Another crazy ep! Love rewatching these. =) Tyler is such a cad. *not entirely sure what this word means* Screwing Nolan & then sleeping with Ashley. Everyone on this show is so messed up, at least to an extent. I do love how Daniel always defends Emily though. It's wonderful! hehe Daniel & Emily are just adorbs together early on in the episode. This is what I miss about them. This sweetness, this fierce protectiveness. It's gorgeous & I miss it! *sobs* Everything with Amanda was lovely, except of course that she didn't leave, but I loved the flashbacks and seeing how these two are so connected. They really are like sisters and I wish they could have kept this kinship on until the end of the season, and even beyond that! *sigh* Nolan's behavior around Amanda is laughable, but he made up with Jack, so that's good! Poor Charlotte, but she was able to run to Declan, so another yay! moment! hehe Lydia's starting to remember things, but as always Emily's one step away. You've gotta admire her for all her clever tactics, Nolan's too. It's all just so wonderful! And the Grayson's haven't a clue. Emily is brilliant, and Nolan is right there beside her. It's just wonderful! Okay, enough gushing, lol. I have to wonder, with Amanda looking at Emily & Daniel at the end if THAT'S the reason she decided to stay? At least partially? B/c Jack wasn't taken after all? *hmms* Well, anyways, enough eps for tonight! More ep responses soon! Revenge ftw! hehe

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