Okay, I've skipped out on the reviews for this show alot lately, but this one I just couldn't resist. There was so much awesomeness with DE AND CK!!! I completely died!!! I mean, yes, it's sad that SE had to part ways, but only b/c it hurts them. Elena finally came clean and so did Stefan. Elena is SO in love with Damon. Her feelings for him magnified when he became a vampire & he understands her predicament more b/c she's becoming more like he is & it just doesn't WORK with Stefan anymore. The DE moments though!!! He SAVED her!!! There is something so unbelievably heroic and romantic about him diving with her into the river off the bridge to save her!!! <333 *swoon* And then their scene AFTER that? Okay, so kill me, but I really thought they might kiss there! Their lingering hand-holdin was totally building up to it I thought! But...it is good she didn't cheat. lol. It's better this way. XD CAN'T WAIT for the eventual DE hook-up/sex. It's inevitable. And it's going to be SO HOT. Hotter than his almost sex with Katherine in 2x01 & THAT was INCREDIBLY steamy. *fans self in preparation* I felt so bad for Elena throughout all her hallucinations btw. They really have painted her struggle as a new vampire this season REALLY well. But on to the other awesomeness almost couple that I adore!!! KLAROLINE!!! =DDDDDDD She arranged the whole hybrid hand over in exchange for a date with Klaus! *squeal* Ok, I know it's all a set-up, but I can't help but be TOTALLY psyched. I do have some disgust for Tyler though. I mean, as of now, Caroline doesn't feel ANYTHING for Klaus - that she's willing to admit or really even believe or HAVE much of at this point. I get that Tyler's pissed about his friend getting killed, but since Elena has been the center of this all, I think that was a little more important... don't mind Tyler actually hooking up with Hayley & Caroline going to Klaus. TOTALLY FINE WITH ME!!! hehe. Next ep is gonna be SO AWESOME. Obvs the professor is bad news & Bonnie's falling for it every step of the way b/c she needs someone specifically on her side - FOR HER. I get that too. heh. Also, there were some GREAT one-liners in this ep. Mostly from Damon but some from Klaus too. Just great. lol. This ep was all sorts of aweseome. I wish Katherine had actually BEEN there instead of an illusion, but she served her part perfectly, because even though I'm sure Elena won't be 100% like her as a vampire, it is true that Katherine was a sweet innocent before she turned vampire and that when Stefan realized what she was really like he despised her. Elena as a human might've been perfect w/ Stefan and have serious potential with Damon, but now that she's a vampire she's a perfect fit for DAMON & since her feelings from before have been magnified and her enthusiasm for being a vampire when she's not thinking too much about it has Stefan walking on eggshells...well, it just can't WORK. So, safe to say, I'm reaaaaally excited to see where this goes. Like, I'm PSYCHED beyond belief. Oh, and Elena hacked into Jeremy & he hacked into a hybrid. They're all killers now!!! Yaaaay!!! ??? lol. Way to have Matt get super smart and detectivey at the end. Maybe April & Matt have potential for purpose after all!!! (as individual characters) Btw, THANK-YOU, April for reminding us that Rebekah still exists, we miss her & she MATTERS. My only prerequisite to CK is a SERIOUS Klebekah reconciliation, b/c even if Caroline comes around & they become this effing AWESOME couple, Rebekah loves Klaus more than anyone else ever will & he's treated her HORRIBLY before.

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