This show is just...SO intense. 20 minutes in and I couldn't believe we still had 40 mins to go. It was just unreal. Felt the same way 20 minutes later too. XD I had so many feels about this ep, it's ridic!! First off, for the first time I felt some real sexual chemistry between Nolan & Emily when they first met off. In the pilot, I felt the potential for loving her with either of the 3 guys - Nolan, Daniel or Jack. (Though I think from the start I was team Daniel just b/c he's so hot. ha.) Jack wasn't physically appealing to me though, and their story seems so typical and forced. DE I fell in love w/ instantly & I decided that I simply adored the partners/sibling-type relationship Emily & Nolan had going. I was always open-minded to the idea of them in a romantic relationship, but it never really hit me hard, which is probably a good thing since the writers have made it clear they will never go there. XD But I did feel it briefly this ep. There were def sparks. But maybe it was just cause he was shirtless. XD Moving on from Nemily the awful angst that is DE. It's SO clear Daniel's not over Emily, even if she's clearly moved past it, mainly b/c she nearly reunited with her long lost love (w/o him knowing he's her long lost love, lol) and Daniel had started living up to the Grayson name. It's kinda funny how Daniel decides Emily cheated on him with one kiss (which I agree with) when most scandalous shows these days seem to insist on sex being the dealbreaker and what makes cheating official. Still, he's obvs not over her, though he's trying to play it cool, waving to her from the boat (which OMG, that WHOLE SCENE was a throwback to the pilot and it made my heart hurt!), and then of course the awkwardness that he no doubt forced on her with him standing next to Ashley and making it clear they were a couple. Then came Nolan to the rescue! Thank god. Nolan & Emily ftw, friends or otherwise. ;p I really do <3 them together. They're the bestest. Heh. He's always got her back, even if no one else does. ;) Speaking of Ashley though...she has seriously turned into Victoria. I mean, granted she doesn't seem to be backstabbing or manipulative, but she's ordering around all sorts of assistants and has clearly moved into the house. I wonder if Tyler would be proud. XD Grayson is obviously evil, forcing Charlotte to stay in rehab through deceptive means just so he can get her inheritance. I mean, really? How awful. LOVED how Charlotte ran to Emily at the memorial service though! Aww. Of course it was more of a means to an end with telling her that Victoria was still alive - which, let's be honest, we all knew already. Victoria is indestructible. Charlotte & Emily really seem to be bonding, which is great since they're half-sisters. =) Though it does seem like initially Emily was just going to her to get close to the Graysons again. It's such a shame that she's shut off any emotional bond she had with the younger Graysons just b/c she tuned into the Amanda Clarke in her near the end of last season. :/ She's an evil genius, and I love her for it. She's beyond admirable. She just CONSTANTLY blows me away. But I loved how she connected to Charlotte & Daniel last season and I really wish she wouldn't forget that completely. Those flashbacks! OMG! Poor Ems and her mother...I really wanna know what's all going on there. How far exactly did Victoria go in the Clarke family with everyone?! *shakes head* It's unbelievable...and it hurts my heart. *sniffles* And we come to the final SL (I think), the Amanda/Jack/Emily triangle. Despite the fact that I don't ship Emily with Jack and probably never will, my heart aches for her in this situation, b/c whether it's believable or not, she really is SO in love w/ Jack & Amanda just won't let her have him or even remotely tell him the truth b/c she's the only other person who knows everything about her and she's quite willing to spill all her secrets. I do love Emily so and so I will sob along with her as she tries step by step to live with the fact that she may never get to be with Jack - though sneaky for her to press the issue of the paternity of the child. hehe. Amanda really does love Jack and it's a shame since he no longer loves her. I wonder if he senses somehow in the depth of his mind that she really isn't his childhood sweetheart. *hmms* But anyways - I realized there is one last mini SL that apparently involves Takeda and some 'mystery man' from Emily's past who I guess is gonna be her love interest this season? *rolls eyes* Why? We don't need this. We need Daniel & Emily to work things out - as Conrad so generously suggested. This was his one redeeming quality this ep. lol. Btw, Daniel should really be more THERE for his sister. He just accepts that she's sick and doesn't give her any credit. A little comfort after her little speech is all she gets. I hope she DOES get attached to Emily and that makes her unavailable to Daniel. She shouldn't have kissed Jack while with Daniel and so she deserves the awkwardness/bitterness he's pushing onto her, but the love is still there! He's not over her! And she shouldn't be over her. I saw that look they shared at the end! And that look on her face when she found out from Charlotte that he was with Ashley. I still believe in the future of my favorite couple! *sobs* But enough about this. Next week looks NUTS. Sunday nights are gonna drive me CRAZY.

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