Alright, quickly responding to the ep before the next one comes on tonight because if none of my other shows get ep responses, this one will! XD Alright, this ep was just awful B. It was bad or not really worth the screen for anyone in a way, but especially Blair's SL hit me hard. The second Nelly Yuki showed up I knew it was gonna go downhill for Blair. As one of my friends recently introduced me to the term - I suffered from secondhand embarassment/humiliation. Blair just kept feeding into any slight hint that people were out to get her and that she was going to go over the top to get them back and it was just...*shudders* awful. Plus - DUMBEST. MINIONS. EVER. Where did she get them - the books for dummies store?! *sighs & shakes head* Serena kicking her out was not cool, esp when Steven was the one who actually punched someone out. Poor Natie! But whatever. It wasn't actually till 6x03 that S's ignorance of B as a friend ever again really started to irritate me. Chuck was awesome in this ep though btw! Of course I did not love Amira role-playing as C's gf, even if it was just a facade, but I LOVED how in her face he was about her remembering what happened during her weekend affair with Bart. Which, btw, I'm actually really shocked that Chuck didn't just assume Bart had slept with her. I mean, this is Bart Bass, and he didn't necessarily have to assume that Bart had been with Lily durin the deal, but knowing some of the details he probably did. *shrug* Whatev. I was just surprised that he was surprised. lol. Bart is evil btw, and turning Lily against Chuck is just the start. The fact that he threatens Amira's LIFE? Wow. And pretending to be Blair *laughs suddenly at the image this creates* to get Chuck away from Amira was awful and no doubt reminding Chuck later of how Blair was a distraction since he dropped everything to see what she might need, but I still loved that he went to her. However, that tiny scene upset me like nobody's business because we were TOLD that there would be this wonderfully epic/heartwarming scene between them in this ep, and so since that scene was all of 2 seconds, I was SO SURE (or not, since I was feeling negative already) that they'd have a scene at the end, which they didn't, and that left me forever bitter until 6x03 gave us the gorgeousness that is 4 CB scenes with TWO at the end. *heart flutters* *squeals* Um...NS/SS?? *sighs & shakes head* Don't care. They jumped to conclusions. The last Chuck/Bart scene was AWESOME how he got all in Bart's face, but I hated how Bart laughed at him & I KNEW he was going to when we saw that snippet in the promo, but it was still horrid. All in all, not a fan of the ep, but mostly b/c I got ripped off with that 2-second CB scene & B walked into that fashion trap all by herself & it could be seen setting off a million miles away. Can't wait for 6x04! lol

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