I think I've calmed down enough to write my response to the ep, but be warned, it'll be very one-track mind-esque. C.B. CHUCK&BLAIR. Dang, this ep sooooooo made up for that teensy weensy little scene we got from them last week. What's even more is that last week B totally got torn apart with all the WD fashion stuff and similar, though not as humiliating somehow, stuff happened this ep. What made the difference? Chuck Bass. Four scenes. That's right. Count them. And in two of them there was very near sex. I don't know how Chuck manages to hold back. Honestly, I don't. The IV was a good excuse, I'll admit for the earlier scene, but B looked hot as hell in that lingerie - b/c really can you even CALL that nightwear? There's probably good reason why he kept all his clothing on while lying so close to each other. XD But cuddling! Sleep! Almost sex! Eye sex! All the compliments & epic professions about love & needing each other & pulling off that scheming line that only THEY could do!!! Could they BE any more perfect? If I'm not waving a fan in front of my face from all the UST, I'm awwing like a gushing, crazy fangirl because of how sweet & absolutely EPIC they are. Some of their moments reminded me of DB's in 5x20 (I DESPISED how despicable they were in that ep btw UGH), but it was clear that this way it was done right and how shall we say...not selfishly and w/ BEYOND legit chemistry? Um, YES. Majorly. But I shall TRY very hard to move on - only to say one more thing: C's haircut is NOT awful. I feel like everyone & their mother believes that it is the most horrendous possible thing in the history of Gossip Girl that could have happened. Like, seriously? It's half-buzzed. So what? I'd be more upset if it was ALL BUZZED. Or if they went back in time and overgelled his hair to his head like they did in season 2. THAT was horrendous. This is not. True, it's not the prettiest sight I've ever seen, but it's hardly worth getting grumpy about. Now, on to Serena. The only real good part of her this ep was her "Suck it, Humphrey" to Dan earlier on & her "you don't know who you're dealing with" to Sage at the end. S's view on her non-friendship w/ B is getting annoying & tiresome. I wish she'd just quit the act, since even though she told everyone else she wanted to move on & start a new life w/o them, she clearly only meant that in regards to B. *rolls eyes* Also, she's clearly become TOO grown up to realize what Sage was up to from the start. She just bought every line coming out of her mouth and actually looked CONFUSED when Sage stepped into a taxi. She's like the next generation Blair Waldorf or acting-out Jenny Humphrey. I applaud and admire her tactics, even if I can't stand what she did to my beloved Blair tonight. I felt so bad for B tonight, b/c it was totally b/c of S's comment that everyone started leaving and Nelly probably wrote that god-awful review! I mean, does Serena think SO LITTLE of Blair that she thinks she'd actually jeopardize her career & her mother's company all for the sake of trying to mess with her ex-bff who she's only been trying to get BACK?! REALLY, S. Who's being petty now? *rolls eyes* But anyways, Chuck saved the day as usual. =) I was SO pleased he came back at the end, cause B needed SOMEONE other than Dorota. CB made me all warm & fuzzy at the end. Yaaay. =) Onto Dan, the least desirable person with a stone for a heart and not even with his quirky counterpart this week! So now he's going to charm B into letting him stay w/ her? SO not going to work, though at least temporarily I guess it will. *rolls eyes* He's sinister. I don't blame Nate for getting upset. Dan clearly does not care about losing everybody, and this we already knew, but Nate was supposed to be the exception. Though, Dan is right about the business & pleasure/friendship thing. People say they accept the terms, but they really don't expect lines to be crossed when it comes down to it. I do feel kinda bad for Nelly at the end though, since she clearly still has a thing for him and this is when hot chicks have started to hit on him. XD And okay, one moment to address the Rufus/Ivy situation. Like, really? I could accept the disturbing sexual affair/friends with benefits - whatever. But a legit relationship? I don't care what she says, she IS a kid. She's the same age as Dan! (most likely) And sure, maybe Rufus is right about who she is deep down, but the honest girl with a heart of gold who just wanted a family just isn't there any more. She's having fun with what she's doing. Rufus is just collateral damage that she's using to get people upset. He'll realize that soon enough. But it's not like they didn't push her last season, and the writers couldn't really have done much more with her pleading of just wanting to be in the family. If the UESers don't want it, that's it. And Ivy IS right about Dan turning all UESer on him, except he's gone into overkill mode b/c he isn't a UES native. He integrated & he lost out & the result is disastrous for all parties involved. Anyways, I just can't buy Rufus & Ivy as a realistic couple. It just looks so father/daughter to me still, and unless something MAJORLY shifts my opinion - which I doubt, I'm sensing that won't change. A law suit was intense, but obvs it fell through & Dan is right, the old D-Humps is outta here & he ain't comin back any time soon! *breaks out Southern accent* Anyways, INCREDIBLE ep. Why? Basically the 4 CB scenes. W/o that I'm not sure how much in favor of it I would be. It was glorious. THEY were glorious. They were PERFECT. <3

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