Just bought season 1 today, so now I can finally finish up with these episode responses! Yaaay! *claps* Another great ep. I remember seeing that Jack/Emily confrontation and feeling like Emily really wanted to be with him but just couldn’t b/c of her scheme and how OUT OF THE BLUE that was. *shakes head* I felt bad for him, but Daniel & Emily FTW!!! *insists* Tyler is horrible. I hate him. I hate watching this all over again. It’s evil. Declan& Charlotte beginnings!! *cheers*They were so freaking adorable at the beginning. *gushes* Nolan = LOVE. I have missed him so. *sigh* It’s kind of funny b/c there are so many points in this ep where I felt like Emily’s about to be found out, but that happens at so many points throughout the season it’s almost unreal. Heh. *shakes head* Great episode though! The aftermath of Lydia’s falling off the building was so intense, and Nolan almost got pummeled b/c of it! I hate when Nolan is endangered by things….*keeps him in safety room with padded walls* On to the next ep! This was a great one! I do hate that Nolan is so Team Jack though. I mean, I love the love/hate friendship they have going & I know that he’s only doing it b/c he knows Emily loves Jack, but…*sighs & shakes head* I just don’t see it. DE ftw. lol.

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    Revenge Episode Responses

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