I'm pissed. I'm so, so, SO pissed. And it wasn't even that something horrible happened. It was that something GREAT DIDN'T happen. There was never a question over if Blair would choose Chuck or not. It was if Chuck would take her back when she finally came to her senses. And yes, maybe that last look they shared suggest that he's going to take her back, but it could very easily go the other direction too. The EXPRESSION on his FACE is a clear tie between outrage and shockrage (shock/outrage). The next second his face could transform into love & admiration or disbelief & further pushing her away, but even more dreadful than the whole rooftop scene (which, although it broke my heart when I saw it as a sneak pre-ep, I understand where he was coming from). I just...GRR. Now we have to go 3 months wondering if they actually got together or not. *rolls eyes* I can't even get a single official reunion scene to put in my vids over the summer?! UGH. This is so frustrating. I could CRY over this. We've waited ALL SEASON LONG for an OFFICIAL reunion. Not only did we not get a kiss this time, but we didn't get anything official and.....*grumbles* *deep breaths* I will have to move on I feel in order to respond to this ep properly, and all the other things that happened. So, Lola...left. Sad. :( Ivy got all the money back. Woot! The Bart/Chuck bonding was amazingly awesome until we all realized it was a freaking LIE. *huffs* Lily chose BART, which, while unexpected & I would've normally died over in the past...I'm only now concerned about because Bart is such a lying, cold-hearted bastard, not because of the Rufly love. I've always shipped RL, don't get me wrong, but...I was very Team Rufus in this last fight and Lily was getting on my nerves, even if in general I still love her. heh. Bart was SO harsh to Chuck post-announcement thingy. It was awful! Followed by an additionally awful scene of Chuck bashing Blair. At least he didn't tell her he didn't love her. *groan* The first part of the ep was lovely with Blair all in denial or whatever. Blair takes over Waldorf Designs...yay. Serena gets rejected by the last person she thought she stood a chance and returns to her life of partying and drugs. *sigh* Not predictable, but I feel like it fits, especially since right after the Sheppard's wedding she bolted because she felt guilty over NS (amongst other things). DS sex = obvs hotness. Dan is a dick though. Serena continually points out the obvious about Chuck & Blair, and somehow neither Dan or Blair believe her? *rolls eyes* Whatever. Um...let's see what else...Lola/William/Carol stuff was nice. heh. Bart is pure evil and obviously has no soul. He talks all about how Basses make grand gestures & then what a load of crap that is, and yet he still wants to repair his marriage with Lily? *sighs & rolls eyes* Whatever. I'm still pissed about that last scene. Can't believe THAT'S our last image of CB until fall. LAME to an enormous extent. Symbolism is great and all, but that was just...*shakes head* HORRIBLE.

EDIT: Around 12-16 hours later and I think I've calmed down. I've rewatched the last scene many times and come to the conclusion that while it is a really sweet 'looking forward' scene, I just think it's entirely too subtle for the intense dramatics surrounding the entire episode. It's also extremely disappointing because we waited ALL YEAR for CB to get their final reunion and now, even though it's clear it'll end up that way, we won't get anything official till next season. Just a sort of 'let's build off this moment' deal right now. From that last scene, it's clear Chuck is mostly just in shock and maybe overwhelmed and confused and...really just hesitant to give Blair a chance with his heart again, when she's beat it up so many times in the last year. This definitely doesn't make for a rushed reunion, which is good. I just wish this time of 2-second 'reunion' could be something saved for a mid-season finale where we have to wait MAYBE a month and a half instead of 3 months altogether. heh. And that's my final piece. =P

Going off CB a touch, I really did enjoy the animosity that developed between Serena and Blair, just because it was very season 1 with their scheming against each other, and very 1x13ish with Serena pointing out the obvious that chuck-chuck-chuck is the answer to all things and that she's just fooling herself with Dan(Nate), so yes. heh. Serena's scheme to get Dan to sleep with her was pretty pathetic imo though. Just the way she TALKED made it obvious that it had all been planned from the outset. Dan was pretty much an idiot for just believing everything she said about drinks, and the spilling, and unzipping her dress, and even Chuck proposing...(though we all wish THAT could have happened, heh). *shakes head* The only TRUTH was her telling him that the Blair he loved was in his book, and the Blair he was dating will ALWAYS LOVE CHUCK. It is sneaky and very interesting how he's going to take a step back and team up with Georgina to essentially take down the Upper East Side. As much as I want DS, it would almost be fitting for him to become the outsider again at the end of the series. ;) Serena too though...that last scene she had with Dan. I was like, really, girl? Really? B/c Dan's still in love w/ Blair/Claire, so...Serena didn't have a shot at all. At least not this season. SHE was fooling herself. *shakes head*

I still think season 5 was a HUGE waste of time, but we saw Chuck mature and him fighting for Blair aLOT, which was awesome. And it's gonna be really good to see them not jump into a relationship right away after everything, but I think by taking it slow now they're gonna end up pretty much perfect. <3

Now I'm done. Amazing what 12+ hours can do. XD
5/23/2012 01:26:01 am

I feel you, gurl! I was so expectant of a CB engagement that I was flabbergasted when one didn't take place! But, my other half gently reminded me that this Chuck and Blair we're talking about here, and Blair fighting for Chuck and declaring herself "all in" is epic in and of itself. Reflecting on this 1.5 weeks later, I'm actually glad they didn't get engaged because it would've been rushed and possibly too soon. I do wish we could've gotten a kiss though! Forever bitter about the lack of CB sexytimes in Season Five. Anyway, I think the finale could've been better (there was just SO much going on), but it did a good job of setting up for next season. I can't wait until filming pics of Chuck and Blair as a happy couple! Loved your recap (as always), and I feel your pain. Good things come to those who wait. :)


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