Well, it finally happened. The series finale. The end of the show that has driven me crazy, brought me many tears, head shakings, anger & giggling bursts of joy, not to mention many, many friends & meeting people who well...we just misunderstood each other and our personalities clashed. Majorly. Aside from that though, through this show my writing and my vidding flourished. While it wasn't the inspiraton for its beginnings, it certainly fueled the flame and I could not be more grateful. This great and tragic show has ended.

And what an end it was! CB got their perfect, beautiful ending. Of course there were little things I wish had happened. Like the 3 of them actually all together as a family at the end sharing a moment, and perhaps one last CB kiss in the future, not to mention at least some hint of them finally getting to bang. XD I can only imagine all that sexual frustration they shared all season finally breaking loose. hehe. But aside from that...the episode itself. I thought it was good. CB's conclusion was good. As was Nate's - I really do think him ending "alone" was fitting, since he always had some guest star (or regular) chick attached to his side and it just annoyed me b/c he just seemed to jump from one to the next and I couldn't take any of them seriously - or him. So, him being a real professional w/ no side agendas or people & having survived the threat of fully falling into his father's footsteps...well, that's great. And hey, Jenny & Vanessa are still single. ;) Presumably. Dan & Serena are my issue. Don't get me wrong, I'm THRILLED they ended up together, and I even don't have an issue w/ him being GG. Aside from the CB SL, I actually think his explanation of how he was GG was one of the best parts of the ep. I just feel like the Blair issue was never fully addressed. He was pursuing B for half the season - in one way or another, and then one ep later he's into Serena...even though he's scheming against her. And he never really fully explained how he could write such a horrible & such a gorgeous chapter about her. Did he just want to write a horrible chapter about all of them so that he could then write one about himself and prove he's just as bad as them? It's not clear. I really feel - and I will forever stand by this - that while CB would have torn me apart if they had been stretched out another full season, DS NEEDED a full season. We needed to see Dan's gradual realization (and maybe denial) that deep down he was still in love with Serena. I mean, Dan was basically in love w/ Blair for a season and a half. There was significant build up and they had a legit relationship that he FOUGHT FOR.  Even if he always comes back to Serena (it's inevitable really), there was not realistic transition and that will forever bug me. I'm really hoping that all these issues were dealt with somewhere in the five years that we didn't see because what we WERE shown just didn't seem adequate. AboutRufus & Lily...sad they didn't end together b/c they really did have such a great story, I'm okay with it. B/c I'll be honest, in s3 a yearning grew in me to just have all the VanderWoodsens as a true family, b/c there are so few on the Upper East Side. I still loved RL of course, so I accepted it didn't happen & was a touch relieved, but since my heart had warmed up to the possibility of William winning Lily back, I'm pleased by that end result. Sometime in those 5 years I imagine he made things up to Serena and to Eric. There seriously needs to be a Serena chapter filling in all the pieces. XD At any rate, I did like this finale. For all the hype, Chuck being a suspect seemed to be quickly resolved and it was almost unnecessary for him to marry Blair asap (brilliant Uncle Jack btw for coming up w/ that little marriage clause. I didn't even think of that!). Still, it was alright. I was okay with all the loose ends tying up nicely. It's the finale. No one can be left hanging. It is a shame that Ivy just basically got pushed to the wayside though, cause I did want her to eventually fit into the family somehow. I really loved her last season and truly felt for her. This season she just became a barely adequate schemer and so completely naive in some ways. If that was what she was truly meant for, I wish she'd just fessed up earlier last season & went to make amends with Max, cause she really had something good there. At least she somehow made her story into a best seller/movie w/o getting arrested. XD The cameos were exciting! Though I was a bit heartbroken not to see Carter pop in at all. :/ Esp since there's proof he was at the cast party! *gasp* Vanessa showing up absolutely MADE.MY.LIFE. I would've liked to see her and Dan mend their ways too. :'( The Rachel/Kristin thing was absolutely fantabulous and makes me very proud for having started to watch Hart of Dixie. hehe. Henry is basically the most adorable kid to walk to earth and I'm sure he'll be plenty of trouble when he gets older when it comes to the girls. ;) But at least he has two of the most loving, filthy rich, attractive parents ever. I think he'll do alright. lol. So, yes, the finale was good. Not perfect. It would've been better if the retrospective was just put onto the dvd as an extra thing and the finale was a 2-hr ep. But alas, it is what it is. And hey, we even got a taste of Georgina & Jack hooking up. I'm sure that relationship would have been delightful to watch, even if I thoroughly enjoyed watching her annoyed/amused interactions with Philip. And what will happen/has happened to Milo?!? We shall never know. lol. Of course, this is what fanfiction is for. There have been much better shows, bu I still believe this was a good one. It had characters I could fall in love with and a couple that thoroughly occupied most of my waking (and sleeping) thoughts the last five years. Not many shows - or books or movies or anything in real life - can attest to that. So, good-bye, Gossip Girl. It was good to have you. You shall not be forgotten, and I shall follow your actors everywhere...hoping they will soon reunite.
