Okay, this ep was great, but of course by the end I was feeling slightly unsettled (though I'm sure rewatching some of those tailend scenes over and over again on repeat will clear that up eventually, heh). First off - CB sex scene = HOT. Second - their second scene? SO.MUCH.SEXUAL.TENSION. The slight unnecessary jealousy was delicious, and as soon as everyone was gone, it was unbelievably clear that going w/o sex (w/ each other) for months was getting to them. Another smoldering point at the end, since after the most romantic destined limo scene EVER, he had to physically leave the car because he needed to "walk it off". *giggle* And the pact is sealed with the engagement ring. <3 =) The "tough love" talk by Dan to Blair needed to be said, and it really made me want to write a fic about B going to C and kind of voicing her concerns on the subject, but then the show did it w/ the limo scene...& while that was fantastic and I absolutely HEART everything that was said, it still left me with a slightly unsettling feeling, though I bet - like other scenes of that nature - it will grow on me & eventually I will adore it. I mean, it will be enough..eventually. XD *feels need to justify self & self's decided future somehow* But let's move on! Despite Serena's destructive past, it majorly irritated me how everyone was so sure she had destroyed herself physically again & even called ahead to the Ostroff Center to be ready in case she was going to be brought in. Like, REALLY? Unnecessary. All the witty comments by EVERYBODY were great throughout the ep though. Just awesome. Hehe. ;) Not sure how I feel about Ivy now though. I mean, I still love her naturally, but she's all about revenge this season when last year she was just trying her best to fit in with everybody and really have a family. Guess that's what happens when you live on the Upper East Side for too long though. XD Let's see...what else...Nate doing...business-y stuff & then the girl who is apparently a minor that he's going to be with temporarily. No wonder Steven punches him out. heh. He's good with Serena, but nothing to go nuts over. Heartbreaking of S dumping B though! I see where she's coming from, but that was harsh. B felt HORRIBLE for all that she'd said, but she did kinda deserve being totally dumped. It was still harsh though b/c S has always wanted to be B's bestie no matter what! *dramatic sigh* I don't know whose side I'm on, but I definitely know I'm heartbroken for B. *nods* Rufus/Ivy...well, we knew it was gonna happen. I feel like Dan should've rushed out to tell Georgina right that second. Also, I feel like DG need to have a one-night stand at some point, even if she's married with a kid and her banter with Philip just pretty much makes my life. lol. Oh, and then there's Bart. He's basically evil. I hope Lily realizes that eventually and leaves him. I have to admit in the beginning I was not very pleased with the way that French dude seemed so very forward towards Blair, even if Chuck was with a business-y type person too, but...*hmms* Anyways, obvs any jealousy was knocked out of the water by CB's second scene together which I SERIOUSLY cannot get over. Too hot for words. *continuously fans self* Don't think I missed anything else... Looking forward to next week! Even if CB will only have one scene, it's supposed to be glorious, so that's awesome. ;)

xoxo *giggle*

EDIT: That CB limo scene was enough. MORE than enough. It solidified so much, and Chuck Bass is basically the biggest romantic of all time. SO many gushable quotes. I think it was the boy/man analogy that really won me over. Screw Dan. CB ftw. <3

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