Okay, so this episode was actually really awesome. Lots of things got resolved and there was plenty of heightening for next ep - and I'm not just talking about that jaw-dropping promo. Poor Chuck at the beginning! He wouldn't even let Monkey in to see him! Plus, he not only bans Blair from the BUILDING but he also turned from understanding to total accusatory towards Nate, which, while understandable was still cruel. :( However, Blair is awesome, put pieces together & actually convinced Chuck to have sex w/ her despite the fact that their pact was "off". I was afraid of what his reaction would be to Bart & Lily attending the Thanksgiving dinner after all, but B put in her plan/explanation before he could walk out the door & he could only respond with a "you're amazing." God, I love them. They're perfect. And while we were not given the teased about rendezvous, we did get a "we're going to war" glass clink at the end which is reminiscent of the end of 3x16, except THIS time they're in it together & they will defeat all evil!!!!! LOL *clears throat* On the opposite end of the spectrum, just loooove that Nate/Sage were randomly brought up as a plot device & as soon as Sage finally gets his attention in the last minutes of the ep, he's all over her & confiding all his secrets. *rolls eyes* Oh Nate, when will you learn? (Even if I'm not feeling that Sage is particularly two-faced in regards to all things Nate. heh.) As far as DS go, at the start I thought that maybe all their very off reconciliation had to be accepted and was kinda bummed out...I'm really glad about how it ended, b/c it FINALLY makes sense. He did mean everything he said. Serena is it for him. But he also meant everything he said in the article - even if it's the truth. He's still gung ho to speak the truth, even if it hurts people. He's really proved his point that he wanted to be treated as an equal on the UESide, b/c being the moral compass from Brooklyn never got him anywhere. Georgie was right at the end when she said that they all fear him now, b/c it's probably true. Hate can sometimes equal fear. As I was reminded some time ago, Blair once said in her Constance days: "You can't make people love you, but you can make they fear you." Don't ask me where that came from. It was just quoted. XD Also, I'm sure NSers were jumping out of their seats and singing praises of hallelujah when Nate punched Dan. XD Dude's got it rough this season with all the physical abuse but he kinda deserves it. Tbh, if the show really wanted to, they could put an NS arc in here if the season was longer & just have DS come back in at the end when Dan learns how to appreciate her again. A shorter season may be better for CB, but it doesn't do justice to DS. There better be some seriously epic writing for me to really believe in them in 2 eps. I mean, I will regardless, but what I'm most grateful about right now is that we got his pov & it actually makes sense when you see the big picture. heh. Now onto a MAJOR explosion that we've been waiting all season for, LILY SEES BART FOR WHO HE REALLY IS!!!! He scared her! I was scared for her! And now we're all scared for Chuck too! Including Chuck! (and Blair from the promo, which omg! My heart will break!) I'm so glad Lily went to right all her wrongs with Chuck. It was so sad that Chuck thought she wasn't telling him what he wanted to know with the first apology, but she made it clear in that phone call & she's going to help him after all!!! =D This really was a great ep for everyone, all things considered. I can't wait for the next ep! And then the finale - OMG! =DDD

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