With the finale less than  half an hour away it's hard to concentrate on last week's ep, but I think I can manage. XD First of all, Bart is the most evil person on the face of the planet, though other than to make a point, I'm not sure "kidnapping" Blair was really necessary. LOVED that Chuck running to Blair's text was what that set pic was all about. Heh. Nate getting arrested...aww, poor guy. And as pissed as Chuck is about that, it's the idea of hurting/killing Blair that really hits home for him. The CB scene before he leaves? OMG. PERFECT. So Old Hollywood epic departure scene & that kiss had the perfect build up and omg...AWESOME. Even though I knew Chuck wasn't going to die, when the news story came on and Blair/Bart to the conclusion Chuck had been in the plane crash and died, I totally went through all the emotions and panicked. It was like the biggest relief ever when Chuck showed up on the scene and came up to the podium. So much perfect and relief on my end. Like, HOLY COW.  Ivy is kinda dumb to think Serena actually was letting go what she all did the year before, but it does still show that at her core Ivy really still just wants to be a part of the family. Aww. Not much to say about the Nate/Sage/Captain SL except that it's sad Nate repeated his father's mistakes but awesome that his father is stepping in to help him not repeat his mistakes FURTHER. And now to the final point (I think), the "death" scene. It was like a PARODY. Once the "old horror movie" music came on, I was laughing more than tensed up. XD I mean, the acting was good, but the music ruined it. Which is a shame since Chuck's speech was EPIC. <3 And to all the people saying Chuck's a murderer - it's not so much that Bart deserved not to be saved, but that he could have very well used Chuck's leverage to pull him over instead. And who would Blair be to testify against "man of the year"? But anyways, ep in 9 mins! OMG!!! Can't it for this glorious happy ending. =) Oh, also, I think DS will work out & it'll be very pretty, but I think they needed a whole season to justify their reunion since Dan was supposedly in love w/ Blair for the last year and  half & there's no explaining that away - at least I haven't seen it. heh. He did after all write his whole first book around their fictional love story. But that's just me. Next
Okay, so this episode was actually really awesome. Lots of things got resolved and there was plenty of heightening for next ep - and I'm not just talking about that jaw-dropping promo. Poor Chuck at the beginning! He wouldn't even let Monkey in to see him! Plus, he not only bans Blair from the BUILDING but he also turned from understanding to total accusatory towards Nate, which, while understandable was still cruel. :( However, Blair is awesome, put pieces together & actually convinced Chuck to have sex w/ her despite the fact that their pact was "off". I was afraid of what his reaction would be to Bart & Lily attending the Thanksgiving dinner after all, but B put in her plan/explanation before he could walk out the door & he could only respond with a "you're amazing." God, I love them. They're perfect. And while we were not given the teased about rendezvous, we did get a "we're going to war" glass clink at the end which is reminiscent of the end of 3x16, except THIS time they're in it together & they will defeat all evil!!!!! LOL *clears throat* On the opposite end of the spectrum, just loooove that Nate/Sage were randomly brought up as a plot device & as soon as Sage finally gets his attention in the last minutes of the ep, he's all over her & confiding all his secrets. *rolls eyes* Oh Nate, when will you learn? (Even if I'm not feeling that Sage is particularly two-faced in regards to all things Nate. heh.) As far as DS go, at the start I thought that maybe all their very off reconciliation had to be accepted and was kinda bummed out...I'm really glad about how it ended, b/c it FINALLY makes sense. He did mean everything he said. Serena is it for him. But he also meant everything he said in the article - even if it's the truth. He's still gung ho to speak the truth, even if it hurts people. He's really proved his point that he wanted to be treated as an equal on the UESide, b/c being the moral compass from Brooklyn never got him anywhere. Georgie was right at the end when she said that they all fear him now, b/c it's probably true. Hate can sometimes equal fear. As I was reminded some time ago, Blair once said in her Constance days: "You can't make people love you, but you can make they fear you." Don't ask me where that came from. It was just quoted. XD Also, I'm sure NSers were jumping out of their seats and singing praises of hallelujah when Nate punched Dan. XD Dude's got it rough this season with all the physical abuse but he kinda deserves it. Tbh, if the show really wanted to, they could put an NS arc in here if the season was longer & just have DS come back in at the end when Dan learns how to appreciate her again. A shorter season may be better for CB, but it doesn't do justice to DS. There better be some seriously epic writing for me to really believe in them in 2 eps. I mean, I will regardless, but what I'm most grateful about right now is that we got his pov & it actually makes sense when you see the big picture. heh. Now onto a MAJOR explosion that we've been waiting all season for, LILY SEES BART FOR WHO HE REALLY IS!!!! He scared her! I was scared for her! And now we're all scared for Chuck too! Including Chuck! (and Blair from the promo, which omg! My heart will break!) I'm so glad Lily went to right all her wrongs with Chuck. It was so sad that Chuck thought she wasn't telling him what he wanted to know with the first apology, but she made it clear in that phone call & she's going to help him after all!!! =D This really was a great ep for everyone, all things considered. I can't wait for the next ep! And then the finale - OMG! =DDD
