubt that's the case. And you know, part of me is sad at the fact that Diana probably isn't Chuck's mom, but since I wanted Elizabeth to stay his mother from the outset I think I can adjust. XD This ep wasn't bad. heh. I'm actually kinda relieved Rufus & Lily are on the road to a potential divorce. I mean, they are like the constant couple on the show, no doubt, but Lily has been ticking me off for so long. How she even doubts his divorcing her b/c "what other UESer would take care of you as well as I do?" Wow, Lily. Just WOW. I felt slightly encouraged when she called upon Ivy to get Carol put away, but at the same time, it was totally random. Too, I feel like Serena's main disgust over Ivy is fueled directly from her mother. Poor Ivy. I love her. It is so brave of her to tear up the check, since she's literally got nowhere to go...I just wish Lily would give her a chance. Clearly Miss Rhodes, as Lily should really be called, is so full of herself she can't see the big picture at all. I did like that it finally came out that William is Lola's father. I didn't understand why Serena was pissed at her at the end, especially since she's put her through so much crap throughout. I mean, I get why she wouldn't want Carol to be taken out of jail for what she'd done, but she could've tried to make Lola see reason. And what the heck is going on with Nate & Lola exactly? Are they just friends? B/c he wouldn't go sleeping with Diana in order to distract her from his snooping around in her hotel suite if he still with Lola, but he was so friendly to her throughout the whole ep after her apology that it just didn't make very much sense to me. He was SO pissed at her last ep, and there was no solid 'this is a break up' line from him. He said he couldn't forgive her for that blast about Diana being Chuck's mom (obvs false now), but...*sighs & shakes head* another plot hole I'm guessing. I really liked everything involving William & Serena. They have such a sweet relationship & it broke my heart when Serena was near tears at the end that he basically dropped everything for Lola when he found out he was her father & continuously lied to Serena throughout the day, and alot during their reunion in S3. *sigh* It is odd to me that I can be so pissed at Serena for the Ivy/Lola ordeal & so sympathetic toward her w/ the daddy/DB issue. *shakes head* Craziness. heh. Btw, I just have to mention this, did Serena not look absolutely STUNNING this ep. Somehow it was like she tanned overnight & it really brought out her blonde hair. I mean, all the girls on the show are gorgeous, and Blake never really disappoints, but somehow she went above and beyond in this ep. Just beautiful.  And okay...now we get to the Dair SL. *tiresome sigh* I really hate that the writers are doing this, making Dan look like Blair's savior. Like Chuck and Louis were shadows she had to live behind & now with Dan they're equals & he can find who she really is that she forgot and bring her back to the present. Gag much? They're trying to make them look so epic, and in the process bashing Chuck every other line. I realize selling her for a hotel was a horrible, horrible thing that really scarred Blair and made her extremely fragile (and thus susceptible to fairytale endings no doubt), but I just feel like it's being beaten to death with a stick. I honestly can't even comprehend WHY Blair agrees to - or comes up with HERSELF - helping with a scheme next ep. It seemed to me that she was trying to get as far away from Chuck as was possible, like he was the scum of the earth. Even after he "set her free", going along with how she's been acting toward him, I can't see her suddenly concluding she's going to jump back into his life again and assist him with something she firmly denied to when he came asking for help 2 episodes ago. But that's just me. *rolls eyes* I enjoyed seeing B all desperate actually, even if it was embarrassing to watch, but it still had S1 vibes attached to it, and that was encouraging. It irritated me that Dan didn't get mad at her when she tried to steal his thunder like every opportunity she could at some book club event that HE was being honored for. EXTREMELY humorous though that she was labeled for being married for less time than Kim Kardashian in TIME(??) magazine. XD haha That's just wonderful. *sigh* Basically the only parts of this ep I really enjoyed was the Serena/William talk on the phone early on in the ep, how gorgeous S looked throughout the whole ep & Chuck's conclusion that Jack was his father. Btw, if so - (and I saw someone on yt come to this conclusion) Nate didn't sleep with Chuck's mother, but Blair slept with his FATHER. *shudders* Ew. Gross. Oh, and Nate & Diana's makeout scene? It was just uncomfortable for me to watch b/c she was supposed to be Chuck's mother. *cringe* But yeah, this ep was nothing spectacular. The jawdropper at the end was pretty much the only thing that got my blood pumping and it was even something we've been speculating about for years. XD Can't wait to see bitchy/scheming Blair again next week, though as before stated, I find it unrealistic that she can suddenly go back to who she was 2-3 years ago in a week. Not that this should surprise me right now...*rolls eyes*
4/24/2012 19:57:29

yes, yes, yes, im jumping up and down lol ughhh i just had it with having Chuck be the punching bag, and the Bad one. Blair has always had a low self esteem and it still low, when people gave her compliments she acted like she believe them but not really. Even when she was with Chuck he always had to tell her more than onces to believe it. she still does not get it lol

4/27/2012 14:35:52

Fantastic review (as always)! I'm with you RE: Rufus and Lily getting a divorce, but I am actually more Team Lily than Team Rufus. I get that Lily was harsh and it's just another reason that maybe they don't belong together, but Rufus truly is a "kept man" and for him to use Lily's money to put up Ivy just seemed wrong to me.

I felt encouraged watching the Dan and Blair scenes. They still have no chemistry whatsoever and didn't even kiss this episode. I also don't understand why Blair keeps bringing up the hotel so much, but I think it may have to do with blaming Chuck for her own mistakes and also trying to convince herself not to be in love with him. I feel like Blair is constantly struggling to accept Chuck's redemption, from 5.7 to believing he sent the GG blast to thinking he paid the dowry to "buy her" to suggesting he reached out to her about his mom with ulterior motives. Eventually, Blair will wake up and see his growth and I'm sure how Chuck handles himself in the coming episodes RE: his family drama will be a huge clue for B.


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