I'm pissed. I'm so, so, SO pissed. And it wasn't even that something horrible happened. It was that something GREAT DIDN'T happen. There was never a question over if Blair would choose Chuck or not. It was if Chuck would take her back when she finally came to her senses. And yes, maybe that last look they shared suggest that he's going to take her back, but it could very easily go the other direction too. The EXPRESSION on his FACE is a clear tie between outrage and shockrage (shock/outrage). The next second his face could transform into love & admiration or disbelief & further pushing her away, but even more dreadful than the whole rooftop scene (which, although it broke my heart when I saw it as a sneak pre-ep, I understand where he was coming from). I just...GRR. Now we have to go 3 months wondering if they actually got together or not. *rolls eyes* I can't even get a single official reunion scene to put in my vids over the summer?! UGH. This is so frustrating. I could CRY over this. We've waited ALL SEASON LONG for an OFFICIAL reunion. Not only did we not get a kiss this time, but we didn't get anything official and.....*grumbles* *deep breaths* I will have to move on I feel in order to respond to this ep properly, and all the other things that happened. So, Lola...left. Sad. :( Ivy got all the money back. Woot! The Bart/Chuck bonding was amazingly awesome until we all realized it was a freaking LIE. *huffs* Lily chose BART, which, while unexpected & I would've normally died over in the past...I'm only now concerned about because Bart is such a lying, cold-hearted bastard, not because of the Rufly love. I've always shipped RL, don't get me wrong, but...I was very Team Rufus in this last fight and Lily was getting on my nerves, even if in general I still love her. heh. Bart was SO harsh to Chuck post-announcement thingy. It was awful! Followed by an additionally awful scene of Chuck bashing Blair. At least he didn't tell her he didn't love her. *groan* The first part of the ep was lovely with Blair all in denial or whatever. Blair takes over Waldorf Designs...yay. Serena gets rejected by the last person she thought she stood a chance and returns to her life of partying and drugs. *sigh* Not predictable, but I feel like it fits, especially since right after the Sheppard's wedding she bolted because she felt guilty over NS (amongst other things). DS sex = obvs hotness. Dan is a dick though. Serena continually points out the obvious about Chuck & Blair, and somehow neither Dan or Blair believe her? *rolls eyes* Whatever. Um...let's see what else...Lola/William/Carol stuff was nice. heh. Bart is pure evil and obviously has no soul. He talks all about how Basses make grand gestures & then what a load of crap that is, and yet he still wants to repair his marriage with Lily? *sighs & rolls eyes* Whatever. I'm still pissed about that last scene. Can't believe THAT'S our last image of CB until fall. LAME to an enormous extent. Symbolism is great and all, but that was just...*shakes head* HORRIBLE.

EDIT: Around 12-16 hours later and I think I've calmed down. I've rewatched the last scene many times and come to the conclusion that while it is a really sweet 'looking forward' scene, I just think it's entirely too subtle for the intense dramatics surrounding the entire episode. It's also extremely disappointing because we waited ALL YEAR for CB to get their final reunion and now, even though it's clear it'll end up that way, we won't get anything official till next season. Just a sort of 'let's build off this moment' deal right now. From that last scene, it's clear Chuck is mostly just in shock and maybe overwhelmed and confused and...really just hesitant to give Blair a chance with his heart again, when she's beat it up so many times in the last year. This definitely doesn't make for a rushed reunion, which is good. I just wish this time of 2-second 'reunion' could be something saved for a mid-season finale where we have to wait MAYBE a month and a half instead of 3 months altogether. heh. And that's my final piece. =P

Going off CB a touch, I really did enjoy the animosity that developed between Serena and Blair, just because it was very season 1 with their scheming against each other, and very 1x13ish with Serena pointing out the obvious that chuck-chuck-chuck is the answer to all things and that she's just fooling herself with Dan(Nate), so yes. heh. Serena's scheme to get Dan to sleep with her was pretty pathetic imo though. Just the way she TALKED made it obvious that it had all been planned from the outset. Dan was pretty much an idiot for just believing everything she said about drinks, and the spilling, and unzipping her dress, and even Chuck proposing...(though we all wish THAT could have happened, heh). *shakes head* The only TRUTH was her telling him that the Blair he loved was in his book, and the Blair he was dating will ALWAYS LOVE CHUCK. It is sneaky and very interesting how he's going to take a step back and team up with Georgina to essentially take down the Upper East Side. As much as I want DS, it would almost be fitting for him to become the outsider again at the end of the series. ;) Serena too though...that last scene she had with Dan. I was like, really, girl? Really? B/c Dan's still in love w/ Blair/Claire, so...Serena didn't have a shot at all. At least not this season. SHE was fooling herself. *shakes head*

I still think season 5 was a HUGE waste of time, but we saw Chuck mature and him fighting for Blair aLOT, which was awesome. And it's gonna be really good to see them not jump into a relationship right away after everything, but I think by taking it slow now they're gonna end up pretty much perfect. <3

Now I'm done. Amazing what 12+ hours can do. XD
Okay - I was squealing a second ago until I saw the dets on the Canadian promo for next week, major UGH. Why must the CW have pro-CB/DS & CA have anti-CB/DS? It breaks my frail little heart! *sobs* But...*gulp* I shall try to reel in my depression to get to the place I was a minute ago. *sigh* The ep was AWESOME. B asking every 2 seconds if Chuck was okay & going off to be with him. And OMG, THE END. From the CW promo, the look that CB share...*sigh* it makes my heart melt, and I just...I want it to be all gorgeous & happen right there, but it doesn't. It won't. =( *sigh* But anyways...all the stuff w/ Bart/Chuck/Blair was GORGEOUS. (which obvs doesn't stay that way according to the CA promo. UGH. HATE the Canadians. lol.) Was pissed at Nate & Lola briefly for messing with Diana & Chuck's deal, but in hindsight Chuck should've just told them ahead of time. Ivy was a bit cheesy in the tiny role she played, but I love her anyway. XD Funny how when S describes DB's relationship in the interview, Dan found it to be crap, even though she was telling the absolute truth. heh. (Speaking of, if we thought Dan's hair had gotten out of control this season, it is NOTHING compared to how it looks straight out of the shower - after already dried, I guess. Like OMG, he really does look like a muppet! It's hideous! lol)  ...I should have more to say, but it was all pretty connected...heh. B's in denial - or not, just trying to not say it out loud and it just...*sigh* what else can I say? If only I'd written this BEFORE I found out the CA promo details. Ugh. Awesome ep & I'm super glad my night class got cancelled for it, but now it's all ruined b/c the Canadians had to put all the nasty parts of the finale into a promo & show it to us. Ugh. =( CB ftw...*sigh* :'(