New ep tonight!!!! =DDDD Only 3 eps left!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *clears throat* But first I must respond to last weeks eps. XD Ok, so I was terrified due to the promo that came out a few days earlier than it was supposed to. CB breaking off their pact?!? Obviously not permanent, but still traumatic nonetheless. After watching the 6x07 promo on repeat for like hours, cause it was so horrible I just couldn't look away, when the time actually came for the awfulness to appear on my tv screen in FULL, I was actually quite okay. Chuck's "stop lying to yourself" line did burn me a little though, just cuz it sounded like his s1-2 days when it was almost like a set up to hurt her and he was finally giving her the 411, even if that obvs wasn't the case and he was hurting as much as she was. At least they got a lighter, more encouraging moment earlier on in the ep and B didn't give back the ring. I swear for a second I thought she was going to. When she pulled it out from under her dress and looked back at Chuck, I really thought she might! But she didn't, thank GOD. If she had, I swear my poor heart would've broken into a million pieces. *sob* I find it interesting that Ivy was going to set up a "sex tape" with Bart later on guaranteeing Lily's destruction, just cause I was semi-suspecting that from the time the 6x07 Bart/Chuck/Ivy sneak peek came out. heh. Neither would hurt Lily, though despite Bart's seemingly flawless manipulations, I feel like he would've allowed Lily to be bruised by it all. When he brought the contracts out for divorce, my reaction was the same as Ivy's. Like, are you serious? LILY'S BEEN DIVORCED A MILLION TIMES!!! HOW DOES THIS HURT?! SHE'LL JUST MARRY HIM AGAIN NEXT WEEK!!! XD What really hurts though is not just that Chuck was SO CLOSE to really destroying Bart. Like, literally he could've done it if he'd just talked Lily into giving him the evidence. Everything in the ep was building up to it, despite all the hoops he had to jump through to get so lose. It was that LILY had been the one to take it all away from him. I think that was what drove much of his "break up" with Blair at the very end. Chuck really has had no parental figure - biological or otherwise - that really cared about his well-being and really LOVED him, chose HIM, of their own voilition. But Lily did. She treated him like her own son and she never gave up on him, but, as he said in 6x05, Bart has her wrapped around his finger. I know sometimes characters can be very naive when they can't see the whole picture, but Lily is just stupid and unfeelin here. I stand by my cause when I saw the only reason she married Bart was b/c it was a way to escape her marriage with Rufus. Suddenly there were problems in her blissful wedded life and the best way she knows how to get out from under those is to divorce and remarry. Which is a shame. The woman just has never really grown up. Not to say that Rufus is entirely there either though, since he got involved with Ivy who was never really serious about him to begin with. THANK GOD. I mean, granted I can't decide which hook-up is worse, Rufus or William, but one thing's for sure, Ivy is definitely wholeheartedly in it for William. You could just tell that she was really entirely herself with Rufus and then BAM. Her first scene will William it was clear as day that she was being honest and open and vulnerable with him. She didn't hold anything back. She wasn't trying to word each sentence perfectly or manipulate the situation to get the effect she wanted. She was very real and very comfortable with him and it was very comforting to be able to see that again and not just come to the conclusion that Defer had suddenly become a horrible actress on us. XD Cause...just no. That's impossible! =P However, William was strangely stoic and unfeeling at the end, so maybe this is all just some grand plan to destroy Ivy, which honestly would make me sad. We really got to see her in her scheming element in this ep and I enjoyed every second of it. Her entire presence this season has been kind of pointless up until this ep. Every time she gave us a devilish smile I absolutely squealed and was deliriously giddy. I don't know how the woman does that to me, but she does. It gave me a glimpse into the lost girl from last season who had FINALLY gotten her life back on track, even if it will potentially get ripped up from under her soon. It was fun to watch. =) Let's see...what else...? Oh! SB & CDN made amends! =D Again, not sure what to make of Dan's true feelings. It still felt like he was just telling Serena what she wanted to hear, though it does make me wonder how in the world he would make his chapter about her all the more scandalous just by giving her the happy ending she's been wanting so long in his book. It feels too quick. I feel like his line "whether I've admitted it to myself, you have always been the one" says it perfectly. It's moving too fast & maybe that's b/c he has alterior, horrific motives to his "reconciliation" with her, but deep down