And so begins my VD S3 rewatch, so I can get these ep responses in, in case there is anyone out there who actually really cares what my thoughts are on these eps. heh. I think this episode is when I #1 not only really started caring about Rebekah, but when I also REALLY fell in love with the Original family. *sigh* I was kind of eh over Rebekah when she made her first appearance on the show, even though her romance in the '20s with Stefan was pretty fantabulous. heh. But this ep really showed her humanity. I just love how the story of the original familly begins here in the flashbacks. I remember missing Elijah incredibly much after the flashbacks. Or, at least, I can imagine now that I imagined it when I first watched the ep. XD Anyways, one thing that stayed the same was that I really think Elena should have stayed at the end and held Rebekah, or something! I mean, yes, there's always the threat that she'll attack her again, but really? She had completely broken down. Elena's explanation of why/how Klaus killed his mother was said perfectly, and it was just so sad watching Rebekah fall apart. I mean...*sigh* my heart just goes out to her. *sniffles* Though, the mention of Katherine by Damon at the end reminded me that even though I'll see her in the next ep (I think), I don't think we see her again after that. *wails* At least not up until the point we are now (ep. 19). *sigh* So much has happened since this episode. It's crazy! Loved the Stefan/Damon bonding, as per usual. It was cool how laid back it all was, and I love that Stefan broke to save Damon's life, because PLEASE, whatever else he says, it was not just to get his own freedom. *rolls eyes* That's selfish too, is it not? Which is also an emotion...caring about himself...ah, yes. That's it. *nods* Anyways, the end DE scene was sweet. I approve. Especially since she didn't totally freak out like she did when she woke up in bed with him there some episodes ago. heh. Also, how Elena described Rebekah: "she loves blindly and recklessly, even if it consumes her" TOTALLY parallels Damon (which is obvs why DR should hook up temporarily in the future XD) & how Elena described him in S1. The look on Elena's face said it all right after she said that. It was like she realized she'd said those words somewhere before...heh. But anyways, the return of Michael! You know, alot of the things from recent eps are really clicking into space while watching this ep. heh. Rewatches aren't half bad. ;p

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