Declan! That is officially the name of Connor Paolo’s character. Now I know! lol I don’t know what his deal was with his dad (is he even his dad? Biologically, I mean?), but I am really glad that he didn’t send Charlotte the video of her “boyfriend” “cheating” on her. It would have really hurt her, and coming from him it would’ve been even worse. It was such a sweet vid he sent her instead. Aww. The sad thing is I semi-like Charlotte with her“boyfriend”, so it sucks that he’s such an ass. Ugh. CC ftw! lol I like Jack& Emily, but I just can’t get hooked on them, even if he’s really the only person (aside from Nolan) that she can be real with. I just think Daniel is so incredibly hot/cute that I want them to be together in the end! It’s clear that they won’t be – most likely because he potentially DIED in the pilot. *shakes head* They’re so sweet together! And at first I thought she set up the meeting with Patrick on purpose to get back at Victoria indirectly through her son, but then things ended up working out for the better, so I almost wonder if she’s starting to feel things for him or that he’s so completely innocent in it all that she wants him to make amends for whatever wrongs he made, because she wants an excuse to not destroy him too. *sigh* I’m still flustered about if she was really in shock or not with his potential death in the beginning of the show. I hope she was. I just can’t
help it. They’re gorgeous together. I do wonder if anyone else is going to find out who she really is though – Jack, for instance. *smirk* And Nolan! I freaking LOVE him with Emily. And maybe not in a romantic way anymore, but I like them  as frenemy partners in crime. It’s great. Heheh. Emily is on FIRE too. She just takes down one person after another and does it so flawlessly I just shake my head in awe of her abilities. Heh. We’re starting to see a softer side to Victoria, how she really did love Emily’s father. I wonder if Emily will take that into consideration when dealing out her revenge. *hmms* We shall see! I can’t wait to see what happens next! ;p Oh, and sidenote, I like the interesting comic relief(?) with Ashley & Daniel’s roommate. I forget his name already, haha, but he’s cocky and she’s playing hard to get. What’s not to love? ;)

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