he knows it's her, it's only ever going to be her at the end of the day, and no amount of revenge or affairs with best friends is going to change that. Still, I would REALLY like a heavy duty glimpse into his true thoughts. The 6x08 sneak peek with Georgina gives me hope, but I'm still not sure. Hopefully these feelings are genuine! And hopefully there's some HUGE explanations and more apologies on the way, cause otherwise I'm not really sure if I can accept this as a proper DS reconciliation leading to their endgame wedding moment. I just...it doesn't give them justice like a whole season would've. *sigh* Oh, and B was wonderful!! =D Because S did aid in making her line a success - obvs cause Nelly Yuki is evil (wtf, girl?) - the two are besties again, and I'm REALLY glad that S brought up that her motives for sleeping with Dan heavily originated from how hurt she was that DB dated to begin with and the old Blair we know and love recognized that as very important and making perfect sense since her reaction to a CS relationship would've probably been 10x worse. lol. LOVE also that even after Sage & co. abandoned ship, they still couldn't stop lovin' on B's clothes. Awesome! Plus, very cool to learn more about Miss Queen Bee Blair's ways and how the heirarchy at Constance has developed since and before. Heh. Lovely. ;P Overall, this was a pretty good ep. At the end of it, I think the person I felt worst for was Nate. Yes, I know I'm obvs distraught over what went down with CL & CB at the very end. But Nate was falling into the same path as his father & there was literally NOTHING ELSE he could've done. His last scene with Chuck at the bar was EPIC b/c he was so broken and it took so much to actually fess up & naturally Chuck was furious but he still forced himself to remain calm long enough to get the information and channel his fury towards his father not his best friend who was an innocent victim in the whole matter. CN ftw. <3 Ever since s5 they've been absolutely flawless. =) Can't wait for tonight's ep! Looks like Chuck gets back on top and a potential CB hook-up? (oh please oh please oh pleeeease) Plus, hopefully we'll FINALLY discover Dan's true feelings and motivations for reuniting with Serena. I hope they're pure but it would honestly make more sense if they weren't or if he's kinda battling the angel and the devil on his shoulders. 4 hours now! Aaaaand, GO! Love how B fights for her man! =D CB ftw. Also, when Lily finally realizes what an idiot she's been, there better be some serious lovin' for Chuck comin, along with a MASSIVE apology. She owes that to him. Blair can be alot for Chuck, but including mother in that list of descriptions is overkill & almost unhealthy. Come on, Lily. Get your act together! Your son NEEDS you!!! What happened to that unconditional love referenced in 5x01?!?! *dramatic sigh* This woman...gaa
Alright, going back a couple weeks, let's see if I can do this. XD No CB scenes in this ep! Tragic, but it didn't take away anything. They both had great storylines that were equally exciting and compelling. Lots of CN time, which was awesome, and while Blair's scenes with her mother were initially torturous, I thought the scene where she went to apologize and resign was very mature, even if it was drastic. She was finally humblizing (yes, it's not a word & no, I'm not changing it!!) herself and it was really nice to see, even if I love seeing her stomp around in her HBIC mode. It just doesn't have the effect it used to in hs. XD Time to grow up. The end result though was BRILLIANT! I know I saw the stills earlier on and I knew it would come to this, and was perhaps even a little disappointed initially, but it's oh so perfect! To have B design what she did flawlessly whilst she reigned Queen Bee is pure brilliance and nothing less. Oh Chuck...Chuck...Chuck, Nate proved himself useful! And Chuck gave us the cutest smile when it was confirmed. Hehe. We got to see Chuck running, which was awesome, een if his trying to obtain the painting aside from Ivy turned her against him in the end. Ivy's insults to Lily are getting kind of old though, and apparently her plan is no longer a secret. XD Crazy curly hair btw. Just nuts. And now we enter to the heart of the comic relief in this ep: Dan & Serena. Girl is so easy I swear. Dan is her weakess, and despite the facts of his awfulness of the past YEAR, it takes Nate to remind her of how vulnerable she is, not just after her break up but with Dan in general. Imo, Dan had no right to go off at her for accepting Nate's judgment in the end. And while Dan apologizing for his non-response after her ILY last year, I feel like that was the LEAST of his wrongdoings of all the things that hurt her deeply. Still, it was nice. Also nice of how Blair was more or less  distraction to get him away from deciding if he was really ready to take that risk of being with Serena again with the possibility of losing her forever. All the references to their first date were simply incredible. I want to love all this gorgeous fluff, I really do, but whether it's the case or not, I fully believe that up until halfway through Cotillion, Dan truly believed he was still in love w/ Blair and that if he could, he would try to win her back. Even if his motives were just making sure Chuck didn't win, I think he still believed how deeply he felt for Blair. To have his heart so open to Serena like a week tops after B blew up in his face seems a little...unrealistic and awfully like he's just telling Serena what she wants to hear. This suspicion further developed in the next ep, but I'll get there soon enough. Still, it was nice to see them together supposedly reuniting. I enjoyed watching it, even if it was tainted by possibly something sinister. heh. Great ep! It was a good one. =)
