I'm honestly not in the mood to write a response tonight...lmao. But it has to be done. I need an immediate response! *insistent* Okay, so I'm still torn between who I think Emily should be with...though, I really love her w/ Daniel - even if I can tell she's not really being herself completely around him. *sigh* You can tell when she is & when she isn't. Like she totally IS around Nolan, which is why I like them together too. Their semi-"hate" relationship is fun to watch. So is Emily destroying everybody by the way! She's so badass & I love her to pieces. Everything is just falling into place. It's gorgeous. hehe. And yes, Victoria's suspicious, but the promo is obviously very misleading, since she can't possibly know all that Emily's up to & what she really is, since she didn't seem to completely in the beginning of the pilot & that was FIVE MONTHS AFTER what's going on now. heh. Though, it did say 6 weeks earlier in the beginning of this episode... hmm. At any rate, I love how she does everything. The flashbacks are very interesting and put the pieces of the puzzle in place. I felt so bad for Jack's brother in this one though! *really  needs to figure out his name* Things were really starting to come together for him & Charlotte, but he kept having such bad luck & then her jackass boyfriend-on-a-break beat him up w/ all his buddies!!! Like, WTF? Not. Cool. I love Connor. He's my baby. lol. And then the dad...DIES at the end?!? I hope not... The whole Jack/Nolan thing is interesting...lol. I wonder if beneath all the "scheming", Nolan's doing it secretly for Amanda/Emily's sake. *hmms* We shall see... anyways, great episode. Emily is SUPER clever. How she destroyed the finance guy (Bill, I think?) was BRILLIANT. I love her already. And I love her w/ Daniel. *sigh* I really wish that was legit. He's so smitten w/ her; and he's hot, imo.

Until Next Week!

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