Oh my goodness! Well, I guess I don’t have to worry about Emily & Daniel just yet since it looks they’re going to sleep together next episode. Lol. I so love them dearly. I wish they were legit. It’s so clear Emily & Jack are endgame, but I don’t want them to be! Lol. I looooooooove her with Daniel! I no longer really want her with Nolan, but I really like their dynamic all the same. Hehe. They’re awesome partners in crime, even if she’s obviously making the rules.
Heheh. I love how she takes down one person after another. Fabulous! But UGH. Daniel’s frat boy friend is annoying. I wish he hadn’t messed things up between ED. And he made Daniel drunk besides! He’s like Emily, but I honestly don’t know what he has to gain from it. Just
wanting his old single drinking buddy back? Idk… Yay for Charlotte & Declan though!! =D Love his introduction to Victoria. Lmao. He was so bad-boy there. It was delightful! Lol. Mr. Grayson is still cheating…well, that’s just wonderful. I actually thought he was going to try to make amends. *shakes head* You know what I want more though? I want some Daniel-Charlotte lovin. We need sibling bliss! Lol. We got one hug greeting in the pilot & that was it! *sigh* Tragic. Anyways, great episode!

Until Tomorrow!

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