Alright, this ep actually took me awhile to digest. Don't get me wrong, CB's final scene was smoldering, and I LOVED how Blair told Dan AND Serena off. AWESOME dialogue there. I just LOVED it. But when it came to Dan's motivations for things I was at a loss. From the start of this season he's been trying to get back at everyone for all the times they "betrayed" him, though really he's just pissed about Blair choosing Chuck & Serena supposedly "forcing" him to cheat. Still, there have been moments in almost every ep where it was clear he wasn't over Blair. Whether it was his antagonistic speeches against Chuck, him staring at her from a distance or choosing staying with her over hooking up with random chicks - something he was perfectly okay w/ up until that point - it seemed pretty obvious to me that throughout it all, he just wasn't OVER her. Even if he wanted revenge. So, when he was finally settled in her house, his actions up until near the end made sense to me. He had logically reasoned out - what he thought was sound reasoning - about how he still obvs wanted her & how he was going to get her back. So many people were voices of reason against this tonight though, and I'm ECSTATIC about that. He's little convo with Georgina right as they reach the Cotillion tops it all obvs - "She did date me." "Briefly. Before she lost her prince and her mind, and now she wears that adorable engagement ring from Chuck around her neck." Oh Georgie, how I do love you so this season. hehe. Seriously, she is the only thing that makes him tolerable right now. Together they're quite a comedic act. ;) Anyways, when Dan completely abandoned any attempt of getting Blair back the second she yelled at him and stormed off, and not only that, but seemed to be getting rather chummy with Serena at the end, I just about lost my mind b/c I just DID. NOT. UNDERSTAND. him. It's all fine and good if you don't like what a character's actions are, but if you can't even come to a decent understanding of WHY they acted the way they did and what feelings/motivations they had to get them there? Well, then you're just royally screwed. My theory I finally came to though is that he's basically just a lost puppy. He feels totally betrayed by everyone and so his only instinct now is to hurt them all b/c he just doesn't know what else to do. I believe he saw Blair as another avenue for what to do with all his wrangled, confusin emotions. I do believe he wasn't completely over her, but he wasn't into her ENOUGH to actually fight for her after she'd pushed him down again. On the note of Serena, I can't say I wasn't totally ecstatic by their last scene together. It was just so freaking adorable, and if he'd allowed himself even a SECOND of this kind of scene in the last season, it wouldn't have taken them this long to get together. *rolls eyes* This is also a 5x22 scenario too I think. From about 5x15-5x21 I absolutely DESPISED Blair for what she'd done to Chuck and how she was treating him when all he was doing was loving her and being a good guy. 5x22 happened though & suddenly all was forgiven and I loved her again. Now, Dan's been an ass for way more than half of a half of a season, so it doesn't equate exactly, but the feels I had at the end of the ep spoke loud and clear that I was on board with them getting back together asap. XD It was just so cute! On to other, Bart is evil, Lily is dense, and Nate finally realized Sage was Queen Bee + Georgina = CONSTANCE BITCH. XD Now I don't have a personal vendetta against Sage OR Steven, but I can't say I'm not relieved they're gone, even if the 6x07 promo clearly shows Sage is back, which I knew was inevitable since she was in the finale set pics. The Chuck/Ivy scheme was pretty great. Ivy was a really good actress in s4 and seemed to sway the UES clan pretty well throughout most of early s5, but now when she gets caught she just comes up w/ something TOTALLY unbelievable and people totally buy it! It's ridic. That's a low blow for you, Bart. You're an evil mastermind and you can't see a total farce when it's right in front of you. *rolls eyes* Honestly. The look on C's face when she first wanted to help him though! lol It was awesome. Her plan to help him was pretty good too though...and her face when he told her she had to drink the scotch. And then Bart smells the glass and is like "Chuck" instantly. He just KNOWS. (btw, did not find this hilarious till I read NoWhiteNoise's photo recap. Awesome. lol) Oh! And Chuck confronts BaL about the criminal activity, and not only does Bart TELL Lily the truth at the end of the ep, but she's also totally okay with the fact that he broke the law - as long as no one died that is. His elongated pause made me think someone must have. Also, there has to be SOMETHING ELSE. B/c really? If that's revealed and Lily's okay with...well, Bart has to be holding SOMETHING back. He just has to! Though, after seeing the devastating 6x07 promo, maybe he's not and he just destroys some awesome evidence Chuck finds. lol. Who knows. *shakes head* Coming back around...CB = UNRESOLVED SEXUAL TENSION TO THE MAX. Seriously! I saw the scene the night before the ep aired & I was still in disbelief. The way his eyes flutter shut...and how his voice & breathing is strangled when she leans in? Good lord. If CB don't get it on soon, I'm gonna have a heart attack from scenes like this. lol. There were so many good lines in this whole ep regarding the CBDS situation/relationships. I loved how B told Chuck no one is better for her than him, that she's willing to wait as long as it S told B she only wants Chuck - even if that doesn't excuse her sleeping with B tells Dan he's worse than Chuck/CJ was b/c he pretended to be above all that. *shakes head* When all's said and done, this ep was actually pretty great. Dan just confused me for awhile. XD On a final note, it actually came out that Ivy has tons of money. For some reason I didn't think it would. heh. While this "little white lie" temporarily bothered Rufus, he seemed to get over it rather quickly. lol. I mean, who doesn't love to live the grand life while living in a Brooklyn loft? XD I still don't buy these two as a legit couple btw, but I've accepted it b/c the show has forced me to. *sigh* I've also decided this must be some sort of plan on Ivy's part SOMEHOW, b/c it does hurt Lily & well, there's a sort of false aura - I guess you could say - around her when she interacts with him. There's nothing very REAL about her right now, which makes me sad since I ADORED her last season for how real she was and how she just wanted to be loved & have a family. But, they did all kind of throw her to the streets & she did make this deal w/ Lola, so...yeah. I sense villainy soon - from the promos obvs. So yeah, this is not real for her. I refuse to believe it. The raw emotion she had w/ Max last season, even if it was only brief tops this a hundred times over. I so wish they could have worked things out. :/ Anyways! The last half of the season begins tonight &...from what I've seen, looks like it's going to be a rocky way down till the final hurrah of the finale. *gulp* Again, CB = HOT, DS = YES, FINALLY! EVEN IF HE'LL BE PLAYING HER FIRST!!! XD *clears t

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