Oh. My. God. My heart is still pounding. I could literally say just that & it would sum up all my feelings for the episode. Just...wow. I mean, we all knew that we were gonna see Bart again after the producer's preview for this ep, but it was SO intense. That last scene...just WOW. And all the CB scenes!!! Good lord. See, what Dan didn't realize was that Blair going back to her old self meant going back to Chuck! *squeal* Chuck & Blair were flirtatious and scheming and that last sweet, emotional scene together? It was like their last couple squabbles didn't even happen! PLUS, she SO couldn't tell Dan she loved him, just like she couldn't tell Nate in 2x23. *gushes* I don't think I realized until now just how desperately I was waiting for these events to take place. My goodness. And the look Chuck gave Blair when she first came down the stairs in her 'Diana dress'. *shudders* ohmyword. Everything in this ep SCREAMS perfection. Of course there is the Nate/Lola/Serena nonsense. I really just need Serena to spout out that losing everything around her is really what drove her towards being Gossip Girl. I mean, the reason she was isolating herself from everyone else was basically b/c everyone else had made decisions that hurt her & she couldn't stand to be around them. Goodness...Jack..Diana...*shakes head* I have a feeling the whole Bart issue might attach itself to the mysteries of that club in 2x17. I HATED 2x17-2x18 b/c of the whole Chuck/Ella whatever-that-was-relationship, but I was really intrigued by the mysteries that surrounded Bart Bass and wanted to know more about the club! Desperately! So, if the whole having Bart in hiding thing is a play-off from that, I'm super psyched! And Chuck being able to help him like he wanted to Elle? FANTASTIC. Of course Dan has cause to be worried about Blair choosing Chuck. We all know when Blair starts helping Chuck she starts loving him again, and how HUGE is this?! I love how she couldn't keep the secret from Chuck and how she eventually caved & how when he touched her hand she noticed and lingered on it and just...oh my goodness, and how concerned he was for her!!! GAAAAAAAH!!! This was such a CB-centric ep & I freaking adored it. Send Dan off to Rome & leave CB alone to be with each other. lol. Our Blair Bear is back!!! *sobs* *rejoices* CB ftw! hehehe Also, glad Nate & Lola are back together. =P
Okay, so that last line was such a jawdropper for me. Total OMFG! moment. heh. And it really doesn't make that much sense since it's a speculation that's probably been going around since S2. lol. Maybe S3. S2's prob too generous. XD And it makes sense too, since OBVS Bart would not show much affection for the kid his brother had with his wife! I mean, granted Elizabeth could've never been married to Bart, but I doubt that's the case. And you know, part of me is sad at the fact that Diana probably isn't Chuck's mom, but since I wanted Elizabeth to stay his mother from the outset I think I can adjust. XD This ep wasn't bad. heh. I'm actually kinda relieved Rufus & Lily are on the road to a potential divorce. I mean, they are like the constant couple on the show, no doubt, but Lily has been ticking me off for so long. How she even doubts his divorcing her b/c "what other UESer would take care of you as well as I do?" Wow, Lily. Just WOW. I felt slightly encouraged when she called upon Ivy to get Carol put away, but at the same time, it was totally random. Too, I feel like Serena's main disgust over Ivy is fueled directly from her mother. Poor Ivy. I love her. It is so brave of her to tear up the check, since she's literally got nowhere to go...I just wish Lily would give her a chance. Clearly Miss Rhodes, as Lily should really be called, is so full of herself she can't see the big picture at all. I did like that it finally came out that William is Lola's father. I didn't understand why Serena was pissed at her at the end, especially since she's put her through so much crap throughout. I mean, I get why she wouldn't want Carol to be taken out of jail for what she'd done, but she could've tried to make Lola see reason. And what the heck is going on with Nate & Lola exactly? Are they just friends? B/c he wouldn't go sleeping with Diana in order to distract her from his snooping around in her hotel suite if he still with Lola, but he was so friendly to her throughout the whole ep after her apology that it just didn't make very much sense to me. He was SO pissed at her last ep, and there was no solid 'this is a break up' line from him. He said he couldn't forgive her for that blast about Diana being Chuck's mom (obvs false now), but...*sighs & shakes head* another plot hole I'm guessing. I really liked everything involving William & Serena. They have such a sweet relationship & it broke my heart when Serena was near tears at the end that he basically dropped everything for Lola when he found out he was her father & continuously lied to Serena throughout the day, and alot during their reunion in S3. *sigh* It is odd to me that I can be so pissed at Serena for the Ivy/Lola ordeal & so sympathetic toward her w/ the daddy/DB issue. *shakes head* Craziness. heh. Btw, I just have to mention this, did Serena not look absolutely STUNNING this ep. Somehow it was like she tanned overnight & it really brought out her blonde hair. I mean, all the girls on the show are gorgeous, and Blake never really disappoints, but somehow she went above and beyond in this ep. Just beautiful.  