Alright, this ep actually took me awhile to digest. Don't get me wrong, CB's final scene was smoldering, and I LOVED how Blair told Dan AND Serena off. AWESOME dialogue there. I just LOVED it. But when it came to Dan's motivations for things I was at a loss. From the start of this season he's been trying to get back at everyone for all the times they "betrayed" him, though really he's just pissed about Blair choosing Chuck & Serena supposedly "forcing" him to cheat. Still, there have been moments in almost every ep where it was clear he wasn't over Blair. Whether it was his antagonistic speeches against Chuck, him staring at her from a distance or choosing staying with her over hooking up with random chicks - something he was perfectly okay w/ up until that point - it seemed pretty obvious to me that throughout it all, he just wasn't OVER her. Even if he wanted revenge. So, when he was finally settled in her house, his actions up until near the end made sense to me. He had logically reasoned out - what he thought was sound reasoning - about how he still obvs wanted her & how he was going to get her back. So many people were voices of reason against this tonight though, and I'm ECSTATIC about that. He's little convo with Georgina right as they reach the Cotillion tops it all obvs - "She did date me." "Briefly. Before she lost her prince and her mind, and now she wears that adorable engagement ring from Chuck around her neck." Oh Georgie, how I do love you so this season. hehe. Seriously, she is the only thing that makes him tolerable right now. Together they're quite a comedic act. ;) Anyways, when Dan completely abandoned any attempt of getting Blair back the second she yelled at him and stormed off, and not only that, but seemed to be getting rather chummy with Serena at the end, I just about lost my mind b/c I just DID. NOT. UNDERSTAND. him. It's all fine and good if you don't like what a character's actions are, but if you can't even come to a decent understanding of WHY they acted the way they did and what feelings/motivations they had to get them there? Well, then you're just royally screwed. My theory I finally came to though is that he's basically just a lost puppy. He feels totally betrayed by everyone and so his only instinct now is to hurt them all b/c he just doesn't know what else to do. I believe he saw Blair as another avenue for what to do with all his wrangled, confusin emotions. I do believe he wasn't completely over her, but he wasn't into her ENOUGH to actually fight for her after she'd pushed him down again. On the note of Serena, I can't say I wasn't totally ecstatic by their last scene together. It was just so freaking adorable, and if he'd allowed himself even a SECOND of this kind of scene in the last season, it wouldn't have taken them this long to get together. *rolls eyes* This is also a 5x22 scenario too I think. From about 5x15-5x21 I absolutely DESPISED Blair for what she'd done to Chuck and how she was treating him when all he was doing was loving her and being a good guy. 5x22 happened though & suddenly all was forgiven and I loved her again. Now, Dan's been an ass for way more than half of a half of a season, so it doesn't equate exactly, but the feels I had at the end of the ep spoke loud and clear that I was on board with them getting back together asap. XD It was just so cute! On to other things....um, Bart is evil, Lily is dense, and Nate finally realized Sage was Queen Bee + Georgina = CONSTANCE BITCH. XD Now I don't have a personal vendetta against Sage OR Steven, but I can't say I'm not relieved they're gone, even if the 6x07 promo clearly shows Sage is back, which I knew was inevitable since she was in the finale set pics. The Chuck/Ivy scheme was pretty great. Ivy was a really good actress in s4 and seemed to sway the UES clan pretty well throughout most of early s5, but now when she gets caught she just comes up w/ something TOTALLY unbelievable and people totally buy it! It's ridic. That's a low blow for you, Bart. You're an evil mastermind and you can't see a total farce when it's right in front of you. *rolls eyes* Honestly. The look on C's face when she first wanted to help him though! lol It was awesome. Her plan to help him was pretty good too though...and her face when he told her she had to drink the scotch. And then Bart smells the glass and is like "Chuck" instantly. He just KNOWS. (btw, did not find this hilarious till I read NoWhiteNoise's photo recap. Awesome. lol) Oh! And Chuck confronts BaL about the criminal activity, and not only does Bart TELL Lily the truth at the end of the ep, but she's also totally okay with the fact that he broke the law - as long as no one died that is. His elongated pause made me think someone must have. Also, there has to be SOMETHING ELSE. B/c really? If that's revealed and Lily's okay with...well, Bart has to be holding SOMETHING back. He just has to! Though, after seeing the devastating 6x07 promo, maybe he's not and he just destroys some awesome evidence Chuck finds. lol. Who knows. *shakes head* Coming back around...CB = UNRESOLVED SEXUAL TENSION TO THE MAX. Seriously! I saw the scene the night before the ep aired & I was still in