Wow. I got lucky with it being on tonight (NOTE: WRITING THIS ON 9/20/12), since I haven’t been able to download it online for the last few weeks I’ve tried. XD Great ep so far! Stefan being the good guy and…oh, that KR scene kills me every time. Klaus, it’s your fault alone that you didn’t just go with your sister instead of the threat of getting killed. *sigh* And the end of this ep…determines the future! *gasp* Of course Elena leaves….and Klaus getting into the house. Lol. *remembers awesome vid with these scenes* hehe Awesome Klaus/Caroline scenes coming up!!! =D And aww, TCness…*swoon* (I’m trying to really love them, but it’s hard when the KC sexual tension is so hot).– Oh no! I remember this part! Alaric tells Elena to kill Caroline!!! Oh Caroline…my baby! Her in pain is somehow always the worst. *sigh* “I think you’re probably going to want to let me in!” lolol (I heart you, Klaus) Lol. Klaus is SO in love with Stefan. XD Naturally…Damon’s death by attacking Alaric& Stefan saving Elena is his plan. XD OMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! *screams and pulls hair out* Alaric is so EVIL
as a vampire! Daring Elena to kill Caroline after all her training to kill vampires at the beginning of the seasooooooon!!! *groans* Oh good lord. My. GOD. Oh, Abby’s here! I’ve forgotten what’s happened in the last 10 or so eps…XD Oh wait, I think she ditched again,
right? *assumes so*Oh Klaus, you are SO Team Stefan!!! WHYYYYYYYY?????? Cursed 20’s history. *mutters*  Oh man…Abby/Damon tension? *hmms* oh yeah…and then Jeremy almost dies…and omg!!! *freak out* This ep is SO intense. I remember already. Oh wow. Dang, Elena, you are brilliant. SO smart. You figured out why Alaric is keeping you alive! Yaaay! *claps* Of course I think now Klaus is going to try to drain her… :/ Major suckaging. Yep…*sigh* she’s all tied up now. Oh, that Klaus/Elena scene!!!! SO intense. I love how she dares him about his family…about him not trusting & wanting a “back-up family”. *dramatic sigh* I wish he would’ve just left with Rebekah. She cares about him more than anyone in the world. Truly. Despite the fact that he killed their mother is not going to change that. But then of course, he knocks down her question by making her feel guilty about choosing Stefan or Damon and then naturally she doesn’t answer his “who would you choose?” question. *sigh* Alas, it was too much to hope for. :/ Even if we all know what her choice was/is going to be. XD Oh wow…*takes deep breath* the death of Klaus. Sort of. Tyler’s saving Elena was so unexpected, I remember. That was just…REALLY cool, cause I never would have seen it coming! Hehe. They hardly interact period. So this was great! Hehe Tyler’s “I’m not your bitch anymore” speech was awwwwwesome. *giddy* It revives the small bits of love I have for TC,  but I still want KC. Can’t help it. Lol. And then --- BAM! Elena hits her head and all is lost. I KNEW it wasn’t just some tiny thing that could be gotten over with asap. And then they all feed her alcohol when she gets home b/c they think Klaus is dead? *shakes head* They clearly were NOT paying attention in Physics class. Oh…wow…beautiful Elena “I still don’t know who I want scene though. Really.  And let us continue with the alcohol drinking that will further poison Elena’s health. *rolls eyes* Oh Alaric! Grr, you and your tricks & further manipulations! Aww SD moment. <3 *sigh* They will ditch each other for the sake of happiness with Elena. ‘Tis sad. =( Aww, Jer-Elena moment. “That would mean I would lose you.” *swoon* Aaaaand….down she goes. CEREBRAL HEMORRAGE!!! lol

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