Okay - I was squealing a second ago until I saw the dets on the Canadian promo for next week, major UGH. Why must the CW have pro-CB/DS & CA have anti-CB/DS? It breaks my frail little heart! *sobs* But...*gulp* I shall try to reel in my depression to get to the place I was a minute ago. *sigh* The ep was AWESOME. B asking every 2 seconds if Chuck was okay & going off to be with him. And OMG, THE END. From the CW promo, the look that CB share...*sigh* it makes my heart melt, and I just...I want it to be all gorgeous & happen right there, but it doesn't. It won't. =( *sigh* But anyways...all the stuff w/ Bart/Chuck/Blair was GORGEOUS. (which obvs doesn't stay that way according to the CA promo. UGH. HATE the Canadians. lol.) Was pissed at Nate & Lola briefly for messing with Diana & Chuck's deal, but in hindsight Chuck should've just told them ahead of time. Ivy was a bit cheesy in the tiny role she played, but I love her anyway. XD Funny how when S describes DB's relationship in the interview, Dan found it to be crap, even though she was telling the absolute truth. heh. (Speaking of, if we thought Dan's hair had gotten out of control this season, it is NOTHING compared to how it looks straight out of the shower - after already dried, I guess. Like OMG, he really does look like a muppet! It's hideous! lol)  ...I should have more to say, but it was all pretty connected...heh. B's in denial - or not, just trying to not say it out loud and it just...*sigh* what else can I say? If only I'd written this BEFORE I found out the CA promo details. Ugh. Awesome ep & I'm super glad my night class got cancelled for it, but now it's all ruined b/c the Canadians had to put all the nasty parts of the finale into a promo & show it to us. Ugh. =( CB ftw...*sigh* :'(

Buck up, sweetheart! While Chuck may semi-reject Blair at first (who wouldn't--that girl is so damn fickle), I fully believe that 5.24 ends with a happy CB reunion! This episode had so much going on and I loved Blair's constant worrying about Chuck. I think I preferred 5.22 to 5.23, but this was still a vast improvement from the first 21 episodes. Chuck was a boss, Blair does not give two shits about Dan, and Ivy is growing on me (finally)! I'm counting down the days until the finale! Awesome review and remember to keep calm and ship Chair! :)


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