I have to say, this was a pretty decent episode. I don't think there's a single thing about it that I can complain about, except for the obvious that Blair had to go through with being with Louis at the end. But I really admire her for it. She won't let the love of her life or her own mother pay off her freedom. She's such a strong-willed loyal individual. It really is very beautiful. And I LOVE the place CB are at. I was preparing myself for the worst with that one scene I knew they'd have, but it was one of those feel good "maybe in the future" scenes that we've gotten practically every season, and I can't really complain with those. B's dropped the pact, and her logic is actually very sound for not wanting to be with Chuck right away, especially because her freedom was bought off from him. You have to admire her for being so strong. I just really wished they could have kissed before she left. XD As much as I despise the looming potential romance of DB, I'm really glad they fought out how he's always there for her & she treats him like crap. Their heart-to-heart at the end was very sweet. I kinda just wanted him to tell her he was in love with her though. I mean, nothing's going to come of it (or at least I don't think it would have in this episode) and he's been holding out for far too long. I think that would have explained the vow-writing much better. It was the perfect opportunity for him to say it. *shakes head* Ah well. I'm not sure what else I can say about this...the Nate/Charlie(Lola) SL was nice. I knew he was gonna back out as soon as he heard the convo, but he should've just asked her about it. *shakes head* Regardless, it worked out and yaaay, he has another gf. *rolls eyes* I actually like this girl though, so maybe I'll sweeten up to them. I'm feeling fairly pro-them at the moment anyway. XD Georgie...Georgie...Georgie...*shakes head* I'm thinking it's HER that uploaded it. I thought that's what we saw early on, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it WAS Dan? I thought it was Serena at first when she admitted to it, though initially it did sound like she was just caving in for the heck of it. *shakes head* Anyways, poor S. I do agree that what Dan did was right for Blair's sake, but it's SERENA. Still, I feel like maybe she was overreacting a little when she kept accusing him of lying or something? Idk. She had the right, but 'runaway princess bride' is kind of a bigger deal...but not telling her where she went...*hmms* idk. lol. *nixes Serena for the time being XD* Overall, I really liked the episode. DB as buddies, and JUST buddies is great, and CB are in a really good place. Plus, I'm just in awe of Blair right now. It's beautiful. *nods* =)
2/7/2012 07:59:55

I have to agree with you. Of course I did want Chuck and Blair together I loved that conversation at the end. Her reasons for not being with him at the moment makes sense and it shows just how strong of a person she is. And I love Dan and Blair's friendship, I think that's great. And I don't see how they can make them have a romantic relationship without it being completely ridiculously, oh well.

I think Dan sent the video. He has been blaming Chuck for things Chuck didn't do all season, and I just...I didn't believe it was Chuck and I'm glad Blair knows it.

I will have to say I was really irritated with Louis with how he was towards Eleanor at the end. I really liked Eleanor.

Anyways, thanks for your thoughts. Loved reading them as always.

2/10/2012 10:31:15

I agree that CB totally should've kissed during that scene at the hotel, but I get Blair's reasoning for wanting to figure things out on her own before reuniting with Chuck. I liked Blair's speech about them needing to be "equals" and I definitely think they're heading down that path. Every episode continues to reaffirm that CB are endgame and DB have to try really hard to evoke emotion. I think the producer's preview confirms that Dan sent in the GG blast and I'm not surprised. Also, I think Lola is the real GG - poor Natey for always falling for women who aren't who they say they are. Great post! :)


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