My, my, much longer will it be now before I get myself another CB scene? (oh wait, just saw the Canadian promo! O-M-F-G! *giddy beyond belief*) Last scene. Louis knows what happened in the finale. He knows that though the baby is his (dang nabbit! though...I suppose there is still hope) that CB are still very much in love. And THAT is why he's taking action. The jealous bastard is even going to halt Chuck's healing process to make sure he stays away from Blair!!! *wails* I suppose I'm not thoroughly convinced the baby is Louis' but it seems pretty plausible from his reaction in the last scene. I mean, if it wasn't truly his kid, wouldn't he confront Blair about it? (though he does in the promo...*hmms* *still not thoroughly convinced*) That would cause all sorts of complications. Though, I don't even know where things stand w/ the royal aspect of things! I mean, that contract was RIDICULOUS! *fumes* 48 hours in NY & she has to give up custody?! Good lord! But on to Dan & Serena...*sigh* I really hate that last scene between DS. I mean, I'm glad that they worked everything out, but I would've much rather Dan cleared up the matter whether Serena was the love of his life in hs, b/c she totally was. *sigh* It's scenes like these that convince me almost entirely that they won't be endgame. =( Don't get me wrong. All I really need in this show to make me happy is a CB happy ending forever, but I've talked w/ gorgeous DS/CBers lately & these 2 love stories in the show really seem to be the greatest. It'd be a shame if they both didn't work out just b/c Dan had to fall for Blair Waldorf. *pout* I knew Chuck couldn't suddenly be diving into REAL help. I mean, I thought that might be the case when I saw the sneak peek, but in the episode there was no doubt he was checking out her ass when she was walking away. lmao Glad she didn't conceed to his wishes & actually got through to him at the end. It's a shame Louis is going to ruin all that. =( I wish Blair had been mentioned somewhere along the line during the convos with the therapist. *sigh* Ah well. Ivy & Nate were kinda cool. Biggest shocker was Diana in Bart's file!!! *major gasp* I hope Chuck can recognize her somehow! He must've seen the pic when digging through the files last season. Cyrus hugs! *giggle* Beatrice...*shrug* meh. It was awful that she spurred on the contract, but I find myself unmoved by her deceit since everything worked out. Serena was jealous of not being the center of Dan's book since they were so in love in hs. B understood. She didn't even want to be the center & would gladly trade places. Sisterly hug! Glad RD are gonna work things out. RL were cute too. LOVED B's dress at the party. *hearts it* And how is her hair always perfect? *genuinely wants to know* You know, I miss Vanessa & Jenny on this show suddenly... I'm really likin' the CD bromance. DN are still on the outs, which is sad but it seems pretty mendable. Nice gesture w/ the dog collar, Humphrey. Tbh, I'm actually surprised Chuck has never had sex on a therapist's couch. Her diagnosis at the end was pretty perfect. Couldn't guess though that there was one intimacy he never had to pay for. The love of Blair Waldorf. <3

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