Well, it finally happened. The series finale. The end of the show that has driven me crazy, brought me many tears, head shakings, anger & giggling bursts of joy, not to mention many, many friends & meeting people who well...we just misunderstood each other and our personalities clashed. Majorly. Aside from that though, through this show my writing and my vidding flourished. While it wasn't the inspiraton for its beginnings, it certainly fueled the flame and I could not be more grateful. This great and tragic show has ended.

And what an end it was! CB got their perfect, beautiful ending. Of course there were little things I wish had happened. Like the 3 of them actually all together as a family at the end sharing a moment, and perhaps one last CB kiss in the future, not to mention at least some hint of them finally getting to bang. XD I can only imagine all that sexual frustration they shared all season finally breaking loose. hehe. But aside from that...the episode itself. I thought it was good. CB's conclusion was good. As was Nate's - I really do think him ending "alone" was fitting, since he always had some guest star (or regular) chick attached to his side and it just annoyed me b/c he just seemed to jump from one to the next and I couldn't take any of them seriously - or him. So, him being a real professional w/ no side agendas or people & having survived the threat of fully falling into his father's footsteps...well, that's great. And hey, Jenny & Vanessa are still single. ;) Presumably. Dan & Serena are my issue. Don't get me wrong, I'm THRILLED they ended up together, and I even don't have an issue w/ him being GG. Aside from the CB SL, I actually think his explanation of how he was GG was one of the best parts of the ep. I just feel like the Blair issue was never fully addressed. He was pursuing B for half the season - in one way or another, and then one ep later he's into Serena...even though he's scheming against her. And he never really fully explained how he could write such a horrible & such a gorgeous chapter about her. Did he just want to write a horrible chapter about all of them so that he could then write one about himself and prove he's just as bad as them? It's not clear. I really feel - and I will forever stand by this - that while CB would have torn me apart if they had been stretched out another full season, DS NEEDED a full season. We needed to see Dan's gradual realization (and maybe denial) that deep down he was still in love with Serena. I mean, Dan was basically in love w/ Blair for a season and a half. There was significant build up and they had a legit relationship that he FOUGHT FOR.  Even if he always comes back to Serena (it's inevitable really), there was not realistic transition and that will forever bug me. I'm really hoping that all these issues were dealt with somewhere in the five years that we didn't see because what we WERE shown just didn't seem adequate. AboutRufus & Lily...sad they didn't end together b/c they really did have such a great story, I'm okay with it. B/c I'll be honest, in s3 a yearning grew in me to just have all the VanderWoodsens as a true family, b/c there are so few on the Upper East Side. I still loved RL of course, so I accepted it didn't happen & was a touch relieved, but since my heart had warmed up to the possibility of William winning Lily back, I'm pleased by that end result. Sometime in those 5 years I imagine he made things up to Serena and to Eric. There seriously needs to be a Serena chapter filling in all the pieces. XD At any rate, I did like this finale. For all the hype, Chuck being a suspect seemed to be quickly resolved and it was almost unnecessary for him to marry Blair asap (brilliant Uncle Jack btw for coming up w/ that little marriage clause. I didn't even think of that!). Still, it was alright. I was okay with all the loose ends tying up nicely. It's the finale. No one can be left hanging. It is a shame that Ivy just basically got pushed to the wayside though, cause I did want her to eventually fit into the family somehow. I really loved her last season and truly felt for her. This season she just became a barely adequate schemer and so completely naive in some ways. If that was what she was truly meant for, I wish she'd just fessed up earlier last season & went to make amends with Max, cause she really had something good there. At least she somehow made her story into a best seller/movie w/o getting arrested. XD The cameos were exciting! Though I was a bit heartbroken not to see Carter pop in at all. :/ Esp since there's proof he was at the cast party! *gasp* Vanessa showing up absolutely MADE.MY.LIFE. I would've liked to see her and Dan mend their ways too. :'( The Rachel/Kristin thing was absolutely fantabulous and makes me very proud for having started to watch Hart of Dixie. hehe. Henry is basically the most adorable kid to walk to earth and I'm sure he'll be plenty of trouble when he gets older when it comes to the girls. ;) But at least he has two of the most loving, filthy rich, attractive parents ever. I think he'll do alright. lol. So, yes, the finale was good. Not perfect. It would've been better if the retrospective was just put onto the dvd as an extra thing and the finale was a 2-hr ep. But alas, it is what it is. And hey, we even got a taste of Georgina & Jack hooking up. I'm sure that relationship would have been delightful to watch, even if I thoroughly enjoyed watching her annoyed/amused interactions with Philip. And what will happen/has happened to Milo?!? We shall never know. lol. Of course, this is what fanfiction is for. There have been much better shows, bu I still believe this was a good one. It had characters I could fall in love with and a couple that thoroughly occupied most of my waking (and sleeping) thoughts the last five years. Not many shows - or books or movies or anything in real life - can attest to that. So, good-bye, Gossip Girl. It was good to have you. You shall not be forgotten, and I shall follow your actors everywhere...hoping they will soon reunite.

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