*huge breath released* well, it's the mid-season finale. I should've expected myself to get just as wrapped up in it as before. XD But it was craaaaazy!!! hehehe And omg, KATHERINE!!! *cries tears of happiness* I can't believe how long it's been since I last saw her! Why can she not just STAY PUT in Mystic Falls? lol. We still don't even know why Klaus is so pissed at her. Can we not have BOTH the Originals AND Katherine in the same town? *depressed sigh* Well, anyways. Crazy ep. Stefan and Tyler are both total jerks, especially in the beginning. It was sad that TC ended here, but I TOTALLY got where Caroline was coming from & for the last couple episodes before this one Tyler was being a total jerk because of his sire-bond, so um, no. I don't have issues with them splitting up. He has like no moral compass. I mean, yes, he did it to protect her & heh wants her to be his #1 priority but he's like the Tyler that was at the beginning of the show. Such a dick. *shakes head* (of course that changes in a few eps, but we're not there yet XD) Omg! Rebekah/Elena! *groans* That upsets me so much. =( Did Elena really have to dagger her? I mean, REALLY? Rebekah had already come to grips with the fact that she was helping to kill Klaus and her one comfort was that she was finally going to be able to do something normal, go to a high school dance with a normal guy, Matt, and she and Elena were on the brink of becoming friends I feel, and I just...*sigh* now that's all gone to the wind. They will forever be at odds because of this. *grumbles* That just breaks my heart. I wanted a friendship to work between them. Rebekah shouldn't have been punished. *tear* Love that it was Katherine telling Stefan about Damon that got Stefan to take action and save his brother. After all this focus on Elena being Stefan's one true love, it's Team DK (essentially) that save the day. ;p I remember thinking at the end of this ep that I really wanted SE to have a scene at the end and that I was so sure DE were going to kiss in their last scene, but alas it did not happen. And probably due to recent eps, I'm not broken up about SE not happening here because I don't feel hardcore for it like I did then. heh. Totally forgot about the Jeremy/Bonnie thing! Poor Elena wanted to help but couldn't. *tear* Girl is in a world of hurt. Jeremy...*sighs & shakes head* not the focus. Not even at the homecoming dance. XD *wonders if it applies since he's not in that grade* lol Klaus's one tear...omg. No matter how much evil he's done, to see him get ripped apart emotionally by his father was torturous. It was just cruel. Poor guy just can't catch a break. I remember being totally freaked at first when I thought Elena had been stabbed. I wonder if they ever had her at the dance or if Katherine was secretly in the house the whole time? XD Who knows? Great episode. Somehow it didn't occur to me till my rewatch that it was actually Katherine's idea for Stefan to take the bodies of the Originals in order to get revenge. hehe Gotta love that girl. Oh, how I miss her so. *lamentful sigh* On to my next ep!

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