Another flawless ep, and yes, I was squealing majorly over the awesomeness that was DE & DC. hehehe *claps* I mean, Ashley tried to distract Daniel how many times & was still not successful? Shame. NOT! Haha XD She offers tennis, and maybe more discreetly potential sex, and suddenly Emily calls and he's busy...along with paperwork. Oh, hun, give it up, boy's not over Emily & he won't be any time soon. ;) Especially with how much she's been helping out with Charlotte! When I saw the sneak of him getting Char out of the hospital, it seemed like he was being mischievous himself, but he wasn't! And I loved how he made it up to her. Aww. I wish we got more of their sweetness on the show. Those two need to team up against their parents. Seriously. I LOVED when Daniel got up in Conrad's face about stealing Charlotte's inheritance. It was AWESOME. There was talk of Daniel going back to his "bad boy" ways, but imo this ep just showed how honorable he is, even if he did take a step in the wrong direction with more or less not turning his father in last season. *sigh* Of course he is now totally out of the loop again b/c he think his father actually wasn't stealing the money just to steal it. Dang, he must've really beat the heck out of Victoria. She looked AWFUL. There was SO MUCH going on in this ep. I just can't believe it. I was a little infuriated at Nolan that he was unable to catch all the action that was going on with Victoria & Conrad at that cottage. Clearly we have found Nolan's love interest, and while I find it very intriguing, it was very disconcerting to me that he more or less told Emily he was sick of being her 24/7 techy guy. :( I thought he adored being that guy! *sigh* So...the baby IS Jack's but Emily told her otherwise. Low blow, but I suppose it's really the only sort of retaliation she can afford for having him stolen away from her when she almost finally had him. *sigh* And...enter the end when that random newcomer saves her. This is prob the start of their arc this season and it irks me. I need Nolan to get jealous asap and for them to hug, b/c seriously, I need me some Nemily time. Heheh. Loved all the Charlotte/Emily scenes! Sometimes I just want Emily to confess everything & be accepted by everybody b/c SHE should've been the won meeting up with Charlotte as her half-sister. It's just so...*sigh* Ems gives up so much for the sake of revenge. Sometimes I just wish she wouldn't. She needs someone to trust completely, to rely on COMPLETELY, and as much as she does with Nolan it's still not enough for her to completely let her guard down. *sigh* Oh, also, Declan SO should've not taken that jewelry at the end. Whoever that guy is is trouble & I bet he DID steal it & Declan will get caught with it and it'll just be horrid. *sigh* You know, I actually thought at the end that maybe Emily and the white-haired man were really going to team up, but I should've known better. He's just as bad as the Graysons (Victoria & Grayson), except he's def more willing to get violent. The continues flashbacks Emily has with her and her mother are so saddening. I want to see the confrontation! And it looks like maybe we'll get to see it next week! *gasp* Yaaaay! *claps* GREAT ep. Left me wanting to write/vid DE & write NE. What can I say? I adore those two relationships. Oh, and both Daniel & Emily w/ Charlotte, cause they're just that awesome. XD

Until next ep. ;P

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