6x06 - "Where the Vile Things Are" - Gossip Diaries
Alright, going back a couple weeks, let's see if I can do this. XD No CB scenes in this ep! Tragic, but it didn't take away anything. They both had great storylines that were equally exciting and compelling. Lots of CN time, which was awesome, and while Blair's scenes with her mother were initially torturous, I thought the scene where she went to apologize and resign was very mature, even if it was drastic. She was finally humblizing (yes, it's not a word & no, I'm not changing it!!) herself and it was really nice to see, even if I love seeing her stomp around in her HBIC mode. It just doesn't have the effect it used to in hs. XD Time to grow up. The end result though was BRILLIANT! I know I saw the stills earlier on and I knew it would come to this, and was perhaps even a little disappointed initially, but it's oh so perfect! To have B design what she did flawlessly whilst she reigned Queen Bee is pure brilliance and nothing less. Oh Chuck...Chuck...Chuck, Nate proved himself useful! And Chuck gave us the cutest smile when it was confirmed. Hehe. We got to see Chuck running, which was awesome, een if his trying to obtain the painting aside from Ivy turned her against him in the end. Ivy's insults to Lily are getting kind of old though, and apparently her plan is no longer a secret. XD Crazy curly hair btw. Just nuts. And now we enter to the heart of the comic relief in this ep: Dan & Serena. Girl is so easy I swear. Dan is her weakess, and despite the facts of his awfulness of the past YEAR, it takes Nate to remind her of how vulnerable she is, not just after her break up but with Dan in general. Imo, Dan had no right to go off at her for accepting Nate's judgment in the end. And while Dan apologizing for his non-response after her ILY last year, I feel like that was the LEAST of his wrongdoings of all the things that hurt her deeply. Still, it was nice. Also nice of how Blair was more or less  distraction to get him away from deciding if he was really ready to take that risk of being with Serena again with the possibility of losing her forever. All the references to their first date were simply incredible. I want to love all this gorgeous fluff, I really do, but whether it's the case or not, I fully believe that up until halfway through Cotillion, Dan truly believed he was still in love w/ Blair and that if he could, he would try to win her back. Even if his motives were just making sure Chuck didn't win, I think he still believed how deeply he felt for Blair. To have his heart so open to Serena like a week tops after B blew up in his face seems a little...unrealistic and awfully like he's just telling Serena what she wants to hear. This suspicion further developed in the next ep, but I'll get there soon enough. Still, it was nice to see them together supposedly reuniting. I enjoyed watching it, even if it was tainted by possibly something sinister. heh. Great ep! It was a good one. =)

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