“We kissed. Now it’s weird.” I <3 you, Damon. I <3 you. Bonnie finds her mom ep…I remember this one…yaaaay. Though, if I recall, maybe it was bittersweet? *unsure* XD Oh! And the medical examiner guy was killed! I remember. You know, looking back, I bet it was Alaric that killed him. *sigh* Well…on we go. It’s so crazy that in this ep the coffins haven’t been opened and Stefan is still feeling-less (voluntarily). Heh. *shakes head* So much has
happened since then! – but moving on… Omg…Klaus…Stefan…THIS IS THAT ONE EP WHEN STEFAN ALMOST DRIVES ELENA OFF THE ROAD?!? Maybe it’s not…maybe she just tells him about the kiss. XD I’m just gonna comment on the ep at the end now. Heh.
Screw details. Lol. *30 mins later* O.M.G. I’m gonna have to watch one more ep tonight. This show always leaves me wanting more!!! Hehehe Just…everything about this ep was awesome. It was confirmed that Stefan driving Elena almost off that bridge was in a prior ep & that she told him about the kiss, which she totally didn’t regret. ;) I have to say though, this season more than ever before there have been eps and moments that I just really ship SE, and when Stefan was reeling from Elena’s confession in the scene following, I really just…wanted them. Heh. Alaric/Meredith moments! Yaay! Sucks how that ends. :/ I think Elena’s line about “Jenna’s gone. It’s okay to move on” can very easily apply to her own situation with Stefan & Damon.  Except…Stefan is obviously gonna have a turn around, but then it will be too late! Muwahaha! (Sort of. Lol) Bonnie-Mommy bonding! Def angsty – and in the end result she’s gonna end up leaving again :/- but for now it is hopeful! Hehe. Stefan punches Damon, but I love how they just move past it, cause – as the producers/writers have said – Stefan is more mad at himself than he is at Damon. :/ Great ep! I miss Jeremy already, but just like 5 more eps and then he’ll be back! =D Oh no, wait…7. =( Well, on to the next one. Great ep! I adored it! =D ELIJAH’S BAAACK!!! hehehe - OH! Totally forgot to mention! The Tyler-Caroline turning bit! I adore that he's willing to do this, and they really are a sweet, epic-type couple, but I feel like they're expected to be that way, just like SE are, so I can't obsess over them all the time. But I did like this. I will just drop it as soon as Klaroline comes around. XD

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