OH.MY.GOD. My heart's pounding. Just finished watching the episode & HOLY CRAP! Louis is EVIL. That IS such a huge bomb. I do believe he loved her...going off the first half of the episode, but all of this stuff with Chuck was just the last straw. Now she's being forced into this loveless marriage, where she could never be happy, just as Chuck predicted. *shudders* And as much as I hate to admit it, I think it's good that it was Dan she called at the end. I mean, we all wanted CB to finally get together at the end, but after all the chaos that was them, and Blair's insistence on not being with him, even if Louis was out of the picture, just seems like it would be a sloppy ending somehow. Plus, strangely enough, for the first time in many episodes, I didn't feel threatened by the DB presence. heh. Not even when Louis told Blair about the vows at the end of the episode. Omg though...that's SO horrible. I feel so bad for her! *was really not planning on it* To a much lesser degree, I feel bad for S too. I mean, she just put her soul out on her sleeve, fully knowing - though I feel she's still in a little denial - that Dan is in love with Blair. *sigh* Man, it's gonna be like World War III when DB finally do get together. I can just see all that heartbreak...*shudders* LOVED Eleanor getting Chuck & Serena's multiple reminders to Blair of how much better it'd be with Chuck - "you've always had a connection. Everything you do brings you back to each other." Oh yes...SO MANY supporters. *sigh* About the last scene...I want to O-M-G it, but it seems debatable that Georgina has been Gossip Girl throughout the ENTIRE show. I think with all this slipping around w/ GG's identity that maybe Georgina got access to her account or what not, but...I'll need further proof. I feel like she hasn't known all of the blasts that have happened over the last 4 years. heh.  Oh! And where was my NB moment?! I wanted one. *pout* Come on...some reminiscing? Wishing her well? All of that loveliness? *sigh* I adore them as friends. Ugh, and that brings me back to that dreaded "arrangement" at the end. How...*shudders* awful. Cute with Charlie/Nate. Though, did he say her name was "Lola"? lol. Now I'm beyond confused. XD The opening dream sequence was great, but that last part disturbed me, b/c it made it look like Blair's going to fight for Dan...hopefully that's just Serena's insecurities talking. Serena comes first when it comes to all things Blair. heh. I would hope so at least. =p Great 100th episode! Can we all kill Louis now though? XD And his dreaded mother!
1/31/2012 11:59:10 am

I know, this was a...crazy episode. I'm shocked with Georgina, however if it turns out to be her for sure, I wouldn't be surprised. And to be honest with Louis to Blair at the end, I know I should feel more sorry to Blair, but what did she expect? I mean she was going into the marriage not really in love with Louis, so now he is following through with it. I suppose I do hear you about Blair going to Dan at the end, I mean if she had gone to Chuck it would have been rushed. I just don't see how they can make Dan/Blair's feelings equivalent to Chuck/Blair's, so...anyways, great recap.

2/1/2012 03:06:31 am

It's funny, I actually "got" Louis in his "evil" scene. I mean, I am Team Blair, of course, but Louis has put up with a LOT of shit in this relationship-from being lied to and cheated on, to almost left, to hearing that she was marrying him despite being in love with Chuck. I thought it was nice to see that he has a spine after all. It will be interesting to see how Blair gets out of this. Can you imagine a good old fashioned NJBC takedown on this guy? I'd love it. Dan = last resort as usual. Chuck and Eleanor were perfection. Also, are we sure Georgina IS Gossip Girl? Or did she hack her site or something? I was kind of confused. Anyway, great post! :)


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