And okay...now we get to the Dair SL. *tiresome sigh* I really hate that the writers are doing this, making Dan look like Blair's savior. Like Chuck and Louis were shadows she had to live behind & now with Dan they're equals & he can find who she really is that she forgot and bring her back to the present. Gag much? They're trying to make them look so epic, and in the process bashing Chuck every other line. I realize selling her for a hotel was a horrible, horrible thing that really scarred Blair and made her extremely fragile (and thus susceptible to fairytale endings no doubt), but I just feel like it's being beaten to death with a stick. I honestly can't even comprehend WHY Blair agrees to - or comes up with HERSELF - helping with a scheme next ep. It seemed to me that she was trying to get as far away from Chuck as was possible, like he was the scum of the earth. Even after he "set her free", going along with how she's been acting toward him, I can't see her suddenly concluding she's going to jump back into his life again and assist him with something she firmly denied to when he came asking for help 2 episodes ago. But that's just me. *rolls eyes* I enjoyed seeing B all desperate actually, even if it was embarrassing to watch, but it still had S1 vibes attached to it, and that was encouraging. It irritated me that Dan didn't get mad at her when she tried to steal his thunder like every opportunity she could at some book club event that HE was being honored for. EXTREMELY humorous though that she was labeled for being married for less time than Kim Kardashian in TIME(??) magazine. XD haha That's just wonderful. *sigh* Basically the only parts of this ep I really enjoyed was the Serena/William talk on the phone early on in the ep, how gorgeous S looked throughout the whole ep & Chuck's conclusion that Jack was his father. Btw, if so - (and I saw someone on yt come to this conclusion) Nate didn't sleep with Chuck's mother, but Blair slept with his FATHER. *shudders* Ew. Gross. Oh, and Nate & Diana's makeout scene? It was just uncomfortable for me to watch b/c she was supposed to be Chuck's mother. *cringe* But yeah, this ep was nothing spectacular. The jawdropper at the end was pretty much the only thing that got my blood pumping and it was even something we've been speculating about for years. XD Can't wait to see bitchy/scheming Blair again next week, though as before stated, I find it unrealistic that she can suddenly go back to who she was 2-3 years ago in a week. Not that this should surprise me right now...*rolls eyes*
Well, I just have to say that it was awful convenient for neither Dan or Blair to find out about Diana's explosive announcement. I mean, seriously? Of all the OMFG! moments in Chuck's life, this has to be one of the biggest. Don't DB have phones w/ GG alerts on them too? I mean, really. They are so self-centered. And to top it off, they end the night with a sleepover? Serena was still there...which seemed to be a game changer every time before. Whatever. They were a side story tonight, thank GOD. Everyone else's SL was so much more dynamic. Before I get into Chuck's though, since that was the HUGEST in the entire ep and totally had my heart pounding during every scene he was in - why, btw though was Chuck not even IN the ep until the second half of the episode?! That's just mean. And another ep where Ivy is nonexistent, at least in the physical form. Such crap. But I digress. Lola's points that Gossip Girl is irrelevent at the beginning of the episode was a total flashback to me of 2x25 when GG officially labeled Serena irrelevent. Serena has turned into a total mean girl with this new GG role, and it makes me wonder if that's just what the job does to you. Maybe the original GG wasn't all bad at the beginning. XD It's the allure of power and getting what you want when you want it...btw, when Diana got that text from the real GG while she was calling Jack, I TOTALLY thought that when it showed his name at the top of the phone screen it meant HE was Gossip Girl! lol. I seriously thought that. It was insane!!! XD *was frozen in shock for a few seconds* Of course then I realized that wasn't the case, but I did think that temporarily. heh. Also, just two episodes ago the nurse at the hospital was refusing to tell Chuck any information regarding who donated his blood, but one flick of a pic from Serena and the woman practically confirms everything. XD What I want to know is why Serena didn't just TELL Chuck what she'd found out. Though, I do understand why she felt the need to confirm it first. Regarding Diana as Chuck's mother...even if the end makes me wonder if she still really is *rolls eyes at the indecisiveness of these writers*, I do approve. lol. Her story does make sense & just the dynamic between the two this episode was unbelievable - in a really GOOD way. How he exploded at her at Dan & Blair's Salon? OMG. INCREDIBLE. Him spewing out how she's been in NY for months, walking around in her underwear, banging his best friend...and all this in such a fury as he's practically on the verge of screaming as he leaves...WOW. That was an intense scene, and one I could probably watch over and over. I love how protective Nate is of Chuck at the end too. And how he broke things off with Lola, even if her only intent was to prove Serena was Gossip Girl. Going off of future ep synopses though, Lola obvs isn't permanently gone, but I can see why she'd want to leave. I think if she understood how desperate Serena's become, she'd realize that the UES isn't all bad, and Serena is right in that a little adversity can make you become stronger even if  you get hurt in the process. That was harsh that Lola got so excited for that audition & Serena totally killed it because she was jealous that she was getting so much attention. *shakes head* The final SL: Rufus & Lily. Okay, I don't HATE Lily, and maybe it's partially my crazy love for Ivy that is inspiring this viewpoint, but she was being SO shallow this episode. Not that she hasn't been since 5x16 (or maybe 5x17's more appropriate), but cancelling Rufus's credit/debit cards just b/c he put Ivy up in a hotel so she wouldn't have to live on the street? That's harsh. Lily's so pissed that Ivy got Cece's money (b/c let's face it, that's the real issue. As hard as it is to accept she pretended to be her niece for almost a year, I feel like it's something she could eventually get over & forgive her for) that she doesn't see that Rufus is speaking 100% the truth. Ivy's a young girl, who's scared & now has nothing, no one. No friends or family. And though he didn't say it directly, I think he's suggesting that she didn't set out to con money out of them. She initially took the job from Carol, sure, but I think he understands from looking at the issue more closely that it was due to the allure of family, not the Upper East Side. So, Lily continues to suck at this point. lol. And for my concluding line of thought...I just love how much it was pointed out that DB are doomed to fail. XD They have lunch with this couple that apparently came from opposite sides of the bridge as well & so offered advice w/ how to make compromises with things & different ways of living, social lives, etc. But even they talked to themselves afterwards about how they doubted Dan & Blair would reallly last. Lola, Serena & Nate looked bored out of their minds when DB were trying to explain how great intellectual British literature and the like was at their Salon. Oh, and can I just say that even if it's assumed they're a