Oh. My. God. My heart is still pounding. I could literally say just that & it would sum up all my feelings for the episode. Just...wow. I mean, we all knew that we were gonna see Bart again after the producer's preview for this ep, but it was SO intense. That last scene...just WOW. And all the CB scenes!!! Good lord. See, what Dan didn't realize was that Blair going back to her old self meant going back to Chuck! *squeal* Chuck & Blair were flirtatious and scheming and that last sweet, emotional scene together? It was like their last couple squabbles didn't even happen! PLUS, she SO couldn't tell Dan she loved him, just like she couldn't tell Nate in 2x23. *gushes* I don't think I realized until now just how desperately I was waiting for these events to take place. My goodness. And the look Chuck gave Blair when she first came down the stairs in her 'Diana dress'. *shudders* ohmyword. Everything in this ep SCREAMS perfection. Of course there is the Nate/Lola/Serena nonsense. I really just need Serena to spout out that losing everything around her is really what drove her towards being Gossip Girl. I mean, the reason she was isolating herself from everyone else was basically b/c everyone else had made decisions that hurt her & she couldn't stand to be around them. Goodness...Jack..Diana...*shakes head* I have a feeling the whole Bart issue might attach itself to the mysteries of that club in 2x17. I HATED 2x17-2x18 b/c of the whole Chuck/Ella whatever-that-was-relationship, but I was really intrigued by the mysteries that surrounded Bart Bass and wanted to know more about the club! Desperately! So, if the whole having Bart in hiding thing is a play-off from that, I'm super psyched! And Chuck being able to help him like he wanted to Elle? FANTASTIC. Of course Dan has cause to be worried about Blair choosing Chuck. We all know when Blair starts helping Chuck she starts loving him again, and how HUGE is this?! I love how she couldn't keep the secret from Chuck and how she eventually caved & how when he touched her hand she noticed and lingered on it and just...oh my goodness, and how concerned he was for her!!! GAAAAAAAH!!! This was such a CB-centric ep & I freaking adored it. Send Dan off to Rome & leave CB alone to be with each other. lol. Our Blair Bear is back!!! *sobs* *rejoices* CB ftw! hehehe Also, glad Nate & Lola are back together. =P
5/3/2012 04:30:55 am

I love reliving this episode because it was just THAT amazing! I totally agree with everything in your recap! Every scene with Chuck and Blair was perfection. This is the first episode of the season that I think was "fun" and "juicy." So yay for that! I loved the interaction of the NJBC and the minimal presence of Dan. I only wish Serena and Blair could've talked more, but I suppose that wasn't the time for that. Blair was so upset when she saw Bart and her scene with Chuck afterwards spoke volumes to me about where they are headed. Can't wait for the final two episodes!


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