disbelief. The way his eyes flutter shut...and how his voice & breathing is strangled when she leans in? Good lord. If CB don't get it on soon, I'm gonna have a heart attack from scenes like this. lol. There were so many good lines in this whole ep regarding the CBDS situation/relationships. I loved how B told Chuck no one is better for her than him, that she's willing to wait as long as it takes...how S told B she only wants Chuck - even if that doesn't excuse her sleeping with Dan...how B tells Dan he's worse than Chuck/CJ was b/c he pretended to be above all that. *shakes head* When all's said and done, this ep was actually pretty great. Dan just confused me for awhile. XD On a final note, it actually came out that Ivy has tons of money. For some reason I didn't think it would. heh. While this "little white lie" temporarily bothered Rufus, he seemed to get over it rather quickly. lol. I mean, who doesn't love to live the grand life while living in a Brooklyn loft? XD I still don't buy these two as a legit couple btw, but I've accepted it b/c the show has forced me to. *sigh* I've also decided this must be some sort of plan on Ivy's part SOMEHOW, b/c it does hurt Lily & well, there's a sort of false aura - I guess you could say - around her when she interacts with him. There's nothing very REAL about her right now, which makes me sad since I ADORED her last season for how real she was and how she just wanted to be loved & have a family. But, they did all kind of throw her to the streets & she did make this deal w/ Lola, so...yeah. I sense villainy soon - from the promos obvs. So yeah, this is not real for her. I refuse to believe it. The raw emotion she had w/ Max last season, even if it was only brief tops this a hundred times over. I so wish they could have worked things out. :/ Anyways! The last half of the season begins tonight &...from what I've seen, looks like it's going to be a rocky way down till the final hurrah of the finale. *gulp* Again, CB = HOT, DS = YES, FINALLY! EVEN IF HE'LL BE PLAYING HER FIRST!!! XD *clears t
It's safe to say that the highlight of this ep was the looks CB shared both with each other & with Lily when they were trying to brush past the issue of going to the horse show for the sake of digging up dirt on Bart. XD Also, CB's convo at the end, cause that was awesome. Bang her already, Chuck! (though I don't mind their almost incident in tonight's ep - 6x05 - despite the frustration. heh) The Nate/Sage/Lily/Serena stuff...*yawn* let's just say I can't wait till we're done with these guest stars. Not that they're boring in and of themselves but we have so little time and should it not be wasted on little issues! Let's resolve DS/SB now please?! *dramatic sigh* The Nate/Ivy stuff surprised me, but she seems to be #1 on everyone's to-scheme list these days, so maybe I shouldn't be too surprised. heh. Also, Bart is pure EVIL. I never thought I'd see the day when Lily would just blindly believe him just 'cause he's her husband. Why is she with him again? Just 'cause she thought it would take too much effort to actually try to make things work with Rufus? Weren't there legit REASONS things were Rocky with Bart? Isn't he STILL hiding a million secrets?? I LOVED how she stood up for Chuck, both w/ checking w/ he wasn't answering his phone and also w/ refusing to stay away from him at the end, but she still is being waaay too naive about this whole situation, and despite what transpires between CL in tonight's ep, I really hope she comes around. The CL bond is way stronger than anything Bart & Lily could EVER have. I'm really proud of the GG writers for what they've concocted for Bart's big bad secret though. It's basically the awesomest more devious thing ever. Nate not giving into Bart - despite how desperate he is to save The Spectator - made me REALLY proud of him. I HATE how Bart deceived him yet again at the end and is so confident he'll fail just like his father did. :( These kids are not their parents like Nate so feared them would be in the pilot! They can conquer all!!! Oh...and Dan? Complete and total douche, though I do think he still has legit feelings for B. Even if tonight's ep might change my opinion on that. As of this ep, it seems like she's his weakness, even if he treats everyone else like crap. Also, thank GOD Georgina came back in this ep! She's the only thing that makes Dan tolerable a
I think I've calmed down enough to write my response to the ep, but be warned, it'll be very one-track mind-esque. C.B. CHUCK&BLAIR. Dang, this ep sooooooo made up for that teensy weensy little scene we got from them last week. What's even more is that last week B totally got torn apart with all the WD fashion stuff and similar, though not as humiliating somehow, stuff happened this ep. What made the difference? Chuck Bass. Four scenes. That's right. Count them. And in two of them there was very near sex. I don't know how Chuck manages to hold back. Honestly, I don't. The IV was a good excuse, I'll admit for the earlier scene, but B looked hot as hell in that lingerie - b/c really can you even CALL that nightwear? There's probably good reason why he kept all his clothing on while lying so close to each other. XD But cuddling! Sleep! Almost sex! Eye sex! All the compliments & epic professions about love & needing each other & pulling off that scheming line that only THEY could do!!! Could they BE any more perfect? If I'm not waving a fan in front of my face from all the UST, I'm awwing like a