Well, I just have to say that it was awful convenient for neither Dan or Blair to find out about Diana's explosive announcement. I mean, seriously? Of all the OMFG! moments in Chuck's life, this has to be one of the biggest. Don't DB have phones w/ GG alerts on them too? I mean, really. They are so self-centered. And to top it off, they end the night with a sleepover? Serena was still there...which seemed to be a game changer every time before. Whatever. They were a side story tonight, thank GOD. Everyone else's SL was so much more dynamic. Before I get into Chuck's though, since that was the HUGEST in the entire ep and totally had my heart pounding during every scene he was in - why, btw though was Chuck not even IN the ep until the second half of the episode?! That's just mean. And another ep where Ivy is nonexistent, at least in the physical form. Such crap. But I digress. Lola's points that Gossip Girl is irrelevent at the beginning of the episode was a total flashback to me of 2x25 when GG officially labeled Serena irrelevent. Serena has turned into a total mean girl with this new GG role, and it makes me wonder if that's just what the job does to you. Maybe the original GG wasn't all bad at the beginning. XD It's the allure of power and getting what you want when you want it...btw, when Diana got that text from the real GG while she was calling Jack, I TOTALLY thought that when it showed his name at the top of the phone screen it meant HE was Gossip Girl! lol. I seriously thought that. It was insane!!! XD *was frozen in shock for a few seconds* Of course then I realized that wasn't the case, but I did think that temporarily. heh. Also, just two episodes ago the nurse at the hospital was refusing to tell Chuck any information regarding who donated his blood, but one flick of a pic from Serena and the woman practically confirms everything. XD What I want to know is why Serena didn't just TELL Chuck what she'd found out. Though, I do understand why she felt the need to confirm it first. Regarding Diana as Chuck's mother...even if the end makes me wonder if she still really is *rolls eyes at the indecisiveness of these writers*, I do approve. lol. Her story does make sense & just the dynamic between the two this episode was unbelievable - in a really GOOD way. How he exploded at her at Dan & Blair's Salon? OMG. INCREDIBLE. Him spewing out how she's been in NY for months, walking around in her underwear, banging his best friend...and all this in such a fury as he's practically on the verge of screaming as he leaves...WOW. That was an intense scene, and one I could probably watch over and over. I love how protective Nate is of Chuck at the end too. And how he broke things off with Lola, even if her only intent was to prove Serena was Gossip Girl. Going off of future ep synopses though, Lola obvs isn't permanently gone, but I can see why she'd want to leave. I think if she understood how desperate Serena's become, she'd realize that the UES isn't all bad, and Serena is right in that a little adversity can make you become stronger even if  you get hurt in the process. That was harsh that Lola got so excited for that audition & Serena totally killed it because she was jealous that she was getting so much attention. *shakes head* The final SL: Rufus & Lily. Okay, I don't HATE Lily, and maybe it's partially my crazy love for Ivy that is inspiring this viewpoint, but she was being SO shallow this episode. Not that she hasn't been since 5x16 (or maybe 5x17's more appropriate), but cancelling Rufus's credit/debit cards just b/c he put Ivy up in a hotel so she wouldn't have to live on the street? That's harsh. Lily's so pissed that Ivy got Cece's money (b/c let's face it, that's the real issue. As hard as it is to accept she pretended to be her niece for almost a year, I feel like it's something she could eventually get over & forgive her for) that she doesn't see that Rufus is speaking 100% the truth. Ivy's a young girl, who's scared & now has nothing, no one. No friends or family. And though he didn't say it directly, I think he's suggesting that she didn't set out to con money out of them. She initially took the job from Carol, sure, but I think he understands from looking at the issue more closely that it was due to the allure of family, not the Upper East Side. So, Lily continues to suck at this point. lol. And for my concluding line of thought...I just love how much it was pointed out that DB are doomed to fail. XD They have lunch with this couple that apparently came from opposite sides of the bridge as well & so offered advice w/ how to make compromises with things & different ways of living, social lives, etc. But even they talked to themselves afterwards about how they doubted Dan & Blair would reallly last. Lola, Serena & Nate looked bored out of their minds when DB were trying to explain how great intellectual British literature and the like was at their Salon. Oh, and can I just say that even if it's assumed they're a couple, it seemed very abrupt whenever they'd kiss because their language and behavior was so friendshippy that it just looked...out of place. And they only kissed twice too. Once when B was ordering him around & then when she was freaking out b/c people crashed their "party". Also, Rufus confessing to Dan in the beginning of the ep that when he married Lily he just allowed himself to be a plus one and kind of lost his identity because he just allowed himself to be immersed in the UES b/c he wanted to be with Lily & loved her so much. So now he's trying to regain who he is. He told Dan not to be like that, and even though Dan tried to stress that to Blair throughout the episode, I still feel like they're at odds with each other to some extent. I mean, they had a sleepover discussing all their intellectual crap again...it's basically like the end of 4x15 when they were talking about the same movie they were both watching while on the phone - except this time it was about books or some other nonsensical thing that no one else cares about and in the same bed. But again, it was like a GIRL'S SLEEPOVER PARTY! Sure, they were in the same bed, but nothing about it showed intimacy in the least. It wasn't awkward because they ARE a couple, but it wasn't coupley either, b/c their was no vibe of sensuality or romance whatsoever. *shakes head* Whatever. What I really need now is to see Ivy on my screen again, have Blair get a grip on reality - or at the very least find out about Diana's explosive news regarding being Chuck's MOTHER and go to Chuck about it &...ok, I think that's about it. lol. Find it kind of humorous btw that Dan was supposed to 'debut' his second book at this salon & that never happened. Do we even KNOW anything about this book? I mean, it's supposed to be the UES in another time period, but...that's pretty much it. Once upon a time I thought I heard that it was going to hold another big impact for the cast as a whole. From what I'm seeing...zilch, nada. Conclusion about the ep? It was alright. Not wonderful or marvelous by any means. There were plenty of plotholes & Dair bored me to no end. Serena was a touch interesting, prob the 2nd most interesting part aside from Chuck. CHUCK. Omg, my baby. All the best scenes in this ep were the ones with him in them, especially the ones with Diana. It was so intense. WHY has Ed not won an award for the best, young, hottest actor out there?! XD I'm so glad Nate was there for Chuck at the end. Now instead of ending every ep sitting on the couch alone w/ his scotch, he ends every ep sitting on the couch w/ NATE & their scotch. XD Hey, I'll take what I can get. lol. Until next week. (Oh, and naturally let's find out Jack & Diana's secret. Watch. They were secretly lovers & Jack is actually Chuck's father. XD haha Oh please let it not be that soap opera-y. XD)

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