It's safe to say that the highlight of this ep was the looks CB shared both with each other & with Lily when they were trying to brush past the issue of going to the horse show for the sake of digging up dirt on Bart. XD Also, CB's convo at the end, cause that was awesome. Bang her already, Chuck! (though I don't mind their almost incident in tonight's ep - 6x05 - despite the frustration. heh) The Nate/Sage/Lily/Serena stuff...*yawn* let's just say I can't wait till we're done with these guest stars. Not that they're boring in and of themselves but we have so little time and should it not be wasted on little issues! Let's resolve DS/SB now please?! *dramatic sigh* The Nate/Ivy stuff surprised me, but she seems to be #1 on everyone's to-scheme list these days, so maybe I shouldn't be too surprised. heh. Also, Bart is pure EVIL. I never thought I'd see the day when Lily would just blindly believe him just 'cause he's her husband. Why is she with him again? Just 'cause she thought it would take too much effort to actually try to make things work with Rufus? Weren't there legit REASONS things were Rocky with Bart? Isn't he STILL hiding a million secrets?? I LOVED how she stood up for Chuck, both w/ checking w/ he wasn't answering his phone and also w/ refusing to stay away from him at the end, but she still is being waaay too naive about this whole situation, and despite what transpires between CL in tonight's ep, I really hope she comes around. The CL bond is way stronger than anything Bart & Lily could EVER have. I'm really proud of the GG writers for what they've concocted for Bart's big bad secret though. It's basically the awesomest more devious thing ever. Nate not giving into Bart - despite how desperate he is to save The Spectator - made me REALLY proud of him. I HATE how Bart deceived him yet again at the end and is so confident he'll fail just like his father did. :( These kids are not their parents like Nate so feared them would be in the pilot! They can conquer all!!! Oh...and Dan? Complete and total douche, though I do think he still has legit feelings for B. Even if tonight's ep might change my opinion on that. As of this ep, it seems like she's his weakness, even if he treats everyone else like crap. Also, thank GOD Georgina came back in this ep! She's the only thing that makes Dan tolerable a

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