With the finale less than  half an hour away it's hard to concentrate on last week's ep, but I think I can manage. XD First of all, Bart is the most evil person on the face of the planet, though other than to make a point, I'm not sure "kidnapping" Blair was really necessary. LOVED that Chuck running to Blair's text was what that set pic was all about. Heh. Nate getting arrested...aww, poor guy. And as pissed as Chuck is about that, it's the idea of hurting/killing Blair that really hits home for him. The CB scene before he leaves? OMG. PERFECT. So Old Hollywood epic departure scene & that kiss had the perfect build up and omg...AWESOME. Even though I knew Chuck wasn't going to die, when the news story came on and Blair/Bart to the conclusion Chuck had been in the plane crash and died, I totally went through all the emotions and panicked. It was like the biggest relief ever when Chuck showed up on the scene and came up to the podium. So much perfect and relief on my end. Like, HOLY COW.  Ivy is kinda dumb to think Serena actually was letting go what she all did the year before, but it does still show that at her core Ivy really still just wants to be a part of the family. Aww. Not much to say about the Nate/Sage/Captain SL except that it's sad Nate repeated his father's mistakes but awesome that his father is stepping in to help him not repeat his mistakes FURTHER. And now to the final point (I think), the "death" scene. It was like a PARODY. Once the "old horror movie" music came on, I was laughing more than tensed up. XD I mean, the acting was good, but the music ruined it. Which is a shame since Chuck's speech was EPIC. <3 And to all the people saying Chuck's a murderer - it's not so much that Bart deserved not to be saved, but that he could have very well used Chuck's leverage to pull him over instead. And who would Blair be to testify against "man of the year"? But anyways, ep in 9 mins! OMG!!! Can't it for this glorious happy ending. =) Oh, also, I think DS will work out & it'll be very pretty, but I think they needed a whole season to justify their reunion since Dan was supposedly in love w/ Blair for the last year and  half & there's no explaining that away - at least I haven't seen it. heh. He did after all write his whole first book around their fictional love story. But that's just me. Next

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