1x18 - "Justice" - Gossip Diaries
O.M.G. This show continues to blow me away. Daniel getting unnecessarily jealous and SHOVES Emily in his way drunken state. What’s-his-face gets killed in prison with a suicide note saying he killed Tyler, which leads to the inevitable jaw-dropper that even Emily couldn’t have predicted. The Grayson’s had her father MURDERED in prison. How awful! It was crazy how much she was trying to protect Jack this ep – letting her emotions get in the way even though she said she wouldn’t (which we all knew she wouldn’t, as did Nolan by the look on his face. Too bad her actions-driven-by-emotions were going in the wrong direction *shakes head*). Daniel going crazy could have been completely solved if she’d just TALKED to him. When he was writing his note at the end, I was afraid he was gonna kill himself! *nearly hyperventilated* Thank goodness that wasn’t the case. Jack is too obsessed with this thing with Amanda. Declan is SO the voice of reason in that. I sympathize with Declan now, but how awful to betray Charlotte. Charlotte is just in a world of hurt and now she’s turning to her cheating ex for drugs and an unstable, reckless relationship. *sigh* This is just madness! Victoria’s lover is now out of the picture…Conrad was vicious this ep, but so was she. They
were both just…*shakes head* It was unbelievable. Nolan & Emily were flawless as usual. I love how he is just continually impressed by every move she makes and naturally carries out whatever needs to be done for her at the drop of a hat. Hehe. But why, SERIOUSLY, could they not hug at the end?!? *huffs* I realize it was more dramatic to just see Em’s heartbroken, shocked face at the news of her father’s murder, but Nolan is totally her bestie and her only ally and I really need her to just break down & cry & let him HOLD her!!! *whimpers* *pathetic sigh* And now she’s shoving him into a wall next week & goodness knows what else. *shakes head* It’s madness I tell you, MADNESS!!!

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