Okay, the most recent episode! =D Excitement abounds! I feel like after this episode, everyone was just the most depressed ever, but really? I mean, I know CB are going to have a hell of a time finding true happiness (with each other) for awhile, but I was gushing all episode with the amazingness of how they came together. I'll admit that for a moment - despite the obvious pro-CB stills - I was panicking when Dan told Blair "I think I know what will make you happy". And when he took her to the room at The Empire? I honestly thought he was about to profess his undying love for her and that Chuck would just happen to open the door just before it happened. Thank GOODNESS that was not the case. I am really proud of Dan for FINALLY being a little selfless for the first time all season (basically). His convo later with Serena was fantabulous. DB foreshadowing (though not really in this episode) continues to kill me, and obvs he's not going to keep that "selfless for CB" state of mind, but I really loved his conclusion. hehehe. I feel so bad for Serena. I honestly hope Dan gets over Blair by the end of the season, wants Serena again and she doesn't take him back. I would LOVE if he had to spend all next season chasing her, because honestly being in love with Blair has RUINED him. Serena used to be the end all for him and now I feel like he looks at her as the one everyone loves but Blair's the unique one & he's just realizing how she's "so much better" or whatever. *rolls eyes* I mean, obvs he didn't feel this way when he & S were dating in hs, but I think partially how he wrote her in his book is how he feels now. Ugh. He had NO RIGHT to bash her at the beginning of the episode, and then she just forgave him like instantly? *spits* Oh, and since when is Rufus pro-DB? As I recall in 4x17, he was all like "wouldn't it be horrible if you were with someone like Blair?" And now he's all "tell Blair how you feel. Let's see what happens!" *looks at him suspiciously* I don't know what his purpose even is anymore except to be bipolar and as Lily's counterpart. *shakes head* Whatever. I very much enjoyed a jealous Serena. *nods* =) She totally has feelings for Dan again, which is fantabulous because it means inevitably they'll be together again someday. *sigh* At the end of the day, she always chooses Dan. He needs to realize again that that makes him the luckiest man in the world, because even if everyone seems to be suddenly in love with Blair, Serena was the "it-girl" for a long time (still kinda is) & she WANTS HIM. *sighs testily & shakes head* But anyways, CB! That phone call early on? Omg. PAINFUL. "I can't move. I can't breathe." And then his ridiculous selflessness!!! I'm so glad things worked out. That scene was so beautiful, and don't even get me STARTED about their limo convo. I freaking DIED. Not to mention the continuation of that scene in the 5x11 Canadian promo. It's just SO PERFECT. I can't believe how many obstacles have to constantly appear for them. Just let them be happy already! *huffs* *sigh* Oh, and then there's Chivy & Max. Max needs to get over himself. I mean, yes, technically what she's doing is illegal & I want her to fess up & still have them love her (lol), but she never meant to hurt him & she's not trying to con these people out of their money. I feel like he might have understood more if she'd told him what was going on straight off, but...*sigh* I hate that he went so far as to sabotage Nate (or whoever it was supposed to be for) with Tripp. And Tripp? Seriously? Nate's getting a little fame & glory, so you set up a freaking car accident? *rolls eyes* And how come he and Maureen are suddenly hunky-dory now? Or are they? I don't even know what the rumor/truth is. Please tell me! Or wait, don't. I honestly don't care. Bottom line, CB got their happiness ripped away again & it's because Max is spiteful & Chivy is in over her head. *rolls eyes* I really hate that she had to send out that gossip girl blast, but she had no clue that it would cause that car crash. GG usually brings emotional/social humiliation, not bodily harm. She probably just thought it would send the paparazzi in a different direction. *sigh* Btw, Lily's face KILLED me at the end. She loves her Chuck so much! Which again reminds me of her convo with him earlier on about "unconditional love". I was a little disheartened by Chuck's take on it, since he obvs feels that kind of love for Blair & she for him, but maybe he thinks of that in somewhat different terms? *shrug* Also! When CL went to look for B at Dan's place, I realized for the first time when they were in the same room that Louis really has adopted Chuck's style. They practically looked like twins. lmao. But anyways, I'm really curious how Chivy will actually be coming back - despite the fact that Lily apparently goes looking for her in 5x11. I mean, she's not in any of the wedding pics and I haven't seen her in any set pics for awhile...Anyways though! This eppy was awesome. I refuse to consider it horrible because of the last 5 minutes. CB had SO much epicness, and it was acknowledged by a bunch of people too. How can you be sad after something like that? ;) (Now 5x11 will prove a different tale entirely...though I'm still sensing/seeing the CB epicness! And really, can there really be anything else between them? Glorious.)
1/19/2012 07:04:42

I was surprised that Dan did that for Chuck and Blair. The more they have it that he's still madly in love with Blair the more ridiculous it sounds. It just...it doesn't even seem right.

I didn't think about that but it would be cool if Dan did fall back in love with her and she turned from him. I don't know why Rufus is encouraging Dan...I don't think anyone should be.

I loved how it led up to Chuck and Blair reuniting, with the phone call and then Blair going to the Empire. Also I totally loved the part when both Louis and Chuck go to Dan's apartment and when they walk in and don't see either Louis has no clue what to do while Chuck turns and takes off.

I loved the limo scene. It was beautiful and just perfect for them.

I don't know what Tripp was thinking, but it's messed up if indeed it was he who set up the accident, which it completely looks like.

Lily and Chuck's conversation at the beginning was perfect, I completely loved it. I've always loved their relationship and how much Lily loves Chuck just as if he were her own son and not because she feels she has to. Her face at the end of the episode in regards to Chuck killed me too.


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