couple, it seemed very abrupt whenever they'd kiss because their language and behavior was so friendshippy that it just looked...out of place. And they only kissed twice too. Once when B was ordering him around & then when she was freaking out b/c people crashed their "party". Also, Rufus confessing to Dan in the beginning of the ep that when he married Lily he just allowed himself to be a plus one and kind of lost his identity because he just allowed himself to be immersed in the UES b/c he wanted to be with Lily & loved her so much. So now he's trying to regain who he is. He told Dan not to be like that, and even though Dan tried to stress that to Blair throughout the episode, I still feel like they're at odds with each other to some extent. I mean, they had a sleepover discussing all their intellectual crap again...it's basically like the end of 4x15 when they were talking about the same movie they were both watching while on the phone - except this time it was about books or some other nonsensical thing that no one else cares about and in the same bed. But again, it was like a GIRL'S SLEEPOVER PARTY! Sure, they were in the same bed, but nothing about it showed intimacy in the least. It wasn't awkward because they ARE a couple, but it wasn't coupley either, b/c their was no vibe of sensuality or romance whatsoever. *shakes head* Whatever. What I really need now is to see Ivy on my screen again, have Blair get a grip on reality - or at the very least find out about Diana's explosive news regarding being Chuck's MOTHER and go to Chuck about it &...ok, I think that's about it. lol. Find it kind of humorous btw that Dan was supposed to 'debut' his second book at this salon & that never happened. Do we even KNOW anything about this book? I mean, it's supposed to be the UES in another time period, but...that's pretty much it. Once upon a time I thought I heard that it was going to hold another big impact for the cast as a whole. From what I'm seeing...zilch, nada. Conclusion about the ep? It was alright. Not wonderful or marvelous by any means. There were plenty of plotholes & Dair bored me to no end. Serena was a touch interesting, prob the 2nd most interesting part aside from Chuck. CHUCK. Omg, my baby. All the best scenes in this ep were the ones with him in them, especially the ones with Diana. It was so intense. WHY has Ed not won an award for the best, young, hottest actor out there?! XD I'm so glad Nate was there for Chuck at the end. Now instead of ending every ep sitting on the couch alone w/ his scotch, he ends every ep sitting on the couch w/ NATE & their scotch. XD Hey, I'll take what I can get. lol. Until next week. (Oh, and naturally let's find out Jack & Diana's secret. Watch. They were secretly lovers & Jack is actually Chuck's father. XD haha Oh please let it not be that soap opera-y. XD)
Oh god. I don't think I realized the possibility of how awful this ep could really be. There is honestly nothing redeemable in it at all. If I thought Blair had gone OOC on us before, that was nothing in comparison to how despicable she was during this episode. She couldn't conceive for ONE SECOND that maybe Chuck actually needed help, maybe he was struggling with finding his mother, maybe he paid her dowry just so she could be free to be with who she wanted or do what she wanted. And especially after the fact that she told him point blank in 5x14 that if he paid the dowry they couldn't be together because it would be like him buying her from Louis. Of all the--grrrr. I was irritated enough that Dan yet again blamed the whole thing on Chuck, but the fact that Blair - after fully seeing just how much Chuck has changed since 5x06 - assumed that he had only evil intentions. She just...grr. I hate her. I physically HATE Blair. The end scene she had with Dan wasn't a dreamscape after all. Penn totally lied to us, so what else is new? He plays Dan. The character must be rubbing off on him. Ugh. God. With everything Chuck is going through right now, even if it had been to get Blair back, she should have at least conceded to the point in order to get him through whatever he was dealing with. She suggested he go talk to someone else - thank god for Serena - but who better than her? She was there with him every step of the way. Just b/c they couldn't be friends before doesn't mean they can't be now. And how can she KNOW that just because there was a second agenda before, there would be one now? Does she even KNOW who he is? Who gave her the perfect prom? Who got her into Columbia? Who respected her wishes to be on her own for awhile until she could find out "who she is" & stand out as her own person? (which, btw, I have yet to see her do) Who let her go countless times because he thought he wasn't good enough for her? Who left her alone until he absolutely needed to see her, until she was the only option left? THAT WAS CHUCK. God, Blair is so full of herself. Dan is SO rubbing off on her - scratch that, he HAS rubbed off on her & it absolutely disgusts me. I don't respect her at all. I definitely don't like her. And as far as I'm concerned, at this point Dan & Blair deserve each other. They should just ship themselves off to some remote country, and let's have Blair live in low class conditions and have her superiors be the working class. I'd say poverty, but maybe that's too harsh. Ugh. But reallly. And then her lame text at the end - "thanks for setting me free." Oh god. Kill me now. Not only is that incredibly cheesy but it doesn't make up by any means how much hurt and all the accusations she threw at Chuck this episode. Honestly, Dan & Blair should have to still be in isolation, because no one wants that grotesque sight in their faces. *gag* At least people are crashing their party next episode and they weren't physically invited, because if I was invited, I wouldn't go. No one should go to that. It's not worthy to be even considered the title of 'party'. Ugh. Completely & totally nasty. On to other things though...*sigh* as if I could possibly get all that nastiness out of my head. Btw though, quick sidenote, so we've really decided Elizabeth isn't Chuck's mom? They didn't even test her blood again! They just assume because she was apparently in a monastery (btw, WOW) in Vienna for the last 6 months that she isn't his mother? This is ridic. Is Diana SERIOUSLY going to be confirmed as his mother by the end of the season? What a load of crap. At the very least she should be another family member and his mother should've actually died in childbirth. This is all so...ugh. Total crap. Oh, and another thing. Blair's going to spend her first "single" day with Dan? The fact that she can't even say his name in front of Serena & that Serena labels her single speaks volumes of how beneath the surface this is not going to fly in the longterm. Yuck. I mean, sure, B says she & Dan shouldn't stick around the penthouse b/c she didn't want to rub it in S's face that they were together. But even then it was just an excuse she used to not tell him about her still wanting to be a princess. Also, wth would not signing the divorce papers have to do w/ Chuck? Even if it was b/c he paid the dowry, staying married to Louis wouldn't allow her to be w/ Chuck? It's just so ridic! *breathes heavily & tries to calm down* I can't even imagine how much I'd be freaking if I'd watched this live. Ugh. Anyways...so the whole Lola/Nate/Serena/Diana/Aiden thing...Aiden's 16? Why is Lola hanging out w/ a 16 year old? XD I mean, sure they went to acting camp together, but...well, first of all, he definitely does not look like he's 16, but whatever. I don't care.  (And btw, his "sex scene" with Diana was SO awkward. That alone could probably justify that he may not only be 16, but also a virgin. XD) Also, I don't know why Serena was upset that Lola used the lingerie show to get back at Diana. I mean, she was there & she became the new It Girl, which apparently Serena now doesn't like that, so she's striving to be the It Girl again? Girl needs to make up her mind. After losing so much, even if GG was a burden to her, she shouldn't have relinquished her title, how admirable that attempt was. Lola's so innocent (in general). It's cool she got a modeling job or whatever & wants to be that "Every Day Girl" that everyone can relate to, which obvs ticked Serena off, since it suggests that people can't relate to her.  I do think Serena significantly improved with being Gossip Girl this ep, and it kinda makes me want her to stay GG. I'm slightly confused as to if she actually handed the password back over & how GG plans to "play dirty" if she doesn't have the site to make things miserable for S. Whatever. I guess there was one thing that I was actually pleased about & that was Rufus standing up for Ivy. He wasn't manipulative. He didn't cheat her. And since Ivy is essentially my #2 reason for watching GG right now, it was bad enough that she never showed up on screen. At least we FINALLY got someone defending her again - in a way. Lily has irritated me to no end when it comes to Ivy. She just can't consider for even one second that she's not a total terrorist. Though her line "we don't negotiate with terrorists, especially ones from Florida" did crack me up. lol. That was just great. As was Chuck's story about getting mixed up with a girl's softball team and ending up with a kangaroo tattoo that he didn't notice for a month. XD How Serena first became It-Girl was an interesting story too. They've been doing this more often lately and I have to say it really adds something to the show when they include these little stories in passing about stuff that's happened to them pre-series. heh. It may be the one good thing going for the show right now. But anyways, I'm very much supportive of S trying to get her spotlight back, that she was able to be there for Chuck (thank God SOMEONE was! Though I really wish she would've badgered B about being so insensitive to him) & that LILY seriously got what she was coming for w/ her ending the ep alone. I  mean, really. That was just out of line. Keeping secrets...of COURSE Rufus would be uncomfortable with it! Because it's NOT right! So she goes & does it anyways? I fully ship RL, just like I did in S1. They make it work & they have an epic story, but at times like these it mirror Dair & just how NOT RIGHT they are for each other. Ugh. Last week was laughable but this week was just disappointing. My heart broke for nearly every scene Chuck was in, and it made me hate Blair at the same time. (by the way, I totally wanted to puke at the beginning when Blair was gushing about being able to be with Dan in public now. Yuck. It was disgusting. *gags*) Ugh. Not looking forward to next week's ep...except of course if DB are totally & completely humiliated at their "coming out" party b/c of everyone crashing it. That's what I'd like. Nate needs to stop being helpful & Serena needs to stop being considerate. Dan & Blair bring out the worst in each other like Chuck & Blair never did. Ugh. Until next week...*sigh*
So...it took me a few days to actually sit down and watch this ep, because I knew it would be totally filler & after  making sure there was no CB heartbreak, and that DB have no chemistry - which they DON'T, I didn't feel inclined to watch it instantly. heh. Also, since I've discussed the whole ridiculousness of the DB situation/relationship w/ peeps for the last few days, I think I'm actually going to talk about the other SL in this ep, which is the Ivy Dickens dilemma. Okay, so I love Nate & Lola together, and I love Lola (who, OMG, should KNOW who her father is by now! Come on, William, get your act together), but she was the only person that Ivy really had as a friend and she totally traded her in at the end. I get Lola realizing she does want a family now, but I'm so Team Ivy, and there's no one there for her! *cries* I just HATE how they all turned on her & are convinced she's the evil con artist who was only after their money the whole time. GRR. The very fact that she keeps defending herself and saying that she wants to STILL be a part of the family, even after how much they've come to hate her, should tell them that she's not trying to avoid prison, she's trying to avoid being alone! Goodness knows Max would only throw her an 'I told you so' and spit in her face. ='( Ugh. I just...I love the VanderWoodsens and I feel bad that Rufus & Lily got kicked out and they were all deceived, but Ivy has the best intentions in the world. It was never about the money & I just...*huffs* I feel so bad for her! Sad Serena got fired, but she really let her boiling pissed-off nature towards Ivy get the best of her there. I think the real Gossip Girl is right. She doesn't have what it takes. GG is the real deal, because not only did she invent herself, but she's not personally attached to anyone, so although she pulls favors for the main characters she seems to blog about from time to time, she doesn't let her emotions rule out what she says and when she says it. *sighs testily & shakes head* I realize this also makes her look bitter & cruel to not really have a moral compass, but still. She runs it like a business almost, and I don't think Serena could do that, especially not with everything she's gone through this year....losing Dan & Blair & TWO jobs now. She needs someone to take care of her, not try to sort out how she can take care of others. And on to Chuck...is it just me or does anyone else have issues w/ Jack's hair? The combed back look almost reminds me of how god-awful Chuck's hair was in S2. It's not going to make me run off a cliff, but still. It irked me. Loved the whole involvement with him though. We all know Diana's the