gushing, crazy fangirl because of how sweet & absolutely EPIC they are. Some of their moments reminded me of DB's in 5x20 (I DESPISED how despicable they were in that ep btw UGH), but it was clear that this way it was done right and how shall we say...not selfishly and w/ BEYOND legit chemistry? Um, YES. Majorly. But I shall TRY very hard to move on - only to say one more thing: C's haircut is NOT awful. I feel like everyone & their mother believes that it is the most horrendous possible thing in the history of Gossip Girl that could have happened. Like, seriously? It's half-buzzed. So what? I'd be more upset if it was ALL BUZZED. Or if they went back in time and overgelled his hair to his head like they did in season 2. THAT was horrendous. This is not. True, it's not the prettiest sight I've ever seen, but it's hardly worth getting grumpy about. Now, on to Serena. The only real good part of her this ep was her "Suck it, Humphrey" to Dan earlier on & her "you don't know who you're dealing with" to Sage at the end. S's view on her non-friendship w/ B is getting annoying & tiresome. I wish she'd just quit the act, since even though she told everyone else she wanted to move on & start a new life w/o them, she clearly only meant that in regards to B. *rolls eyes* Also, she's clearly become TOO grown up to realize what Sage was up to from the start. She just bought every line coming out of her mouth and actually looked CONFUSED when Sage stepped into a taxi. She's like the next generation Blair Waldorf or acting-out Jenny Humphrey. I applaud and admire her tactics, even if I can't stand what she did to my beloved Blair tonight. I felt so bad for B tonight, b/c it was totally b/c of S's comment that everyone started leaving and Nelly probably wrote that god-awful review! I mean, does Serena think SO LITTLE of Blair that she thinks she'd actually jeopardize her career & her mother's company all for the sake of trying to mess with her ex-bff who she's only been trying to get BACK?! REALLY, S. Who's being petty now? *rolls eyes* But anyways, Chuck saved the day as usual. =) I was SO pleased he came back at the end, cause B needed SOMEONE other than Dorota. CB made me all warm & fuzzy at the end. Yaaay. =) Onto Dan, the least desirable person with a stone for a heart and not even with his quirky counterpart this week! So now he's going to charm B into letting him stay w/ her? SO not going to work, though at least temporarily I guess it will. *rolls eyes* He's sinister. I don't blame Nate for getting upset. Dan clearly does not care about losing everybody, and this we already knew, but Nate was supposed to be the exception. Though, Dan is right about the business & pleasure/friendship thing. People say they accept the terms, but they really don't expect lines to be crossed when it comes down to it. I do feel kinda bad for Nelly at the end though, since she clearly still has a thing for him and this is when hot chicks have started to hit on him. XD And okay, one moment to address the Rufus/Ivy situation. Like, really? I could accept the disturbing sexual affair/friends with benefits - whatever. But a legit relationship? I don't care what she says, she IS a kid. She's the same age as Dan! (most likely) And sure, maybe Rufus is right about who she is deep down, but the honest girl with a heart of gold who just wanted a family just isn't there any more. She's having fun with what she's doing. Rufus is just collateral damage that she's using to get people upset. He'll realize that soon enough. But it's not like they didn't push her last season, and the writers couldn't really have done much more with her pleading of just wanting to be in the family. If the UESers don't want it, that's it. And Ivy IS right about Dan turning all UESer on him, except he's gone into overkill mode b/c he isn't a UES native. He integrated & he lost out & the result is disastrous for all parties involved. Anyways, I just can't buy Rufus & Ivy as a realistic couple. It just looks so father/daughter to me still, and unless something MAJORLY shifts my opinion - which I doubt, I'm sensing that won't change. A law suit was intense, but obvs it fell through & Dan is right, the old D-Humps is outta here & he ain't comin back any time soon! *breaks out Southern accent* Anyways, INCREDIBLE ep. Why? Basically the 4 CB scenes. W/o that I'm not sure how much in favor of it I would be. It was glorious. THEY were glorious. They were PERFECT. <3
Alright, quickly responding to the ep before the next one comes on tonight because if none of my other shows get ep responses, this one will! XD Alright, this ep was just awful B. It was bad or not really worth the screen for anyone in a way, but especially Blair's SL hit me hard. The second Nelly Yuki showed up I knew it was gonna go downhill for Blair. As one of my friends recently introduced me to the term - I suffered from secondhand embarassment/humiliation. Blair just kept feeding into any slight hint that people were out to get her and that she was going to go over the top to get them back and it was just...