Well, it was beyond supremely annoying when I not only got the dates mixed up for when the premiere was but that my tv wasn't working on the station I needed when the episode was on! *grrs for an eternity* Anyways, *clears throat delicately* that time is over. This show is AWESOME!!! lol. I really love it. Idk how I'm going to be referring to Emily/Amanda. lmao XD But I really love the dynamics she has between all of them. It's sad that she had to have Daniel killed to get her revenge. He's actually really cute. I have to admit, in that first scene I really liked the tension between her & Noland and I saw serious shipping possibilities, but every scene after that his hair seemed so greasy & he just seemed ugly to me! Ugh. So, that will probably go nowhere unless I change my mind. I do like the tension between them aLOT. Like really dangerous sparks. hehehe. Omg, I LOVE the history between Amanda & Jack!!! (It took FOREVER for me to gets all these guys' names straight XD) I mean, he freaking named his BOAT after her. *shakes head* Anyways, despite the awesomeness of that, right now I'm just not desperate to have them together. He's not really that cute imo, and as superficial as that is, it's a key factor. heh. Or at least one of the many that need to be addressed. XD I kinda think it's hilarious that Emily Vancamp's character is halfway named Emily. That happened in the Ring 2 too, and I just wonder if it's almost on purpose. lol. And Connor's character! (I refuse to not see him on my screen, since he's not on GG. heh.) I like the little thing he's clearly going to get going with the daughter *forgets her name too*. It's gonna be a little side romance. Kind of like comic relief I think, and I'm gonna enjoy that. =) It'll be really nice. heh. Aside from all the couples though, (lol) I really like the backstory & I want more! Victoria is such a bitch. Reminds me of Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, sending Lydia into exhile and all. I love how direct Emily is & yet how innocent she seems. Obviously Victoria's skeptical right off the bat & there was SO much drama/scandal/betrayal going on between the adults! IS going on still! *shakes head* Unbelievable. I want to know everything. This show is like "The Secret Circle" in that way. There's juicy backstory & I want to know it all. What did Amanda do to get into jail(?) ? What happened after she got taken away? What is it all about?! Oh my goodness, I don't even know, but I can't wait to find out! =D I just really hope my TV AND my brain cooperates next week. ;)

Until then! ;D

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