one that gave the blood. Ever since 5x11ish I think we've known it was her. It not being Jack just proves it. After refamiliarizing myself w/ the whole Chuck's mom SL in S3, I realized how much I want it to be Elizabeth. To have her come back and make things right with Chuck would just be amazing, since it really looks like all the Basses are turning things around for themselves and playing nice. (Btw, best Jack Bass quote? "Don't touch me" to the supposedly dying kid! lol And then the follow up: J-You tricked me with a fake kid? C-The kid's real. He's just not sick. XD lmao Love you, guys!) But obvs that's not the case. I am intrigued as to how Diana's connected, though I think it could be acceptable that she's Elizabeth's sister. Cause, as much as fans may want it, I think S3 went through a ton of trouble to prove Elizabeth is in fact Chuck's mother, so Diana can't be. And no matter how much of a better mom Diana would probably be for Chuck, not to mention she schemes & it would make semi-sense, I don't think I'd like it. 3x12-3x16 would feel like a total waste. I know this show glories in plot holes that they swear will be filled in sometime between now and the end of the world, but really? I'd like to think they didn't just pull Diana as Chuck's real mom out of a hat. That's just ridic. And to the final SL: Dan & Blair. Omg, there are...haha. There are just no words. Let's see if I can sum it up in a couple words...EPIC.FAIL. lol. Cause seriously! They have a million interruptions preventing them from sex. The universe is saying NO to DAIR! lmao Why can't they see that?! XD Also, when they finally DO have sex, not only is it horrible, but Dan immediately decides it's Blair's fault, even though he didn't get a solid reaction from Nate if Blair was bad when they had sex. Obvs she wasn't btw, since Nate was all over her in 1x12. Then, there was Louis who said after his first night with Blair, and I quote, "Last night was amazing." And let's not forget the King of sex/ultimate womanizer, Chuck Bass, who DEF wouldn't go back to any woman, much less if she was bad in the sack. Butterflies or not, S1 Chuck had his limits. lol. But no! He couldn't keep his hands off of her! So, either Dan is full of himself or Blair is having a similar problem like what Chuck did in 2x03. She's in denial that she's still in love with Chuck and so is epically failing in that sector of her relationship with Dan. In the elevator, she even has this "saddening" dawning revelation that - and I quote - "Is our chemistry just intellectual? Is it just all in our heads?" CONGRATULATIONS, BLAIR! I am PROUD of you for figuring it out all on your own. *hands over tiara that will be given to her in ridic dream most likely next episode* But no, STILL Blair refuses to believe that she and Dan aren't meant to be. (Before I continue, aren't these two supposed to be in love with each other? How come, after coming to this radically correct conclusion, is Dan fully prepared to break up with her? Lazy-assed sarcasm or not, that's just bad.) So, they have sex in the elevator! Completely drunk! And awkward! And nasty! I swear, I have never found shirtless Dan to be gross up until I saw him stripping in that elevator. It must be the hair. *sigh* It's completely ruined him. *shakes head* I felt like he looked like some chunky pale...something, lol. Even if he's totally not! I know Penn is a great looker, just like the other guys, but DAN somehow is totally not. At least not right now, not shirtless, not with Blair. Anyways, apparently this time it was great, despite how cringe-worthy it was to watch, even on Blair's end, but they now have to be drunk in order to enjoy sex with each other. So...they have to be in some sort of...out-of-reality dimension in order to enjoy each other sexually? Wow, Dair...just, WOW. Maybe to a degree this makes sense though, since B is so UNBELIEVABLY OOC that it fits for her sex life to be that way as well. XD Also, weren't they supposed to end up at Ivy's party? It looked like there was only one elevator to that penthouse. So...whatever. Plot hole. I shouldn't be surprised. XD One thing I will say that I actually liked about Dair this ep - yes, you heard me correctly - was the Cedric comment. Blair was SO cute when she gestured to that ridiculous Cabbage Patch Kid & said (just beforehand) - "Do you feel that? It's like somebody's watching us." XD lmao, Blair, that was adorable. Another diss at them though, just before I conclude. Dan offers to clean up breakfast to get the grown-ups out of the loft so they can go at it, and Blair - without thinking - instantly is against the matter, until he kicks her. Which, while reminiscent of how Blair always injured Chuck's legs and feet in S1, didn't change the fact that she will just...never fit in with Dan's way of living. *shakes head* (Lily being unable to start the stove at the Humphrey loft makes me think of that too, haha. She's just not Brooklyn material. XD) Spoilers...and...future episode synopses...just everything proves that so completely. DB will just never last. It's a joke to watch them together. Even if they last till the last 5 minutes of the season finale, it's not going to change my mind. These two are just not meant to be. The best thing about it is, next episode she's already lying to Dan about going to see Chuck, even though it's completely innocent. Though this applies to all the relationships she's had w/ guys, aside from Chuck obvs, it still applies here & Dan, if he's smart, which apparently he is otherwise they wouldn't have this "real connection", will realize it. Blair always does this. She doesn't tell whoever she's dating if she interacts with Chuck AT ALL b/c she doesn't think they'll trust her if they know, but why should they if she's keeping something completely innocent a secret? However, if she catches them taking extra precautions to keep an eye on her and AWAY from Chuck, she can blame THEM for being the one to push her back to Chuck, even though she did it all on her own, because let's face it, deep down she doesn't trust HERSELF not to fall back in love with Chuck. *sighs & shakes head* Girl just has to realize she's destined to be with him, no matter the complications and anxieties involved. She doesn't avoid him like the plague after she gets into a new relationship merely because she doesn't want to hurt him by reminding him she's with someone else when he sees her. It's because being around Chuck for too long makes her remember every single reason she fell in love with him to begin with and then wonder how the heck she could have forgetten those reasons long enough to get into a new relationship. *sighs contently* I rest my case. Bring on the next ep! I'm Team Ivy, Team Chuck, and Team GOD, PLEASE, GET RID OF DAIR. XD