*shudders* awful. Plus - DUMBEST. MINIONS. EVER. Where did she get them - the books for dummies store?! *sighs & shakes head* Serena kicking her out was not cool, esp when Steven was the one who actually punched someone out. Poor Natie! But whatever. It wasn't actually till 6x03 that S's ignorance of B as a friend ever again really started to irritate me. Chuck was awesome in this ep though btw! Of course I did not love Amira role-playing as C's gf, even if it was just a facade, but I LOVED how in her face he was about her remembering what happened during her weekend affair with Bart. Which, btw, I'm actually really shocked that Chuck didn't just assume Bart had slept with her. I mean, this is Bart Bass, and he didn't necessarily have to assume that Bart had been with Lily durin the deal, but knowing some of the details he probably did. *shrug* Whatev. I was just surprised that he was surprised. lol. Bart is evil btw, and turning Lily against Chuck is just the start. The fact that he threatens Amira's LIFE? Wow. And pretending to be Blair *laughs suddenly at the image this creates* to get Chuck away from Amira was awful and no doubt reminding Chuck later of how Blair was a distraction since he dropped everything to see what she might need, but I still loved that he went to her. However, that tiny scene upset me like nobody's business because we were TOLD that there would be this wonderfully epic/heartwarming scene between them in this ep, and so since that scene was all of 2 seconds, I was SO SURE (or not, since I was feeling negative already) that they'd have a scene at the end, which they didn't, and that left me forever bitter until 6x03 gave us the gorgeousness that is 4 CB scenes with TWO at the end. *heart flutters* *squeals* Um...NS/SS?? *sighs & shakes head* Don't care. They jumped to conclusions. The last Chuck/Bart scene was AWESOME how he got all in Bart's face, but I hated how Bart laughed at him & I KNEW he was going to when we saw that snippet in the promo, but it was still horrid. All in all, not a fan of the ep, but mostly b/c I got ripped off with that 2-second CB scene & B walked into that fashion trap all by herself & it could be seen setting off a million miles away. Can't wait for 6x04! lol
Okay, this ep was great, but of course by the end I was feeling slightly unsettled (though I'm sure rewatching some of those tailend scenes over and over again on repeat will clear that up eventually, heh). First off - CB sex scene = HOT. Second - their second scene? SO.MUCH.SEXUAL.TENSION. The slight unnecessary jealousy was delicious, and as soon as everyone was gone, it was unbelievably clear that going w/o sex (w/ each other) for months was getting to them. Another smoldering point at the end, since after the most romantic destined limo scene EVER, he had to physically leave the car because he needed to "walk it off". *giggle* And the pact is sealed with the engagement ring. <3 =) The "tough love" talk by Dan to Blair needed to be said, and it really made me want to write a fic about B going to C and kind of voicing her concerns on the subject, but then the show did it w/ the limo scene...& while that was fantastic and I absolutely HEART everything that was said, it still left me with a slightly unsettling feeling, though I bet - like other scenes of that nature - it will grow on me & eventually I will adore it. I mean, it will be enough..eventually. XD *feels need to justify self & self's decided future somehow* But let's move on! Despite Serena's destructive past, it majorly irritated me how everyone was so sure she had destroyed herself physically again & even called ahead to the Ostroff Center to be ready in case she was going to be brought in. Like, REALLY? Unnecessary. All the witty comments by EVERYBODY were great throughout the ep though. Just awesome. Hehe. ;) Not sure how I feel about Ivy now though. I mean, I still love her naturally, but she's all about revenge this season when last year she was just trying her best to fit in with everybody and really have a family. Guess that's what happens when you live on the Upper East Side for too long though. XD Let's see...what else...Nate doing...business-y stuff & then the girl who is apparently a minor that he's going to be with temporarily. No wonder Steven punches him out. heh. He's good with Serena, but nothing to go nuts over. Heartbreaking of S dumping B though! I see where she's coming from, but that was harsh. B felt HORRIBLE for all that she'd said, but she did kinda deserve being totally dumped. It was still harsh though b/c S has always wanted to be B's bestie no matter what! *dramatic sigh* I don't know whose side I'm on, but I definitely know I'm heartbroken for B. *nods* Rufus/Ivy...well, we knew it was gonna happen. I feel like Dan should've rushed out to tell Georgina right that second. Also, I feel like DG need to have a one-night stand at some point, even if she's married with a kid and her banter with Philip just pretty much makes my life. lol. Oh, and then there's Bart. He's basically evil. I hope Lily realizes that eventually and leaves him. I have to admit in the beginning I was not very pleased with the way that French dude seemed so very forward towards Blair, even if Chuck was with a business-y type person too, but...*hmms* Anyways, obvs any jealousy was knocked out of the water by CB's second scene together which I SERIOUSLY cannot get over. Too hot for words. *continuously fans self* Don't think I missed anything else... Looking forward to next week! Even if CB will only have one scene, it's supposed to be glorious, so that's awesome. ;)

xoxo *giggle*

EDIT: That CB limo scene was enough. MORE than enough. It solidified so much, and Chuck Bass is basically the biggest romantic of all time. SO many gushable quotes. I think it was the boy/man analogy that really won me over. Screw Dan. CB ftw. <3

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