I was back and forth from amused to the point of laughter to nearly in tears from the OOC heartbreak. I think I found a happy medium though when I actually sat down and watched the episode. I thought B's "goodbye" to C was actually a really good one. She was sincere. She wasn't dismissing him or leaving him because he'd done something wrong. She just clearly feels she's in love w/ both him AND Dan. Since her "love" for Dan is so new, it just seems more overwhelming & so she wants to indulge in it more heavily. You know how those new crushes are. ;) Also, I think she's not being w/ Chuck b/c she DOES love him so much and doesn't want him to have to share her love with anyone else. I admire her for that, even if her feelings for Dan literally came out of nowhere. My heartbreak moment in this episode was Chuck's confessions of woe to Lily later on. I don't like how he talked about how Blair is changing, or it feels that way to him, because that gives more credit to a longer-lasting DB relationship. After 4.5 years of Chair it seems ridiculous that Blair could change so much as to not be with him because she's not love with him, so...it broke my heart when Chuck told Lily those things...*sniffles* Of course, the upside is that Blair said "at least not right now" when she told Chuck she wasn't in love with him, which - and I'm going out on a limb here - suggests that they're not over, and never will be. For all the crap Safran has pulled, he did say "Chuck and Blair are never over" and that makes me feel better. heh. How the annulment came about was interesting but almost anti-climactic at the end. Estee had a plan that was apparently fabricated all by Georgina & then Georgina has a plan that's not even spoken of at the end. Cyrus's deal was the one most detailed and then that just blew up in thin air. I just...*shakes head* I feel like these great SLs are built up & then they're just tossed away w/ little or no explanation because they become inconvenient to whatever the next storyline is. *shakes head & rolls eyes* I'm pretty much in love with Nate & Lola as a couple now though. Omg, they're so cute! hehe And I like that she sympathizes with Ivy. Amazing how all the Van der Woodsens can just turn on Ivy in a second, without even considering the fact that it wasn't about the money. Now that I think about it, they almost got what they deserved here by having all Cece's money ripped away from them and what not. Btw, I totally saw that coming. When we heard there was going to be several big bomb dropped (before the episode aired), Ivy getting everything in Cece's will was literally the only thing I could come up with. XD Also, when did she decide to dye her hair? And why did no one COMMENT on it?!? hahaha I love her in both red and blonde, but she does look sassy with this hint of auburn. hehe I sense Jack's coming back soon! Yaaay!!  =D The blood transfusion thing didn't surprise me either though, b/c t here was some mention of him needing a familial blood transfusion in the 5x11 flashbacks. If I hadn't read recaps or anything beforehand (on accident I swear!) I wouldn't have seen Lola as being William's daughter too! Omg! I hope this means that William stays on awhile longer. He has such a sweet relationship with Serena and I think that could bring the three of them together. NS's convo at the beginning reminded me of how sweet their friends are. I like that that's reinforced every now and again. heh. Btw, Georgina makes my life. All her talk in the beginning about feeling like a stay-at-home mom just cracked me up. I love her quirky relationship with Phillip too. lmao And it's so great that she's not like w/ any other guys or anything. She's devoted, even if she kind of only sees him as unskilled accomplice, but whatever. There's some love goin' on there, just not the real deep kind like Chuck and Blair - or any other couple for that matter - can pull off. It makes me wonder what Georgina would actually look like if she was deeply in love. Maybe her character's just not that well rounded. ;)
And finally, I thought it was totally ridic how that last DB scene - omg, nauseating & causing me to roll my eyes. A hard feat I must say, basically redid the end CB scene in 2x25 with replacing the ILYs w/ Blair murmuring Dan's name. Oh god. *rolls eyes* And the spinning around like the pulling away....*sighs testily & shakes head* It's so ridic. BLAIR is so ridic. And how she was fuming at the wake with him when she found out about the video he sent in but then forgave him like 2 seconds later? haha Reality check, Blair! WHO ARE YOU?! So yeah, that was lame that they basically rewrote CB right there, but whatever. I still have hope. heh. It makes me very happy that Dan apparently fails epically in bed (in the promo). That's just awesome. If there's one thing he can never do, he can't one-up Chuck in that department. ;)
So, I survived! And it wasn't too painful. Yay me! lol
Okay, I was honestly terrified to watch this episode. I was debating more and more whether to just push off these Dair-based episodes until there was some sort of break-through of common sense on Blair's end, especially after I read TVfanatic's take on the episode. But, all in all, it wasn't bad. (Maybe it's because I didn't watch it live. XD) It's clear that Serena does want Blair to be happy, but the idea of her best friend with her ex-boyfriend (who she's now in love with again) being together still tears her apart. I'm glad B chose her bestie at the end, even if she informed Dan that they might have something in the future. Talk about a million obstacles to get through. I'm glad her talk with Chuck wasn't about her suddenly not wanting to be with him and wanting to be with Dan, but she was definitely wrong in one thing. It's Chuck who has been nothing but a friend to Dan, and Dan who is only being the "good guy" in regards to Blair. Her mentality with that is screwed up on so many levels because of how Dan's treated her in the last year. *shakes head* Also, when she was acting as "Claire" during the Inside play, I was kind of amused that she had this lightbulb moment of when she realized Dan loved her for her. How else was he supposed to love her? I mean, really. (Though, he really can't handle her when she's at her worst, just when she's heartbroken or in a positively good mood. See how he exploded at her in 5x14? Though with good reason, it just proves that he just isn't her equal and never will be capable of being so.) Because he wanted to drive the two best friends apart? Unlikely. Though, it's not like he seems to care at all what Serena thinks of the whole ordeal. He's treated her like crap the whole season. Even last episode, he went after Georgina, and left Blair to deal with how heartbroken Serena must be. I know, I know, it was for a good cause because Georgina would spread more damage, but seriously. Dan, it's ridic. *shakes head* On Chuck's end, loved his scheming! hehe It's clear he's gotten very testy in regards to DB's kiss from last week. All his persistence in seducing Alessandra was so over-the-top, anyone who knew him at all would know it wasn't genuine in the least. And honestly, I'm glad he's not into her. This isn't a Raina ordeal. It isn't just about Blair either. Alessandra's eyes are HUGE! lol I just don't find her very pretty. I like her business-friend relationship with Dan, and that's pretty much it. heh. She's so naive when it comes to all things Chuck Bass. XD Btw, I felt kinda blown away by Chuck's white coat. I'm so used to the tan one! haha Poor Chuck though. I feel so awful for him. :'( I know B said him hurting Dan would only push DB closer together, and while that might be true, she has to know what Dan did, and it's just not Chuck's style to kindly slip the e-mail under her door, no matter how reformed he is. Plus, even if he were to approach it in a calm fashion, Georgina's coming back with a bang! next episode and I doubt she'll make it look pretty in the least. *sigh* Poor Cece! She looked SO much like a ghost this episode. Like, really. It was kinda freaky. And was it just me, or did the family not really look that torn up about her death in the hospital room? I mean, yes, Lily had a choked sob immediately afterward, but Rufus didn't even hug her in support and the rest of them almost were just looking on half-awkwardly, not knowing what to feel. *shrug* Idk. It just felt kind of poorly played out. *shrug* I felt bad for Ivy! *tear* I mean, I get why they're all pissed, but I wish they'd understand how all she really wanted was family, not the money. *sigh* I love Lola though! And I like her relationship with Nate. I'm not in love with it, but it's promising, and she's just all around a cool character, so yay! hehe *claps* Love how Blair's all "the caterer is your cousin?" XD Apparently, she doesn't want the "working class" to be of familial relations. lol. Let's see...what else? I found Blair very humorous in the first half. It was entertaining to watch her be so forward in her unfortunate denial. *sigh* I was glad Dan wasn't super cocky to Chuck in their later scene, as I suspected he would be. I hope this doesn't ruin their "friendship" though. I really don't want Dan's head to get super big to the point that he doesn't even realize how much it would hurt Chuck and how much both Chuck and Blair love each other. The fact that Blair listed Chuck on their (DB's) list of obstacles to get through was a little unsettling, however true it might have been. I'm glad DB aren't going to try and run around with each other in secret like I also feared. So, see, all in all my mind blew up this episode to what it totally and completely wasn't, and I'm very happy about that. heh.

Until Next Week!
Worst episode ever. As in, I've never been so close to tears in the entire length of the show. I'll admit that thinking that CB could REALLY be officially over in 4x22 got me nearly crying, but that was when I analyzed it far too much beforehand - and afterwards, not from the episode itself. My word. I can't BELIEVE this. From Blair's heartfelt declaration to Dan about all he's done to her until the end of the episode, it became obvious that she likes Dan, but before that? NEVER. NOT IN THE WHOLE LENGTH OF THE SHOW. I know what Blair looks like when she's in denial, and I haven't seen it ONCE since DB decided to stop hating each other. I honestly didn't think this episode was gonna be so DB-centered. I mean, obviously it wasn't at first, but UGH. And poor Chuck. I HATE that he slept with Alessandra, but at the same time, he's obviously going to take Dan down for doing that. So much for whatever friendship they had. *spits* And what about Serena? Blair spends the whole episode trying to get DS back together and then she KISSES DAN BACK when he kisses her. Not only that, but after Serena declares their friendship over and Blair makes a pathetic attempt to get her back in the promo for next week, she's practically making out with Humphrey in secret! And of course there's no way Chuck can intervene, because he's a red flag as far as keeping Blair's marriage to Louis in tact. So, what now? Blair suddenly has feelings for Dan, so she's just gonna grab a hold of that opportunity in secret, betraying not only her marriage, but Serena and Chuck too? It makes no sense whatsoever. Blair's feelings came completely out of the blue, and I just don't GET IT. How does she go from being madly in love with Chuck one episode to just barely holding back her feelings for Dan the next episode? Ugh. It's cruel and extremely unusual punishment and I just can't stand for it. If I wasn't addicted to watching Gossip Girl every week, I'd for sure drop it after this. This is just ridiculous. Even Nair made more sense than this. Yuck. *pukes* *dramatic sigh* But I suppose I should address the other SLs in the episode...though, honestly, I could care less. That 'royal minder' is annoying, but I think it's promising in that she wants Louis all to herself. My only concern is that she'll use her feelings for Louis to destroy Blair somehow, and I really don't want her to be in that financial crisis-type situation again. *sigh* So...*takes deep breath* Charlie & Charlie finally meet! That was interesting, to be sure. I have a feeling Lola will be on to figuring out the mystery. Thing is, no one's really gonna buy it...as spoilers have said. *sigh* And Nate? It was nice to see him getting rejected so much, to be honest. He gets the girls way too easily, so though I felt a smidgen of sympathy for him, it wasn't much. He's got to fight for these girls once in awhile. Georgie was fantastic, as usual, but I really hate the fact that she's so sure of B being into Dan, though it's obviously true. Ugh. This is another stupid fact I'm gonna have to accept? Like I had to accept her loving Louis since he arrived on the scene late last season? I never saw the gradually-developed love there, but we all had to buy into it, because she was so sincere, even in her moth truthful moments. And this Dan thing now? EVERY DENIAL SHE'S HAD HAS BEEN LEGIT. All her "what? that's crazy!" announcements have not been denial in the least. I...she...*sigh* and how she tells Chuck she doesn't know if her feelings have changed on the phone in the promo?! If that seriously means that in some capacity she doesn't love Chuck anymore, because she's into Dan, I might just lose it. Because that's the worst writing ever. *spits* Ugh. It doesn't even matter that DB's kiss set pics is in a dream, as Penn confirmed. DB are obviously instantly together & it's stupid, unrealistic & HORRIBLY bad writing. I just...*at a loss for words*...I can't even.
Def not excited for next week. And still on the verge of tears.

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